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Updated September 30, 2016 - 11:25 PM EDT
Congressional Leaders Move to Weaken 9/11 Bill
  Suing Govts Over Terror No Sure Thing Despite 9/11 Victims Law
UN Declines Inquiry Into Saudi Abuses in Yemen
  Saudi Airstrikes Kill Eight Civilians in Northern Yemen
Kerry: US Close to Ending Russia Talks Over Syria
  Syria: US Destroyed Eastern Bridges in Attack on Infrastructure
  Iraq PM: Kurds Must Not Use Mosul Battle to Expand Territory
Indian Troops Cross Kashmir LoC, Attack Pakistani Troops
  Baloch Separatist Leader in Pakistan 'Would Welcome' India's Help
Allies Slam US 'Friendly Fire' in Somalia, Afghanistan
Snowden Disclosures Reduced Use of Patriot Act Provision
The Wholesale Failure of American Foreign Policy  by Daniel L. Davis
US Military Is Building a $100 Million Drone Base in Africa  by Nick Turse
US Sending More Troops to Iraq... What Could Go Wrong?  by Shane Ryan
Libertarianism and War  by Justin Raimondo
Troubling Gaps in the New MH-17 Report  by Robert Parry
Why Did the FBI Hide the Orlando Shooter's True Motive?  by Carey Wedler

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Clinton Says Trump Appears to Violate US Law on Cuba
Saudi Foreign Ministry Condemns US Passage of 9/11 Victims Law
FBI Wanted to Target Yemenis Through Student Groups and Mosques
Clinton Mocks Johnson's Foreign Leader Flub
The War at Home
US to Open New Vetting Agency for 'Secret' Security Clearances
Military-Style Raid Ends Native Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline
7 Afghan Military Students AWOL From US Posts
Defense Secretary: US Will Sharpen 'Military Edge' in Asia
Wells Fargo to Pay $24 Million Over Military Loan Violations
Pakistan Says Indian Claim of Surgical Strike in Kashmir an 'Illusion'
Pakistan Captures Indian Soldier Along Disputed Border in Kashmir
Ghani, Hekmatyar Sign Peace Deal
US May Consider Lifting Sanctions on Afghan Warlord: Official
Philippine Officials Seek Clarity After Duterte Suggests End of US Exercises
Pentagon Chief Calls US Alliance With Philippines 'Ironclad'
Philippine Maoists Say Won't Give Up Arms as Part of Peace Deal
China Again Warns Against US Anti-Missile System in South Korea
North Korean Soldier Makes Rare Defection Across DMZ to South
Rights Group Urges Bangladesh to Stop 'Kneecapping' Detainees
Tajik Opposition Accuses Government of Violent Attacks
Amnesty: Hundreds Trapped in Libya's Benghazi Amid Fighting
How Goldman Sachs Lost $1.2 Billion of Libya's Money
Car Bomb Explodes Near Egypt Prosecutor
Egypt Asks Interpol to Take Mubarak-Era Businessman Off Watchlist
Nigerian Militant Group Claims Attack on Oil Pipeline in Niger Delta
Nigerian Army Debunks Reports of Insurgents Hoisting Flags in Villages
Algeria Army Kills Five Islamist Fighters: Defense Ministry
DR Congo Lashes Out at US Over Sanctions
War Crimes Prosecutor to Examine Situation in Gabon After Government Request
Nine Murder Victims Found in Western Mexican River
Mexico Shaken After Three Priests Killed Within a Week
Three Killed in Electoral Campaign Shooting in Brazil
Cuba Lashes Out Against US Funding for 'Subversive' Projects
Russia Says US Syria Statement Shows Washington Supports Terrorism
Kremlin Says Will Press on With Syria Operation, Slams US
US Calls Russian, Syrian Bombing of Aleppo 'Gift' to ISIS
Up to 600 Wounded in Syria's East Aleppo, Evacuations Needed: UN
Aleppo: Syrian Children Attend Underground School
Pro-Syrian Government Forces Control Aleppo's Handarat Camp: Rebel
Syria's UN Envoy Says: 'We Don't Bomb Civilians'
Aleppo Humanitarian Catastrophe 'Unlike Any' in Syria: UN
Australia Politician Visits Front Lines; 65 Killed in Iraq
UN Says May Struggle to Accommodate Refugees From Mosul Battle
Erdogan Says to Extend Turkey's Emergency Rule, Rounds on Rating Agencies
Kurdish Militants Kill Three Turkish Militia Members
Cleric Gulen Says Certain Erdogan Behind Failed Turkey Coup
Turkey Stops Kurdish Children's TV Channel Citing 'Terrorism'
Arab Media Remembers Shimon Peres as War Criminal, Settlement Mastermind
'Blood and Fire and Slaughter': Critics Remember Dark Legacy of Shimon Peres
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Attend Shimon Peres's Funeral
Settlers Eulogize Peres, Too, for Helping to Create Their West Bank Enclaves
A Back-Dated Deal With a Toppled French PM: How Peres Secured Israel's Nuclear Arsenal
Middle East
US Drone Strikes in Yemen Killed Four al-Qaeda Members
US Government Approves Sale of Lockheed F-16 Fighter Jets to Bahrain
UK Government Works 'Hand in Glove' With Arms Firms, Say Campaigners
Bulgaria Detains French Terrorism Suspect
Bosnian Muslim Politician Wages Veiled Fight Against Prejudice
Report: Motorist Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Attempts to Hit Pedestrians in Vienna
Catalan Separatists Win Confidence Vote in Test of Supporters' Loyalty
UN Oficial to Monitor Colombia Peace Tribunals Closely
Colombia Tipped for Nobel Peace Prize After Deal to End War
Australia Names Lockheed Martin as Weapons System Provider for New Submarines
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