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Updated September 21, 2016 - 11:27 PM EDT
Senate Fails to Block Tank Sales to Saudi Arabia
  Senate Dems Wavering as 9/11 Lawsuit Bill Veto Looms
UN Suspends Syria Aid Convoys After Airstrikes
  When Russia Called To Stop Syria Strike, US Official Wasn't There
  White House: Russia to Blame Even if They Didn't Attack Aid Convoy
  Syria Convoy Toll May Be Lower Than Reported: Red Cross
  US-Russian Ceasefire in Syria Has Broken Down, Who Is at Fault?
GOP Senators Aim to Increase Record Israel Aid
  Senators: Obama Must Veto UN Resolutions on Israel Peace Process
Rahami Charged With Bombing, WMD Use, Not Terrorism
  Bomber's Father Told Police His Son Was a Terrorist in 2014
Libyan Airstrike Kills Nine Civilians in Central Town
Assange, Manning, and Snowden, Standing With the Conscience of Truthtellers  by Nozomi Hayase
Palestinians Lose in US Military Aid Deal With Israel by Jonathan Cook
Two Major Candidates, Zero Solutions for Terrorism  by Eric Schuler
America's Worldwide Impunity by Robert Parry

More Viewpoints

Deep State

by Philip Giraldi
Obama Ditches Diplomacy, Attacks Trump at UN
Swedish PM: No 'Direct' Russian Threat to Sweden
Erdogan, at UN, Defends Turkey's Move Into Syria
US Bill Seeks First Native American Land Grab in 100 Years
ISIS Fleeing Shirqat; 65 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Digs in Behind Mosul Moat as Battle for City Looms
Turkey Kills Four Kurdish Militants in North Iraq: Army Sources
US Says Syria Truce Not Dead
UN Chief Rails Against Leaders With 'Bloody Hands' in Syria
UN Rows Back From Describing Syria Convoy Attack as 'Air Strikes
Russia Says Syrian Aid Convoy Caught Fire, Was Not Shot Up
Syrian Aid Convoy Was Tracked From the Skies Before Attacks
Russia Says Truck With Mortar Gun Accompanied Aid Convoy in Syria
Syrian Rebel Evacuation From Homs Postponed for 2-3 Days: Governor
Syrian Children's Art on Display in Shanghai Shows Impact of War
Turkey's Erdogan Urges World to Act Against US-Based Gulen
Turkish Opposition Says Tens of Thousands Suffer Injustice in Purge
Two Turkish Soldiers Die in Blast on Syrian Border: Sources
Obama at UN: Israel Cannot Permanently Occupy Palestinian Lands
Israeli Fighter Jet Shoots Down Hamas Drone Over Gaza
East Jerusalem's Elections Are More Than Symbolic
Two Palestinians Shot Dead in Alleged Hebron Stabbing Attempt
Citing National Security, Israel Likely to Keep Army File on Palestinian Refugees From 1948 Sealed
Jordan's Rebranded Islamists Seen Staging Election Comeback
As Jordan Heads to the Polls, Voters Might Shun the Ballot Box
Prominent Ukrainian Separatist Killed in Moscow
Merkel Offers Bavaria 'Mea Culpa' in Hint at Fourth Term
France Arrests 8 Over July Truck Attack That Killed 86 in Nice
Police Director, Woman Stabbed to Death in Acapulco
Brazil's Ex-President Lula to Stand Trial for Corruption
Refugee Crisis
Billionaire Soros to Invest $500 Mln to Help Migrants, Refugees
2016 Could Be Deadliest Year for Refugees Crossing Mediterranean
Austria Lays Groundwork for Hungarian Border Fence
The War at Home
Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Asks the UN for Protection of the Tribe's Sovereign Rights
Utah School 'Jihadist' Just Schizophrenic Man, No One Hurt
Congressman Seeks to Block Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia, Citing US-Backed War Crimes in Yemen
US Imposes Sanctions Against Syrian-Based Radical Group
Sculpture Left by Widow at Vietnam Wall Shows the Tragic Effects of War
Two Air Force Pilots Eject in U-2 Crash on West Coast
US Army Builds 'Ambidextrous' Grenade
A Texas Man Tried to Buy Explosives Online to 'Send Message' by Bombing a Building, Feds Say
Congo Death Toll Hits 44 in Anti-Kabila Unrest: Rights Group
Somali Militants Call on Followers to Stage Election Attacks
UN Burundi Inquiry Identifies Crimes Against Humanity Suspects
Egyptian Court Hands Nine Policemen Jail Terms for Assaulting Doctors
South African Police Clash With Protesters at Wits University
Zimbabwe Warns Flag 'Abusing' Protesters
Six Killed in Military Helicopter Crash in East Libya: Source
India Backs Off Major Retaliation Over Kashmir Raid, for Now
Indian Soldiers Kill Suspected Militants in Clashes at Kashmir Frontier
Small Bombs Go Off Outside 2 Nepal Schools; No Injuries
Vietnam Jails Land Activist a Second Time for 'Public Disorder'
As Peace Nears, Colombia's FARC Rebels Reunite With Lost Families
Once Little Known, Colombia's Peacemaker Hailed as Hero
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