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Updated October 21, 2016 - 10:35 PM EDT
Turkey Air Raid Kills 200 Kurd Fighters in Syria
  Russia Extends Aleppo Ceasefire, UN Mulls Evacuation
  Syria Threatens to Shoot Down Turkish Planes in Their Airspace
  US: 'Very Strong' Partnership With Turkey After Attack on Kurds
US Soldier Killed in Northern Iraq Bombing
  ISIS Fighters Attack Police Compound in Northern Iraq's Kirkuk
  Iraq PM Upbeat as Fighting Intensifies Around Mosul
Philippines President Announces Split With US
Yemen Ceasefire Mostly Holds, but Five Killed in Strikes
Mossad Man 'Met With Morsi as He Became Egypt President'
The Democrats' Joe McCarthy Moment  by Robert Parry
The Third Presidential Debate's Neglect of Foreign Policy  by Daniel Larison
Let's Not Kid Ourselves, Canada Is in the War Business  by Neil MacDonald
President Strangelove?  by Justin Raimondo
The Perpetual Killing Field  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Adam Curtis: Another Manager of Perceptions  by Jonathan Cook

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ACLU Takes on FISA Court Over Secret Decisions on Surveillance Laws
US Government Sanctions Hezbollah Operatives, Fundraisers
Why Military Voters Pick Gary Johnson Over Hillary
US Soldier Among 126 Killed in Iraq
Forces Operating in Iraq's Mosul Theatre
Iraq's US-Trained Counterterrorism Troops Join Attack on Mosul
NATO Shadows Russian Naval Force, Fears More Aleppo Attacks
UN Chief Pushes for Rare General Assembly Session on Syria
Russia's Lavrov, US's Kerry Discuss Syria by Phone
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Civilians Injured in Saudi Arabia by Missiles Fired From Yemen
Saleh's Special Forces Commander Killed in Yemen
UN Monitors: Saudis Violated Law With Yemen Funeral Strike
Yemen Missile Launch, Saudi-Led Air Strike Strain Truce
US Urges Houthis to Keep Ceasefire, Discusses JASTA With Saudis
Jailed Palestinians Alleging Torture Denied Doctor Visits
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Suspected of Throwing Rocks at Them: Army
Abbas Calls for Fatah, PLO Elections
Israel's Antiquities Chief Compares UNESCO to ISIS
US, Egypt Warn Palestinians Not to Push Security Council on Settlements Before US Elections
Middle East
Turkey Detains 40 Soldiers in Coup Probe: Media
Kuwait Dissolves Parliament Over 'Internal' Clashes
Ukraine, Russia in Preliminary Agreement on Withdrawals
Putin Backs Armed OSCE Mission in East Ukraine
Hungarian Man Suspected of Budapest Blast Detained
Hungarian Paper Published in Homeless Magazine in Defiance of Government After Shut Down
London Underground Station Evacuated; Suspicious Device Detonated
Germany Tries Teenage Girl Accused of Stabbing Policeman on ISIS Orders
Czechs Set Up Unit to Counter Perceived Propaganda Threat From Russia
Four Venezuela Regional Courts Void Referendum Drive
Venezuela Opposition Ex-Governor Granted House Arrest After Year in Jail
Recognizing You
The Feds Already Have Your Face in a Database
Cops Have a Database of 117 Million Faces. You're Probably in It
Groups Ask DoJ to Pause Facial Recognition Programs After Report Calls Usage 'Highly Problematic'
Microsoft Pitches Technology That Can Read Facial Expressions at Political Rallies
The War at Home
Is CIA Censoring Jailed Contractor's Explosive Book to Protect Clinton?
NSA Contractor to Face Espionage Charges for Alleged Data Theft
American Plane Passenger Removed Woman's Hijab and Shouted 'This Is America'
Michael Hayden: Hackers' DNC Breach 'Honorable Espionage,' but Email Leaks Crossed the Line
Pakistan Lodges Protest With India Over Killing of Civilian in Cross-Border Firing
Pakistan to Block Indian Content on TV, Radio as Tension Simmers
South Korea
Russia 'Regrets' US Plan for Quick Missile Deployment to South Korea
Report: South Korea Mulls Leasing Israeli Spy Satellite
Suspected ISIS-Inspired Militant Stabs Three Indonesian Police
Indonesia Police Say Investigating Suspected Pipe Bomb
Afghan Displaced Crisis May Be Larger Than Expected, UN Says
Chinese Naval Ships Set for First Visit to Vietnam's Cam Ranh International Port
Libya Forces Free Five Foreign Captives From ISIS in Sirte, Official Says
Fight Between Goldman Sachs and Libyan Fund Shadows Lawyer
South Africa
South Africa to Withdraw From War Crimes Court: Document
South African Police Disperse Student Protesters Outside Zuma's Office
Ethiopia Arrests 1,645 'Ringleaders and Bandits' in Crackdown on Violence
South Sudanese Refugees in Congo Double in September: UNHCR
Ivory Coast Police Break Up Demo Against Proposed Constitution
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