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Updated October 5, 2016 - 10:41 PM EDT
US Mulls 'Military, Other Options' Against Russia
  After US Suspends Talks, Russia Deploys Defensive Systems in Syria
Taliban Expelled From Kunduz, but Fighting Rages
  US Soldier Killed in Anti-ISIS Operation in Afghanistan
Yahoo Searched Customer Emails for NSA
  Yahoo Email Spying Report Triggers Security Warnings
Israel Intercepts Women's Flotilla on Way to Gaza
Philippine Leader Tells Obama 'Go to Hell'
Rocket Strike Hits Yemeni City of Taiz, Killing 10 Civilians
Colombia, FARC Enter Crisis Talks After Failed Peace Vote
What We Say When We Don't Want to Talk About Nuclear War  by Andrew Bacevich
America's Outdated Special Relationship With Saudi Arabia  by Ryan Suto
What the 'World Police' Analogy Gets Wrong  by Daniel L. Davis
The Colombian Conundrum  by Justin Raimondo
Why the War on Yemen Is Ignored  by Daniel Larison
Sanctions Against North Korea Have Failed. End Them Now  by Simon Jenkins

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WikiLeaks' Assange Promises Election Leaks
Egyptian Parliament Approves Civil Service Law After Rare Defiance of Sisi
Ten Countries Host Half of World's Refugees: Report
Son of Former Deputy PM Assassinated; 144 Killed in Iraq
US Troops Arrive in Airbase Near Mosul, as Iraqi Forces Repel ISIS Attack
Iraq Begins Radio Broadcast to Mosul Ahead of Offensive
Iraqi Parliament Rejects 'Occupying' Turkish Military Mandate in Northern Iraq
Turkey: Offensive on Iraq's Mosul May Produce a Million Migrants
Kremlin Hopes 'Political Wisdom' Prevails in Syria Cooperation With US
Syrian Government Has Yet to Approve October Aid Convoys Plan: UN
Kerry Blasts Russia for 'Irresponsible' Decision to Back Syria's Assad
Turkey to Make Proposal to Revive Syrian Ceasefire: Erdogan Spokesman
Turkish Police Raid TV Station Over 'Terrorist Propaganda', Cut Broadcast
Turkish Police Say Nearly 13,000 Officers Suspended From Duty
Turkish PM Threatens Kurdish Militia in North Syria, Warns of Iraq Sectarianism
Turkish Soldier Killed in Base Attack in Mainly Kurdish SE
Hundreds Protest in Istanbul After Raid on Pro-Kurdish TV Channel
Yemen's Houthis Voice Conditions for Possible Peace Talks
US Says Strike in Yemen Last Week Killed al-Qaeda Militant, Wounded Another
Yemen Central Bank Crisis Raises New Famine Fears
Iran Says 12 Militants Killed in Clashes in Kurdish Region
Iran's Space Agency 'Interested' in Cooperating With NASA
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Says Starts Naval Exercises in Gulf
Substantial Progress Reported in Talks to Bring Center-Left Party Into Netanyahu's Government
Britain Will Continue to Block EU Army: Fallon
UK Brexit Minister Says Will Not Negotiate Separate EU Exit Deals
Prosecutors Drop Probe of German Comedian Over Satirical Erdogan Poem
Syrian Refugee Helps Germans Hunt Down ISIS
This ISIS Defector Said He Was an Innocent Bystander. a New Video Questions His Story.
Russia Has No Far-Reaching Plans to Suspend US Agreements: Kremlin
EU Moves to Close Torture Equipment Ban Loopholes
Opposition MP's Car Explodes in Georgia's Capital, Injuring Passersby
Moldova Official Says Russia Meddling in Presidential Race
Belgrade Refugees Make a Break for the Hungarian Border
Ship Carrying 200 Rescued Migrants Docks in Sicily
The War at Home
Clinton: 'I Don't Recall Any Joke' About Droning WikiLeaks Founder
Obama Worries Future Presidents Will Wage Perpetual, Covert Drone War
Gary Johnson: You Can't Get Into a War With a Country You Can't Find
Philippine-US War Games Underway as Doubts Hang Over Alliance
White House Says No Communications From Philippines on Changes
White House Dings Filipino President's Latest Obama Jab
Philippine President Would Face Obstacles in Cutting US Arms Reliance
Questions Over Afghan Defenses as Troops Clear Kunduz City
Germany to Set Conditions for Future Aid to Afghanistan
The US State Department's New Plan to Flood North Korea With Information
Indonesia Air Force Holds Its Largest Military Exercise in South China Sea
Establishment Thai MPs Plan Military-Backed Party to Keep Junta Chief as PM
Civilians Killed by Shelling in Libya's Benghazi: Hospital Official
Libyan Forces Reduce ISIS's Grip in Sirte to Final Few Blocks
At Least 22 Dead on Migrant Boat Off Libya
Court Rules Nigeria Should Release Former Security Adviser
Nigerian Lawmakers to Probe Use of Funds for People Fleeing Boko Haram
Zimbabwe Court Upholds Ban on Anti-Mugabe Protests
Zimbabwe Losing $1 Billion a Year to Corruption
Ambush Kills Soldier in Mali; 2nd UN Peacekeeper Dies
Sudan Condemns US Sept. 11 Law
South Sudan Rebels Say They Clash With Government Forces in Southwestern State
Burundi Dismisses Planned UN Inquiry Into Killings and Torture
Polisario Front Warns It's Closer to Conflict With Morocco
Lesotho: Real Freedom After 50 Years of Independence?
Guinea Bissau's Ex-Navy Chief Sentenced in Prison in US Drug Case
Colombian President Meeting Rival Uribe in Bid to Save Peace
Colombia's 'No' to Peace Deal Could Hit US Aid
Mexico Says 4 Youths Disappeared, Cartels May Be Involved
Chile Pardons President's Late Father Four Decades On
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