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Updated October 2, 2016 - 11:12 PM EDT
Back to War: Colombia Voters Reject Peace Deal
Lawyers Rush to Sue Saudis Before Congress Acts
  White House, Congress Trade Blame for 9/11 Victims Bill's Passage
  Congress's Retreat on 9/11 Saudi Bill Shows Fear of Backlash
Report: Russia Sending More Warplanes to Syria
  Russia: US Missile Shipments to Syrian Rebels 'Counterproductive'
  Fierce Fighting in Syria's Aleppo: Conflicting Claims of Victory
2,381 Killed in Iraq During September
  Invasion of Mosul Looks Imminent as ISIS Fortifies Defenses
IAEA Chief Says Iran Sticking to Nuclear Deal
British PM: Scotland Won't Be Allowed to Veto Brexit
Israel Pays $20M in Compensation for Attack on Gaza Flotilla
First Strikes Are Still Part of US Nuke Policy  by Lucy Steigerwald
Abu-Mazen's Balance Sheet  by Uri Avnery
Next President Has a Nuclear Option: Scrap the Program  by David Hall & Leonard Eiger
Has ISIS Deserted Mosul?  by Joe Lauria
Obama's Gift to Israel – and Lockheed  by JP Sottile
Israel's War on Peaceful Activism  by Khaled Diab

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Joakim Noah Skips Military Dinner, Cites 'Mixed Feelings' and Antiwar Stance
US Builds New Drone Base in Niger
EU Extends Sanctions on Libyan Parliament Head
2 Men Who Found Bomb in Chelsea Are Identified as Airline Security Guards
74 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Mutilates Its Own for Desertion
French Jets in Action as Mosul Force Readies
Preparing for Battle: in Mosul, ISIS Builds Walls, Tunnels, Trenches
'Massive Crisis' as 1.5m Expected to Flee Iraq's Mosul
Over 100 Children Among 338 Killed in Aleppo Attacks This Week, WHO Says
US Protecting Syria Jihadist Group: Russia's Lavrov
EU's Anti-Fraud Body Probes Aid for Syrian Refugees
Kurdish Role in Raqqa Offensive Could Trigger Ethnic Conflict: Turkish Official
Aleppo Water Station Bombed: Observatory
Turkish Media Boss Quits After Email 'Scam' Fuels Press Freedom Fears
Turkey Pulls Plug on 20 Radio, TV Channels in Post-Coup Emergency Decree
Turkey Suspends 1,500 Prison Personnel and Guards in Post-Coup Probe: Minister
Media Hails Shimon Peres as Man of Peace, but Doesn't Bother to Ask Arabs
Israeli Soldier Moderately Wounded in Stabbing Attack; Assailant Killed
Report: Gazan Terror Tunnel Collapses, Kills Three
Middle East
Gunmen Assassinate a Senior Intelligence Official in Yemen
White House Approves Jet Sales to Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait: Corker
Jordanians Rally Against Israeli Gas Deal
After Military Raid, India Looks at More Ways to Pressure Pakistan
Pakistan 'Completely Rejects' Indian Claim of Cross-Border Strikes
Pakistan Cinemas Ban Indian Films Amid Escalating Kashmir Tension
US Drone Strike Kills 15 Civilians in Afghanistan, UN Says
Philippines' Duterte Likens Himself to Hitler, Wants to Kill Millions of Drug Users
South Korea Picks New Site for US Missile Defense System
Xi Set to Consolidate Power in China by Curbing Communist Youth League
Three Chinese Fishermen Killed in Confrontation With South Korea Coastguard
Americans Still Dying
Army Warrant Officer (GA) Dies in Abu Dhabi From Non-Combat Cause
Raleigh (NC) Navy Airman Dies From Injuries Aboard Ship Deployed in the Mediterranean
The War at Home
GOP Blocks Probes Into Trump-Russia Ties
Lawmaker Who Pushed Bill to Protect People Filming Police Arrested for Filming Police
Five Lawmakers Are Challenging Gag Orders on FBI National Security Letters
FBI Says Edward Snowden Is Reason Companies Are Resisting Handing Over Phone Records
'I'm Going to Kill You.' the Often-Forgotten Boot Camp Scandals That Dot Marine Corps History
How a High-Profile Texas Sheriff Is Tied to a Rogue Navy Unit Facing a Criminal Probe
White House Corrects Jerusalem Transcript Error
Study: Police With Body Cameras Receive 93% Fewer Complaints
Judge Won't Dismiss Bergdahl Case Over McCain's Comments
Number of Americans Who Support Death Penalty Falls Below 50% for the First Time
DEA's Army of 18,000 Informants Pocketed $237 Million Over Five Years
UN Rights Forum Sets Up Inquiry Into Killing, Torture in Burundi
Attack on Train Kills at Least Three in Republic of Congo
14 Soldiers Killed in Anti-Boko Haram Operations: Niger
US Orders Families of Government Personnel in DR Congo to Leave
Central African Republic Militiamen Ordered to Vacate Schools
Recently-Emerged Militant Group Claims Attack on Egyptian Prosecutor
Mauritania Intensifies Crackdown on Anti-Slavery Activists, Says Campaigner
Europe's Top Human Rights Court Will Consider Legality of Surveillance Exposed by Snowden
Bulgaria Bans Full-Face Veils in Public Places
Italian Police Clear Out Via Cupa Migrant Camp in Rome
Louisiana Governor Heading to Cuba Next Week for Trade Talks
US Teen Summer Program Sparks National Backlash in Cuba
Colombia's Rebels Pave Road to Peace With Apologies
A Colombian Rebel Discovers Soft Beds and iPhones After 20 Years in the Jungle
Five Soldiers Killed, 10 Wounded in Ambush in Northern Mexico
Hunger-Striking Ex-Gitmo Detainee Asks Uruguay for Answers
Weekend Reviews
A Reality TV Show of the War in Afghanistan
Edward Snowden, Everyman?
Human Element Makes Oliver Stone's Snowden Quite Captivating
A Walking Tour of New York's Massive Surveillance Network
Dreaming of Freedom: Palestine Child Prisoners Speak
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