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Updated October 23, 2016 - 11:21 PM EDT
US Strike Kills Civilians at Iraq Funeral Procession
  598 Killed in Iraq; Hundreds Sickened by Sulfur Fumes
  Pentagon Sees Potential Roles for Turkey in Mosul Invasion
  Iraqis Who Sued Over Abu Ghraib Torture Win New Round in Court
Turkey Keeps Attacking After 200 Syria Kurds Die
  Aleppo's Ceasefire Continues to Hold for Second Day
  Turkey DM Claims US Eager to Work With Them on Raqqa Invasion
US Warship 'Challenges' Chinese Island Claims
ISIS Forces in Libya's Sirte Continue to Resist Offensives
Philippines President Backs Off Claims of US 'Separation'
Saudis, Houthis Trade Blame in Yemen Ceasefire Violations
WikiLeaks Urges Supporters to 'Stop Taking Down Internet'
Court: 'Even the President' Can't Declare Torture Lawful
How Clinton Emerged From WikiLeaks Hack Unscathed
The Risks of Clinton's Syrian 'No-Fly Zone'  by Dennis Kucinich
Hillary the Hawk Closing in on the White House  by Timothy P. Carney
Usual Suspects Ready to Gut 9/11 Victims Law  by Jim Jatras
The Meaning of 'America First'  by Bill Kauffman
The $5 Trillion Wars  by Linda J. Bilmes
US-UK Disasters in Iraq and Libya  by Alex de Waal

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Documentary Filmmakers Face Decades in Prison for Taping Oil Pipeline Protests
Moscow to Retaliate Against BBC After Natwest Closed Russia Today Account
Why Is Facebook Targeting Palestinian Accounts Again?
Russia Welcome to Observe US Election: State Dept
598 Killed in Iraq; Hundreds Sickened by Sulfur Fumes
ISIS Leaders Believed to Be on the Run From Mosul
Flee or Stay? for Mosul Residents, Either Is Risky
Pentagon Chief to Stress Iraq Sovereignty in Turkey Talks
Four Iranian Technicians Killed in ISIS Attacks in Iraq's Kirkuk
Turkish Red Crescent Says Sending Aid for 10,000 to Iraq's Mosul
UN Condemns Killings, Calls for Better Access to Palestinian Camp in Syria
UN Says Still No Aleppo Medical Evacuations, Syria Blames UN
Barred From UN Work, Russian Contractors Are Back, Airdropping Aid in Syria
46% of Palestinians Support Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation Based on Two States'
Israel Looks to Buy Three New Nuke-Capable Subs
Coalition Chairman Threatens to Strip Citizenship of Israeli Activist Who Criticized Occupation at UN
Netanyahu and Putin Affirm Commitment to Closer Ties in Phone Call
Bunkers and Booby-Traps as ISIS Makes a Stand in Libya
ISIS's Sirte Defense Hints at Mosul Tactics
Seven Migrants Die on Day of 'Libyan Coast Guard' Attack
Congo Security Forces Killed Dozens of Anti-Government Protesters: UN
South African Student Killed During Protests: Presidency
Zimbabwe Pays IMF Arrears, First Step to Restoring Lending
Burkina Faso Foiled Coup Attempt in Early October, Minister Says
The War at Home
Gary Johnson Says 'Glaring Double Standard' Kept Hillary Clinton's Mosul 'Mistake' From Being an Aleppo Moment
Three States Say They Denied Russia Request to Monitor Election
Kerry Collaborating With Saudi Official to 'Fix' 9/11 Lawsuit Bill
Ex-NSA Contractor Accused of Massive Theft Is a 'Collector,' Not a 'Traitor,' Lawyers Say
Army: Soldier Assigned to Alaska Base Died From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound
As Duterte Embraces China, Japan's Abe Set to Roll Out Warm Welcome
SecDef: US Aims to Keep Alliance Commitments to Philippines
Residents Say Civilians Among Dead in Myanmar Army Lockdown
Indonesian Militant Inspired by ISIS Had Weapons, Ammunition
Bangladesh Says Dead Militant Headed Group Behind Cafe Attack
UN Chief Mulls Future in South Korea Where He Tops Presidential Polls
New Zealand Cancels Meeting With Hong Kong Democracy Advocates on 'Diplomatic' Concerns
Hungary PM Sees Stalemate in EU Migrant Quota Dispute
UK Police Arrest Teenager on Terrorism Offenses Over Item Found on London Train
Venezuela on Edge After Anti-Maduro Referendum Blocked
Hooded Gunmen Threatened Venezuela Congress Commission: Opposition
Venezuela Opposition Vows Protests, Alleges 'Coup'
Mexico Arrests Ex-Police Chief Linked to Student Disappearances
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Killed Last Week
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