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Updated October 24, 2016 - 11:21 PM EDT
Gunmen Kill 59 Police Trainees in Pakistan
US Strike Kills Civilians at Iraq Funeral Procession
  US Warns Worst Is Yet to Come in Battle for Mosul
  Iraq PM Says 'Thanks but No Thanks' to Turkey on Mosul Help
  A Precarious Alliance Takes on ISIS in Mosul
  418 Killed as Security Forces Capture Several Towns in Northern Iraq
Obama Rejects Further Arming of Syrian Rebels
  Heavy Fighting as Russia Ceasefire in Aleppo Ends
  Syrian Kurds Fire on Rebel-Held City as Turkey Continues to Attack
  Russian and Syrian Airstrikes Pound Idlib, Killing 24
Tom Hayden, Longtime Antiwar Activist, Dies at 76
EU Braces for Influx of ISIS Fighters After Mosul Offensive
Saudi Warplanes Pound Yemen Capital as Ceasefire Ends
California Soldiers Forced to Repay Enlistment Bonuses
Coverage of Mosul and East Aleppo Reveals a Lot  by Patrick Cockburn
Hillary Clinton Knew Saudis Were Funding Extremists. Surprise!  by Ted Snider
America Should Drop Philippines Alliance  by Doug Bandow
Why Progressives Love the New Cold War  by Justin Raimondo
Paranoid Apoplexy Over the Russkies  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why Are We in Somalia?  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Barak, Bibi, and Obama's Bunker Buster Option
Israel Refuses To Sign US Document Regulating Attack Drones
418 Killed as Security Forces Capture Several Towns in Northern Iraq
US Casualty in Iraq Shows Risks of Shifting Front Lines
Russia Accuses US-Lead Coalition of 'War Crimes' in Iraq
Iraq Booze Ban Sparks Political Backlash
Iraqi Kurds Claim Capture of Town in Advance on Mosul
Iraq Forces Press Mosul Assault, Hunt Kirkuk Attackers
Iraqi Forces Advance Near Mosul, ISIS Attacks Western Town
Hundreds Near Mosul Sent to Hospital After Sulfur Plant Set Alight
Pentagon Chief Urges 'Isolation Operation' for ISIS-Held Raqqa
Turkey 'Obliged' to Press on to Syria's Al-Bab, Erdogan Says
Turkey Hits Syrian Kurd Militia Again: State Media
In Aleppo, Jewel of Syrian Rebellion Faces Possible Collapse
Russia's Task in Syria Is to Liberate It From Terrorists: Kremlin
Hezbollah to Stay in Syria Until 'Apostate Project' Defeated
Two Police Killed, 19 People Wounded in Bomb in East Turkey: Sources
US Warns Its Citizens of Possible Kidnappings, Terror Attacks in Turkey
Turkey's Ruling Party Has Completed Proposal on Presidency, PM Says
Turkey Says It Has 'Other Options' if EU Closes Its Doors to Membership
Settlers Build New Illegal Outpost on Private Palestinian Land – With Israeli Authorities' Knowledge
IDF Soldiers Filmed Beating Terror Suspect
Dozens of Haredim Attack Police in Jerusalem
Hebron-Area Home of Vocal Abbas Critic Shot Up
Saudi Arabia
Oil Price Down Cycle 'Nearing End': Saudi Minister
4 Gunmen Killed in Clashes With Police in Russia's Dagestan
Moscow Confirms Ministry Website Attack After US Hacker Claim
Russia Oil Minister Signals Cooperation With Saudis on Price
Russian Helicopter Crash Kills 19: Report
British Anti-Terrorist Police Find Second 'Suspicious Item' After London Arrest
UK PM to Offer Scotland, Wales, North Ireland Talks With Brexit Minister
Spain's Socialists Clear Way for Minority Conservative Government
Lithuanians Vote for Change Handing Farmers' Party Surprise Win
German Local Govt Monitors Anti-Govt Group
Hungary's Orban Rejects 'Sovietization' by Brussels, Defends Nation State
Secret Nazi Military Base Discovered by Russian Scientists in the Arctic
Mexican Government Strikes Back After Ambush on Soldiers
Colombian Govt in Talks With Rebels to Restore Peace
Chile's Right Wins Big in Local Elections as Political Tides Shift
Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Ends Hunger Strike, to Leave Uruguay: Activists

Officials: 100 Mostly Barefoot Inmates Escape Haiti Lockup

The War at Home
Hackers Used 'Internet of Things' Devices to Cause Friday's DDOS Cyberattack
Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: 83 Arrested
WikiLeaks Reveals US Democrats' Disdain for Netanyahu
The Little-Known Company That Enables Worldwide Mass Surveillance
Freed 'Guantanamo Diary' Author Forgives US Jailers
Refugee Crisis
UN Says More Than 4,000 Have Fled Iraq's Mosul
Libya Naval Forces Deny Charges of Attack on Migrant Boat
Rescue Crew's Tough Call: Sail Away to Keep Other Mediterranean Migrants Safe
Rescuers Save 2,400 Migrants in Mediterranean, Recover 14 Bodies
Fate of Child Migrants Uncertain Before France Demolishes Jungle Camp
Shoddy Leaders Contribute to Rising Afghan Military Deaths: US General
Afghan Taliban Envoys in Pakistan to Discuss Possible Peace Talks: Official
Opium Crops Spread in Afghanistan as Taliban Gains Ground, UN Says
Afghan Special Forces Operations Surpass 3,000 This Year
Aid Agencies Struggle to Assist Wave of Returning Afghan Refugees
Tough Stand by India's Modi on Militants Raises Risks With Pakistan
Two Pakistan Coast Guard Killed in Pakistan's Key CPEC Port District
The Voices of Peace Opposing War in India and Pakistan
Philippines Says to Keep US Ties but Will Not Be Subservient
Duterte Hopes Philippine Fishermen Can Return to China-Controlled Shoal
Japan Blasts: One Killed and Three Hurt in 'Ex-Soldier's Suicide'
Egyptian Court Upholds 20-Year Jail Sentence for Morsi
Egyptians Losing Patience With Sisi as Economy Deteriorates
Egyptian Army Officer Killed Outside Home; Militant Group Is Suspected
Fighting in Somalia Kills at Least Seven Soldiers: Officials
Somalia's Shabaab Seize Third Town This Month After Peacekeepers Withdraw
Suicide Car Bomb Rocks Somali Capital: Police
Somali Pirates Free 26 Hostages Held for Nearly Five Years
Officers: 83 Nigerian Soldiers Missing in Boko Haram Attack
Nigerian Troops Thwart Ship Hijacking, Arrest Vandals
'The Situation Is as Bad as It Can Be' in Famine-Struck Nigeria
Libya Forces Free 13 Foreign Captives From Militants in Sirte Battle
Burkina Police Kill Jihadist in Firefight in Capital
Burundi Police Question US Journalist, Keep Her Fixer in Custody
Venezuela Congress Declares President Maduro Has Staged Coup
Venezuela Braces for Turbulence After Recall Is Stalled
Maduro Opponents March After Venezuela Referendum Sunk
Colombia Airline Shuns Venezuela After Warplane Approaches Passenger Jet
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