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Updated October 11, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
Missiles From Yemen Almost Hit US Ship
  As Saudi War Crimes Mount, US Fears Legal Liability for Yemen War
Russia To Expand Syria Base, Make 'Permanent'
  Syrian Rebels Reverse Weekend Govt Gains in Hama Province
'Other' Colombia Rebels Also Seek to Make Peace
IAEA Reveals Nuclear Plant Cyber-Attack
FBI: US Military Ops Motive for Most Homegrown Terrorists
Bomber Targets Police as Taliban Pushes Into Helmand
Republicans Say Trump Shouldn't Deny Russia Hacking
Obama's Syria Policy and the Illusion of US Power in the Mideast  by Gareth Porter
Greed-War: The Power and Danger of the Military-Industrial Complex  by William J. Astore
US and UK Actively Participate in Saudi War Crimes  by Glenn Greenwald
The Truth About the War in Aleppo  by David Stockman
American Military Intervention Can't Save Syria  by Rajan Meno
What Breakdown of the US-Russian Agreement on Syria Does Not Mean  by Paul R. Pillar

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Nuclear-Armed Drones? May Be Closer Than You Think
Emails Show Clinton Crafted BDS Letter for Pro-Israel Donors, as Counter to Her Support for Iran Deal
Report Finds Loose Laws on Surveillance in Latin America
A First-Hand Account of Women's Boat to Gaza
82 Killed as Shi'ite Pilgrims Gather in Iraq
Top Iraqi Court Nixes PM's Move to Scrap Mostly-Ceremonial VP Jobs
Medics Plead for Access to Syria's Embattled Aleppo
ISIS Confirms Death of Propaganda Chief: Statement
Turkey's Kurds Are in the Crosshairs as Government Crackdown Widens
Israeli Energy Minister to Visit Turkey in First Such Trip for Six Years
Russia and Turkey Sign Gas Deal, Seek Common Ground on Syria as Ties Warm
Shell to Return to Iran
New US Guidance on Iran Sanctions Seeks to Reassure Banks
Netanyahu Prefers Clinton to Obama Administration, Leaked Email Suggests
IDF to Place West Bank Under General Closure During Yom Kippur
Netanyahu to Kerry: I Expect US Won't Advance UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Before Obama Leaves Office
Kerry Said to Tell Israel PM That US Hasn't Decided Yet on UN Resolution
Settler Field School Seeks State Funding for West Bank Hiking
After Yemen Funeral Raid, UN Rues Failure to Punish War Crimes
Dozens Believed Killed as Violence Erupts in Myanmar
Four Killed in Clash Between Pro-Govt Militia Factions in Pakistan
Vietnam Arrests Blogger for Anti-State Propaganda
Seoul Summons Chinese Envoy Over Sinking of Coast Guard Ship
China Tries Again to Stop Confessions Through Torture
Colombia's ELN Rebels Free 3rd Hostage as Peace Talks Loom
With Colombia's Peace Deal in Doubt, a Battered Town Fears a Return to War
The War at Home
Subpoena to Encrypted App Provider Highlights Overbroad FBI Requests for Information
WikiLeaks Releases Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Speeches in 'Handy Kindle Format'
Exploding Civil War Cannonballs Unearthed by Hurricane Matthew Near Fort Sumter
Libyan Forces Push Into Last ISIS Area in Sirte
Libya Oil Exports Remain Low in September
Ethiopia Blames Foreigners for Unrest, UN Experts Seek Probe
Ethiopian Opposition Figure Says Vote Reform Offer Not Enough
DR Congo
At Least 10 Dead as Army, Ugandan Rebels Clash in DR Congo: Local Activist
Congo Opposition Leader Arrested Over Deadly Anti-Govt Protests
Nigeria's Buhari Seeking Contact With Militants to End Insurgency: Statement
Women, Children, and Razor Wire: Inside a Compound for Boko Haram Families
South Sudan Says Rebels Kill 21 Civilians in Ambush
Burundi Bans Three UN Human Rights Investigators
Gabon Doctor Who Cataloged Post-Electoral Violence Detained
'Hell Broke Out:' South African Police, Students Clash
Rwanda Angered by French Reopening of Killing Investigation
Merkel Pledges Support for Niger to Fight Human Traffickers, Militants
Turkey's Erdogan Files Complaint Over German Decision to Drop Case Against Comedian
German Police Arrest Suspect in Alleged Terror Bomb Plot
German Spy Chief Says Syrian Suspect Targeted Berlin Airports
EU Officials See No End to Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine
French Police Angry at 'No-Go Zones' After Petrol Bomb Attack
Britain Says to Take in Calais Migrant Children
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