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Updated October 10, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
At Debate, Clinton Blames Russia for Many Things
Officials Divided on Attacking Russia in Syria
  Syrian Forces Seize Key Northern Hama Territory From Rebels
  Turkey Says 38 ISIS Militants Killed in Northern Syria
  Russia Says Air Defense Can Protect Syria Assets From US Bombing
More US Troops in Iraq Ahead of Mosul Invasion
  ISIS Reclaims Territory Along Iraq's Tigris River
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Warn Turkey's Troops Will Be a Target in Mosul
US: No 'Blank Check' for Saudi Arabia in Yemen
  Yemen's Houthis Fire Missile at Saudi Base After Funeral Attack
  Yemen Ex-President Calls for Attacks on Saudi Arabia
Key Neocon Calls on US to Oust Putin
  Russia Warns US Against 'Aggressive Russophobia'
Yes, Obama, the Next President Will Drone People  by Lucy Steigerwald
Fifteen Years Into the Afghan War, Do Americans Know the Truth?  by Ron Paul
US and EU Sanctions Are Ruining Ordinary Syrians' Lives  by Patrick Cockburn
The Saudis, Hillary, and the Destruction of Yemen  by Justin Raimondo
The Forgotten Libyan Lessons and the Syrian War  by Robert Parry
The Atrocious US-Backed War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison

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Australia Plans Indefinite Detention Even After Sentences Are Served
Report Says Mexico State Officials Ignored Massacre
Under Sisi, Egypt Military Expanding Economic Role
How US Torture Left Legacy of Damaged Minds
Bombers Attack Pilgrims in Baghdad; 113 Killed in Iraq
Families Flee Ahead of Expected Battle for ISIS-Held Hawija
Kurdish Politician Who Vanished in Turkey Turns Up in Iraq
Syrian Insurgent Group Says Loyal to Former al-Qaeda Branch
With Only Bad Options in Syria, US Reluctant to Alter Course
ISIS Militants Destroy Assyrian Church in Iraq's Nineveh
Russia Says Draft French UN Syria Resolution Protected Militants
Bomb Kills at Least 18 Near Military Checkpoint in Turkey
Countdown for 'Coup Courts' Has Started in Turkey
A Roar at a Funeral, and Yemen's War Is Altered
Arab Coalition to Probe Sanaa Funeral Attack
Top General in Yemen's Saudi-Backed Army Killed
Thousands of Armed Yemeni Protesters Call for Investigation Into Wake Bombingat UN Sanaa HQ
Western-Backed Coalition Under Pressure Over Yemen Raid
Iran Offers to Treat Wounded From Yemen Funeral Hall Air Strikes
Cholera Outbreak Hits War-Torn Yemen
Sign of Thaw With Iran: American Cellphones Ringing in Tehran
Asia Soaks Up Iran's Post-Sanctions Oil
Israel Fears Clinton Administration's Mideast Peace Policy, Leaked Emails Show
'Journalism Is a Dangerous Job for Palestinians'
AP Photographer Wounded by Israeli Fire While Covering Clash
Construction on the Gaza Border Barrier
Israel Fires Warning Shots at Gaza Strip Kite
Palestinian Gunman Kills 2 and Wounds 5 in Jerusalem, Then Is Fatally Shot
PM to Kerry: New West Bank Homes Only if No Other Solution for Outpost Evacuees
Joint List: Flotilla Crew Members Kidnapped by Israeli Defense Forces
Israeli Military Court Sentences Palestinian Astrophysicist to Seven Months for Incitement
Kuwait Arrests Egyptian After Failed Attack on US Soldiers
Germany: US-Russia Tensions 'More Dangerous' Than Cold War
Russian Police Shoot Dead Eight Militants in Chechnya Clashes
Russia Dismisses US Hacking Accusations
Hollande Says Unsure Whether to Receive Putin During Paris Visit
How Soviet Transparency (!) Defused Tensions During a Near-Chernobyl at Sea
German City on Lockdown as Armed Police Launch Operation Against Planned Terror Attack
German Hunt for Syrian Bomb Plot Suspect Expands to Europe
German Police Detain Three Men After Explosives Haul
Police Surveillance Van Torched, Four Officers Hurt
Angry French Villagers Protest Against Migrant Relocation Plan
Ukraine Military Postpones Withdrawal From Town, Cites Rebel Shelling
Kosovo Government Takes Control of Trepca Mine, Serbs Protest
Media Advocate: Hungary Paper Closure Blow to Press Freedoms
Latest Clinton Emails Leak
Excerpts of Hillary Clinton's Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs Finally Leaked
In Contrast to FBI Probe, Clinton Speech Excerpts Show She Was Aware of Hacking Threat
Clinton Campaign Fends Off Questions About WikiLeaks 'Speech Excerpts'
New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign's Cozy Press Relationship
The War at Home
Arrested NSA Contractor May Have Hoarded Secrets to Work From Home
US Army Mulls $3 Billion Multi-Year Apache Buy
Raytheon Looks to Sell New Medium-Range Missile Abroad
Baltimore Police Release Flight Logs for Surveillance Plane
6 Soldiers, 2 Civilians Charged in Theft of Army Equipment
Anger as Fighting in Afghan City Kunduz Forces People to Flee
Not Their Job: Turning Afghanistan's Special Forces Into Regular Troops
US Military Says 2 Service Members Wounded in Afghanistan
On Their Own, Afghan Forces Strain to Combat Taliban Offensives
Afghanistan Hikes Up Entry Tax on Pakistani Cargo Trucks by 100 Percent
US, Afghan Forces Kill Sri Lanka Cricket Team Attack Leader
Seven Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash: Defense Ministry
Pakistan to Obama: Kashmir Will Hurt Our Ability to Help Fight the Taliban
Afghan Taliban Leader Taught, Preached in Pakistan, Despite Government Vow to Crack Down
Anti-India Protests Erupt in Kashmir After Boy Killed
Indian Films Banned, Pakistani Actors Ejected How the Kashmir Crisis Is Hitting Bollywood
North Korea
Images Show Activity at North Korea Satellite Launch Site
US Envoy Says Washington to Use All Means to Pressure North Korea
Myanmar Says Nine Police Killed by Insurgents on Bangladesh Border
In Myanmar's North, Thousands Protest Continuing Low-Grade War
Behind Duterte's Bluster, a Philippine Shift Away From the US
Chinese Papers Mock US Election, Say Scandals Bury Real Issues
Bangladesh Kills 11 Members of Islamist Group Blamed for Cafe Attack
Militant Group Claims Assassination of Egyptian Policeman
Egypt Criticizes US Embassy Over 'Unjustifiable' Threat Warning
Egypt Appeals Court Hears on Reversed Ruling Ceding Islands to Saudi Arabia
Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests
Leader for Former Tuareg Separatist Group Killed in Mali
Japanese Defense Minister in South Sudan Over Peacekeepers
Senior Member of Mozambique's Opposition Renamo Shot Dead on Beach
US Embassy in Congo Says Family Members Can Return After Evacuation
Nigerian Shi'ite Muslim Sect Vows to Contest Ban in Northern Kaduna State
Colombian Opposition to Peace Deal Feeds Off Gay Rights Backlash
Colombia's President Santos Donates Nobel Money to Conflict Victims
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