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Updated October 18, 2016 - 11:26 PM EDT
Ecuador Cut Assange Internet Over Hillary Leaks
  Clinton Emails: 'Quid Pro Quo' Bid to Hide Benghazi Message
US Troops on Front Lines in Iraq's Mosul Invasion
  US General: Mosul Invasion Will Take Weeks, Possibly Longer
  Pentagon Upbeat as Iraqi Forces Advance Outside of Mosul
  Erdogan Reiterates Turkey's Past Territorial Claims to Mosul
Pentagon Not Sure Ship Was Attacked Near Yemen
  Yemen Ceasefire To Begin Wednesday
Britain Denies Ordering Closure of RT Bank Accounts
Afghan General: Hundreds of Taliban Killed in 24 Hours
Blowback for American Sins in the Philippines  by Stephen Kinzer
Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can Be Sold as 'Self-Defense'  by Adam Johnson
Entanglement in Yemen and the Logic of War  by Paul R. Pillar
A New Foreign Policy Vision  by Gary Johnson
The Horror of Endless Interventionism  by Jacob Hornberger
NYT's Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda  by Robert Parry

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The Long History of the US Interfering With Elections Elsewhere
In Somalia, US Escalates a Shadow War
Colombia Kills ELN Rebel 10 Days Before Peace Talks
UK's Mass Surveillance Databases Were Unlawful for 17 Years, Court Rules
Judge Rejects 'Riot' Charges Against Amy Goodman in North Dakota
60 Killed in Iraq as Mosul Battles Commence
Fears of Abuse as Iraq Shi'ite Fighters Set to Storm City
The Advance Toward Mosul: Traps, Smoke Screens and Suicide Bombers
Reported ISIS Suicide Car Bomber Attacks Line of Iraqi Tanks Near Mosul
Australia Special Forces to Assist in Mosul
Iraqi Assault on Mosul Likely to Bring Massive Civilian Displacement
Turkey Says Ready for 'Hundreds of Thousands' Who May Flee Mosul
What Are the Humanitarian Needs in Wake of Mosul Offensive?
Russia Says to Halt Aleppo Strikes for Eight Hours on Thursday
Aleppo Air Strike Kills 14 Members of One Family: Rescue Team
ISIS Suspected as Suicide Bomber Kills Three at Refugee Camp on Syria-Jordan Border
EU Condemns Russia Over Aleppo, to Impose More Syrian Sanctions
Russia Foreign Ministry: Syria Talks Could Continue in 'Lausanne Format'
Iran Holds Air Force Drills to Display Defense Capabilities
US Defends Israeli Anti-Occupation Group, Says 'Freedom of Expression' Must Be Protected
How Israel Became a Hub for Surveillance Technology
Report: Hamas Launches Long-Range Rocket Into Mediterranean Sea
FIFA Makes No Decision on Discussion of Israeli Settlement Team Ban
Donetsk Rebel Commander Killed in Ukraine Elevator Bombing
Pro-Russia Media Star 'Motorola' Killed by 'Ukrainian Nazis,' Rebels Claim
Proposed German Missile Defense System Cost Far Above Estimates
The War at Home
In Hacked Speech, Clinton Embraced Covert Interventions
FBI Releases 100 New Pages on Clinton Emails
WikiLeaks Shows Hillary Clinton Was Against Pot Legalization in 'All Senses of the Word'
Stuxnet Leak Probe Nets Retired Four-Star General
Generations of PTSD: Veterans Cope in Different Ways
Afghan Vice-President Escapes Unhurt After Taliban Ambush Convoy
Latest Taliban Offensives Kill Dozens in Afghanistan
UN Security Council Condemns Failed North Korea Missile Launch
Japan May Accelerate Missile Defense Upgrades in Wake of North Korean Tests: Sources
Bomb Kills One, Wounds Dozens at Shi'ite Mosque in Karachi
Indonesia Tracking Dozens of Militants Returned From Syria: Police Chief
Sri Lanka Anti-Corruption Chief Quits After President's Criticism
Ahead of China Visit, Philippine Leader Says No Sense in War
Myanmar Fires Border Police Chief Over Deadly Insurgent Attacks
China to Help Cambodia Modernize Its Armed Forces: Government
US Air Strikes Pound Libya's Sirte to Oust ISIS Militants
Tensions High in Libya's Capital as Faction Challenges UN-Backed Government
War-Weary Libyans Miss Life Under Gadhafi
Boko Haram Claims Attack on Soldiers in NE Nigeria
Violence Blamed on Herdsmen Kills 40 in Nigeria, Group Says
Niger Security Forces Repel Attack on Prison Holding Militants
Congo's Top Court Approves Postponement of Presidential Election
Mexican Judge Involved in High-Profile Drug Cases Murdered
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