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Updated September 22, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
Senate Fails to Block Tank Sales to Saudi Arabia
  27 US Senators Rebel Against Arming Saudi Arabia
  Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemen Port City, Killing 19 Civilians
  Saudi-Led Warplanes Bombed Yemen Site Holding al-Qaeda Suspects
  Senators Struggle With Geography to Support Saudi War on Yemen
Kerry: Syria, Russia Must Halt Flights Over Syria
  Aid Workers Killed as Airstrikes Target Nusra Rebels Around Aleppo
  ISIS Suspected of Chemical Attack Against US Troops Near Mosul
Obama, Netanyahu Meet, Avoid Talking About Palestinians
US Treasury Dept Issues Licenses for Airplane Sales to Iran
Ukraine, Rebels Agree to Withdraw From Key Areas
Why Obama Has Difficulty Garnering Respect Internationally  by Ivan Eland
Honoring Aylan Kurdi by Ending the War in Syria  by Ramzy Baroud
The Washington Post Is Wrong: Snowden Should Be Pardoned  by Trevor Timm
No Strategy, No Plan, 'Phantom' Allies: UK's Syria Flaws Laid Bare  by Patrick Cockburn
Is Terrorism Effective?
 by Philip Giraldi
Washington's Hawks Push New Cold War  by Alastair Crooke

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South Korea Confirms It Has Military Plan to Remove Kim Jong Un
Military Leaders From 106 Countries Meet in US
Trump Calls for Nationwide 'Stop-and-Frisk' Policy
Colombian Leader Tells UN: 'One Fewer War on Planet'
Shirqat Close to Liberated; 60 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Close in on Town South of Mosul
Iraqi Finance Minister Sacked, Risking Economic Fallout
Syrian Government Forces Launch Attack in Syria's Hama
Obama Administration Considers Arming Syrian Kurds Against ISIS
Russia Says US Drone Was in Area Where UN Convoy Was Struck in Syria
Syrian Army Says Pilot Rescued After Jet Crash North of Capital
Erdogan, at United Nations, Defends Turkey's Move Into Syria
Turkey Kills 3 ISIS Militants in Northern Syria: Military
How Video Games Are Influencing War Propaganda in Syria
France's Ayrault Sets Out Syria Ceasefire Monitoring Mechanism
Greece Rejects Asylum Requests by Three Turkish Soldiers
Knife-Wielding Man Shot Outside Israeli Embassy in Turkey: Officials
Thirteen Detained in Turkey Cemetery Assassination Plot: Security Sources
Obama Threatens Veto of Bill to Disclose Assets of Iranian Leaders
Iran to IAEA: West Needs to Normalize Economic Relations
13-Year-Old Unarmed Palestinian Girl Shot After Refusing to Stop at West Bank Checkpoint
As Obama's Term Wanes, So Does Focus on Israeli-Palestinian Issue
Israel Defense Sector Faces Big Hit After New US Aid Agreement
Israel to Release Palestinian Hunger Striker Four Months After First Detained
Middle East
Low Turnout Haunts Jordan's Elections
Yemeni Officials Say Missing American Detained by Rebels
Swiss Voters Likely to Back New Law on Surveillance: Survey
Feud Over a Holiday Threatens Fragile Peace in Bosnia
Refugee Crisis
US Says Some 360,000 Refugee Spots Pledged at United Nations
Boat With Up to 450 Migrants Capsizes Off Egypt, 42 Drowned
French Police Clash With Migrants Trying to Reach Calais Port
The War at Home
Archaeologists & Museums Denounce Destruction of Standing Rock Sioux Burial Grounds
Sculpture Left by Widow at Vietnam Wall Shows the Tragic Effects of War
Chelsea Manning Readies for Disciplinary Hearing Over Suicide Attempt
Evidence FBI Gathered While Running Porn Site Thrown Out Again
Navy's Newest Destroyer to Remain in Virginia for Repairs
Tomorrow's Laser-Armed Helicopter Drones
Empty Suitcase Shuts Down NYC's 42nd Street at Rush Hour; Tensions High After Bombing
South Korea, US to Simulate Attack on Nuclear Facility
US Flies Bombers Over South Korea Again in Show of Force
At UN, China Calls for North Korean Denuclearization, Dialogue
Taiwan Building Anti-Aircraft Gun Towers in South China Sea
Taiwan Asks Google to Blur Images Showing New South China Sea Facilities
Afghanistan Says to Sign Peace Deal With Warlord Hekmatyar
Hanoi Court Begins Hearing Appeal by Activist Blogger
Indian Cabinet Approves Purchase of 36 Rafale Fighter Jets
DR Congo
Over 100 Killed in Two-Day Violence: DR Congo Opposition
Congo Opposition Calls for New Sanctions on Leaders for Protest Deaths
Nigerian Army Says Battling to Push Boko Haram Out of Northeast Town
Amnesty Accuses Nigerian Police Unit of Torturing, Bribing Suspects
Classes to Resume in Chibok After Boko Haram Shut-Down
Gabon Warns Opposition Against Violence Ahead of Court Ruling
UN Fears Mali Clashes Could Hurt Peace Process
Kenya Calls for More Funding to Return Somali Refugees From Dadaab
Venezuela Officials Deny Opposition a Recall Vote in 2016
Cuba's Communist Party Paper Publishes US Election Info Notice
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