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Updated October 12, 2016 - 8:26 PM EDT
Obama Mulls 'Retaliation' on Russia for 'Hacks'
  Gorbachev Says US-Russia Tension Has Reached 'A Dangerous Point'
Clinton Email Says ISIS Supported by US Allies
  Russian Jets Pound E. Aleppo as Syria's Army Consolidates Gains
US Aims to Calm Tensions Between Iraq, Turkey
  ISIS Digs in for Mosul Invasion, Rigs Booby Traps Around City
  ISIS Drone Kills Two Kurdish Fighters, Wounds Two French Soldiers
US Warship Fires Missiles Off Coast of Yemen
  Photos Show Fragments of US Bombs at Yemen Funeral Massacre
  Three Generals Slain in Saudi Attack on Yemen Funeral Home
Gunman Attacks Shi'ite Shrine in Afghan Capital, Killing 14
FBI: US Military Ops Motive for Most Homegrown Terrorists
Russia Reads US Bluster as Sign of War  by Ray McGovern
New Clinton Email Reveals Direct Support for ISIS From Two Powerful Western Allies  by Brad Hoff
Selective Outrage Over Aleppo Bombing  by Steven Chovanec
The Second Debate: Oh, Those Dastardly Russians!  by Justin Raimondo
American Power at the Crossroads  by Dilip Hiro
Say 'Hi' to the NSA in Your Next Email  by Andrea Castillo

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UN-Approved Weapons Imports Resold in Somalia, Diplomats Say
US Start-Up Geofeedia Allowed Police to Track Protesters
Leaked Email: Hillary Clinton's Palin Joke Withheld From Article
WikiLeaks Release Offers Glimpse of Clinton Team's Early Thoughts on Trump
Shi'ite Pilgrims Target of Attacks; 47 Killed in Iraq
Ex-PM Maliki Making Comeback as Iraq's Most Powerful Man
Kurds in Iraq Say Committed to Investigating Alleged Abuses
Rebels Shell School in Syria's Deraa Killing Five People: Monitor, State Media
At Least 10 People Killed in Blast in Northern Syria: Observatory
Putin Cancels France Trip After Hollande's War Crimes Comments
Hezbollah Sees More Conflict in Syria and Rising Regional Tension
Israeli Army Reports Rise in Sexual Harassment Claims, Decrease in Investigations
IDF Seals Off Candy Shop of Terrorist's Family
Calling Palestinians 'Animals,' Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Vows Retribution After Shooting Attack
Secret 1978 Talks Lay Bare the Hawk That Peacemaker Peres Once Was
South Sudan
UN: South Sudan Undermines Deal to Send More Peacekeepers
Russia: No South Sudan Arms Embargo Needed After UN Chief's Report
Nigeria Releases Judges Arrested by Security Agency
Gunmen Kidnap Romanian Engineer in Niger Delta
UN Memo Casts Doubt on Some Central African Sex Abuse Accusations
UN Expert Warns of Growing Curbs by Egypt on Civil Society
Priest Shot in Face With Rubber Bullets During Student Protest in South Africa
Turkey Orders Detention of 125 Police Officers: Media
Erdogan Turkey Has Right to Combat Threats in Syria and Iraq
Turkish PM Pledges to Root Out 'Terrorists' in Ruling AK Party
PKK Armed Wing Assassinates AKP Politician in Turkey
Greece Rejects Asylum Requests From More Turkish Soldiers
Turkish PM Slams Clinton for Comments on Arming Syrian Kurdish Forces
China Blockades Streets Around Military Building as Hundreds Protest in Capital
China, Russia to Hold Further Anti-Missile Drills After US THAAD Decision
In India, a Day to Burn Demons Singes Pakistan, Too
How Both India and Pakistan Are Punishing Journalists Who Write About Kashmir
Myanmar Says Four Soldiers Killed by Insurgents in Muslim-Majority Region
Singapore's Leader Visits Australia to Improve Defense Ties
Pakistan Imposes Travel Ban on Prominent Journalist Amid Government Criticism
Thai 'Red Shirt' Leader Jailed for Violating Bail With 'Harsh Words'
Thousands March Against Government in Macedonia
Pro-Russian Party Wins a Toe-Hold in Georgia's New Parliament
Syrian Refugees in Germany Celebrate Their Capture of Terror Suspect
Colombian Youth Set Up Tent City to Demand Peace Deal
Uruguay Offers to Bring Family of Striking Ex-Gitmo Detainee
UN Peacekeepers Must Stay in Hurricane-Hit Haiti: Envoy
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The Second Debate: Oh, Those Dastardly Russians!

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Yes, Obama, the Next President Will Drone People

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Peres' Disputed Funeral

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First Debate Showed That Both Major Candidates Stink on Foreign Policy

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Shimon Peres and the 9/11 Attacks

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Do Orcs Love Their Children Too?

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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Questioning the Powerful

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