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Updated October 19, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
Hillary: Putin, WikiLeaks, Trump Plot to Hack Vote
Ecuador Cut Assange Internet Over Hillary Leaks
  FBI Agents Say Comey 'Stood in the Way' of Clinton Email Probe
  Clinton FOIA Requests Went Through 'Shadow Govt' in State Dept
  CNN: It Is Illegal for Voters to Possess WikiLeaks Material
Fears Mosul Invasion Will Spark ISIS Elsewhere
  US General's Claims Mosul Is End of ISIS Caliphate Are Premature
  Peshmerga General: Mosul Invasion Will Take Two Months
  PM: Turkey Warplanes Will Participate in Bombing Mosul
Aleppo Truce Starts, but UN Won't Deliver Aid
  US, Turkey Airstrikes Kill 20 ISIS Fighters in Northern Syria
Two Americans Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
Vietnam Endorses US Intervention in Asia-Pacific
Hillary Clinton and Syria: Stupidity or Something Worse?  by Eric Schuler
It's Time for the United States to Let Afghanistan Go  by Trevor Thrall
Increasing Support for the War on Yemen Is Insane  by Daniel Larison
Assange's Fate  by Justin Raimondo
The Death of the Two-State Solution  by Sandy Tolan
Colombia's Dirty War Is America's War Too  by Sarah Lazare

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Navy Admits to Having Released Chemicals Known to Injure Infants' Brains
'We Shouldn't Have Israel at Public Events,' Clinton Manager Says in Email
Russia 'Will Retaliate' Against British Media After RT's Bank Accounts Closed
180 Killed in Iraq as Mosul Operations Continue
Retaken Villages Show ISIS Increasingly Driven Underground
Red Cross Seeks Talks With ISIS on Mosul Rules of War
US Expects ISIS to Wield Chemical Weapons in Mosul Fight
In Mosul, Residents Report New Terrors as Iraqi Forces Near
Iraqi City's Reconquest Fraught With Danger for Sunnis
Iraq Says Safe Exit Routes From Mosul Have Been Secured
Inside Mosul, Tense Wait Under the Clouds of War
Global Iraq Fallout
Malaysia on Alert as Mosul Offensive Stokes Fears of Militant Influx
Damascus, Allies See Risks in Mosul Campaign
EU Concerned About ISIS Fighters Flowing Into Europe
Ministers to Meet in Paris This Week to Discuss Mosul's Future
French Defense Minister Says Battle for Mosul Won't Be 'Blitzkrieg'
Amnesty International: Iraqi Forces Must Not Repeat 'War Crimes' in Mosul Offensive
13 Nigerian Soldiers Wounded, Others Missing After Boko Haram Clashes
Chibok Leader: 100-Plus Girls Unwilling to Leave Boko Haram
Chibok Girls Freed by Nigeria's Boko Haram Risk Rejection Back Home: Experts
Shabaab Assault on Key Somali Town Leaves 10 Dead
Four Police Officers Killed in Somalia Suicide Car Bombing
Italian Mob Trades Weapons for Looted Art From ISIS in Libya
Inter-Ethnic Violence Kills Over a Dozen in Southeastern Congo
Burundi Leader Signs Decree to Quit the International Criminal Court
UN Peacekeeping Chief to Visit Western Sahara
Russian Missile Transfer an Aggressive Move: Lithuania President
Belgium Detains 15 in Raid Over Involvement in Militant Group
Montenegro Opposition Rejects Election Outcome Due to 'Atmosphere of Fear'
Syrian Kurdish YPG to Be Removed From Manbij, Turkey's Erdogan Says
Syria Rebels Reject Aleppo Withdrawal After Russian Statement
Russia Halts Aleppo Strikes in 'Goodwill Gesture'
Syrian President's Wife Says She Was Offered a Deal to Flee Syria
Palestinian Refugee Camp in the Line of Fire in Syria
Turkey Warns World War III May Erupt as a Result of Russia-US Tensions Over Syria
Turkey Heads Toward Vote on Stronger Presidency, With Nationalist Nod
Turkey's EU Minister Says Migrant Readmissions May End Without Visa Deal
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Executes Prince for Murder: Official Media
Imprisoned Saudi Blogger Faces More Lashes: Supporters
Palestinian Envoy: UNESCO Vote Was About 'Occupation', Not Temple Mount
Hamas Vows to 'Surprise World' in Prisoner Swap Talks
Israeli Army Unprepared for 2014 Gaza Tunnel Threat
Iran Gives Iranian-US Businessman and Father 10 Years for Spying
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Fails to Delay Pro-Independence Lawmakers From Taking Office
China May Give Filipino Fishermen Access to Scarborough
Taliban and Afghanistan Restart Secret Talks in Qatar
Americans in Philippines Jittery as Duterte Rails Against US
Thailand Says 'Roadmap' to Democratic Rule Unchanged by King's Death
Military Lockdown Cuts Off UN Aid to Strife-Hit Myanmar Region
Vietnam PM Sends Rescue Mission as Another Helicopter Drops Off Radar
Two Dozen ELN Rebels Surrender Ahead of Colombia Peace Talks
Despite Ongoing Abuses, US Seeks to Restore Aid to Mexico's Security Forces
Venezuela Delays State Elections to 2017
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