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Updated October 6, 2016 - 11:17 PM EDT
Pentagon Pre-Funded Bomb Production
  DoJ Clears Arms Dealer Who Threatened to Embarrass Clinton
White Helmets Pushing for Syria Regime Change
  Many Civilians Dead in Air Strikes on ISIS-Held Village Near Border
  Syrian Army Says It Will Reduce Aleppo Air Strikes
21 Iraqi Pro-Govt Fighters Killed in US Airstrike
  Baghdad Warns Risk of 'Regional War' if Turkey Keeps Troops in Iraq
NSA Chief: Yahoo Email Search Would Be Illegal
  FBI Secretly Arrested NSA Contractor Over Computer Code Theft
Israel Intercepts Women's Flotilla on Way to Gaza
State Dept Releases 200 Pages of Clinton Foundation Emails
US Protests to Russia Over Claim of Drugged Diplomats
Colombia President Meets Rival Over Salvaging FARC Peace
NYT Slams Gary Johnson for Equating US, Syrian War Crimes
White Helmets Pushing for Regime Change in Syria  by Max Blumenthal
Did Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Realize That 'Safe Zones' in Syria Would Require US Troops?  by Zaid Jilani
JASTA Detractors Are Like Slaveholders  by Bruce Fein
The Humanitarian Excuse for Intervention  by Conn Hallinan
Shimon Peres, an Israeli Brand Without Substance  by Ramzy Baroud
Yahoo Let the Govt Spy on Emails. Now Will We Embrace Encryption?  by Trevor Timm

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Clinton Foundation Emails Part I
Clinton Foundation Emails Part II
Kremlin Says Regrets Way Russia Is Being Used in US Election Campaign
Norway Seeks Ban on Burqas in the Classroom
Jewish Man Indicted After Criticizing Israel, US at KS Q&A With Dennis Ross
Sunni Fighters Killed in Airstrike; 39 Killed Across Iraq
As ISIS Is Pushed Out of Northern Syria, Those Fleeing Militants Elsewhere Flood In
Syrian Rebels Face Stiff ISIS Resistance Near Dabiq
Putin, Erdogan Discuss Syria Over Phone
Germany Says No Proposals for Sanctions Against Russia Over Syria
Qatar Sees Foreign Intervention 'Changing Equation' of Syria War
France's Ayrault Travels to Russia, US to Push Syria UN Resolution
US Denies Colonel Saying Turkey's Presence in Iraq 'Illegal'
Turkey Dismisses 540 Soldiers From Naval, Air Forces Over Alleged Links to Failed Coup
Turkey Detains 55 Military, Intelligence Personnel Over Attempted Coup
German Lawmakers Visit Turkey's Incirlik Air Base After Row Ends
Iran Tells Saudi Navy Vessels to Avoid Its Waters
Iran Says Domestic Oil Firms Among First to Sign New Contracts
UAE Says Houthi Attack on Ship in Shipping Lane Was 'Act of Terrorism'
White House: Netanyahu Broke a Commitment, That's Not How You Treat Your Friends
Israeli Aircraft Attack Hamas in Gaza After Rocket Hits Israeli Town
Israel's Foreign Ministry Rejects US Settlement Criticism
Israel, Turkey to Name Envoys in Three Weeks
Israeli Army May Crack Down on Ex-Soldiers Profiting From Tech Expertise
Israeli Pilot Returning From Gaza Dies After Ejecting From Burning Plane
British PM Trying to Protect Soldiers Who Murder Prisoners and Torture Civilians, Says Top Human Rights Lawyer
Belgium Investigate Police Stabbing as Possible Terror Attack
Ukraine Warns Citizens Against Traveling to Russia
Serbia Migrants March in Protest at Camp Conditions
Communists Might Govern With Us Next Year, Czech Premier Tells Paper
Spoof Hungarian Party Aims High After Ballot-Spoiling
Global News
Portugal's Antonio Guterres Set to Be UN Secretary General
Marshall Islands Nuclear Arms Case Fizzles at International Court of Justice
ISIS Recruits More Educated Than Average: World Bank Study
US, Other Countries Issue Declaration on Export, Use of Armed Drones
The War at Home
Yahoo Scan by US Fell Under Foreign Spy Law Expiring Next Year: Sources
Yahoo Offers Non-Denial Denial of Bombshell Spy Report
Neighbor Describes NSA Contractor's Arrest: 'I Thought the Third World War Started'
NSA Theft Suspect Worked for Contractor That Sells the Government Tech for Spotting Rogue Employees
Iraqi-Born American Thrown Off Southwest Airlines Plane for Speaking Arabic
Kaine's Assessment of the Iran Deal Is Rosier Than Clinton's
FBI's Secret Methods for Recruiting Informants at the Border
Alleged Facebook Threats Against Police Lead to Terrorist Charges for Detroit Man
Residents Flee as Afghan Troops Battle Taliban in City of Kunduz
ISIS Claims Responsibility for US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Explosion in Afghan Capital, Kabul, Four People Wounded: Police
Afghanistan and EU Strike Deal to Send Asylum Seekers Home
Afghan Refugees Return to an Uncertain Future in the Homeland They No Longer Know
Pakistan: Trading Fire With India After 'Unprovoked' Attack
Taiwan Appoints Pro-China Politician as APEC Envoy
Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Leader Deported From Thailand
Afghans Evicted From Pakistan Could Be Recruited by ISIS, Aid Agencies Warn
Myanmar Asked to Review Disputed Terrorism Case After Law Reform
Philippine Defense Chief Says Duterte May Be 'Misinformed' on US Alliance
Cambodia Opposition Leader Leaves Headquarters for First Time in Five Months
Ethiopia Shuts Internet Amid Growing Protests
US Citizen Killed, Foreign Factories Attacked in Ethiopia
DR Congo
Congo Demands Deportation of South Sudan Rebels by UN Mission
Belgium Shortens Visas for Congo Diplomats in Response to Crisis
Top Zambia Opposition Leaders Arrested: Police
UN Peacekeepers Failed to Protect Civilians in South Sudan: Rights Group
More Than 11,000 Migrants Rescued Off Libya This Week
Kenyan Election Commissioners Quit After Months of Protests
Thousands of Colombians March to Save Peace Deal With Rebels
4 Migrants Die of Apparent Suffocation in Eastern Mexico
Hurricane-Hit Haiti Postpones Presidential Election: Official
Argentine Man Finds Brother Stolen by Military Regime
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