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Updated October 26, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
US Coalition Has Killed 300 Civilians in Syria
  Intel Chief: 'Wouldn't Put It Past' Russia to Fire at US Aircraft in Syria
  Russia Extends Aleppo Ceasefire, Hasn't Struck in Nine Days
  Trump: Clinton's Syria Plans Would Lead to World War Three
FM: Turkey May Invade Iraq if Threatened
  Kurdish Forces Expelling Arab Families From Kirkuk After ISIS Attack
  ISIS Executed Scores of Civilians as Troops Approached Mosul
  Pentagon Brags: US Troops Killing More ISIS Leaders Than Ever
NATO Seeks More Troops for E. Europe Buildup
AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit
Duterte Wants US Troops Out of the Philippines
Saudis Deny 18-Month Yemen Naval Blockade Is Happening
The Doctrine of Armed Exceptionalism  by William Hartung
Rise of the American Mercenary  by Kelley Vlahos
The Great Myth About US Intervention in Syria  by Stephen M. Walt
'McCarthyism,' Then and Now  by Justin Raimondo
'With Friends Like These…'  by Ivan Eland
Stop the Bombing, Stop the Wars  by William Rivers Pitt

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Kaine Says Clinton Would Seek Updated War-Making Powers
Obama: We Have No Idea Who Carried Out Huge Cyberattack
Palestinians Furious at 'Field Executions' by Israeli Army
Clinton WikiLeaks Strategy: Doubt, Delay, Distract
Rampant Executions in Mosul Theater; 244 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Army's Elite Force Pauses Advance Near Mosul
UN Concerned About 'Collective Punishment' of Arabs in Kirkuk
Displaced Sunnis Brace to Join Fight for Mosul
Iraqi Special Forces Evacuate Villages Close to Mosul
Battle for Mosul: Iraq Forces Close in on More Villages
Why Iraq Needs More Than a Military Victory in Mosul
Iraq Battles ISIS in Western Town, Far From Mosul
Civilian Deaths as Syrian Forces Hit Rebel-Held Idlib
Syrian Kurds Say Fear Turkish 'Stab in Back' in ISIS Battle
Turkish-Backed Rebels Advance in Northern Syria
6 Killed by Turkish Shelling in Northern Syria
Turkey Will Act if Syrian Kurdish Fighters Do Not Withdraw: Foreign Minister
Spain Faces International Condemnation as It Prepares to Refuel Russian Battle Group Heading to Bomb Aleppo
Turkey's Post-Coup Emergency Rule Led to Torture, Abuse: Rights Group
Turkey Detains Co-Mayors of Mainly Kurdish City of Diyarbakir
Explosion Hits Southern Turkey's Antalya, May Be Accident
US House to Vote on Iran Sanctions Act Renewal as Soon as November
Iranian-American Robin Shahini Sentenced for Spying
Anti-Abbas Clashes Erupt in Three West Bank Refugee Camps
Israeli Settler Runs Over Two Palestinians in Qalqilya
Second Hamas Militant Dies in Tunnel Collapse
Israel Postpones Choosing New Ambassador to Turkey
Middle East
US-Backed Saudi War in Yemen Could Leave 'An Entire Generation Crippled by Hunger'
Two Saudi Security Officers Shot Dead by Gunmen: Arabiya TV
Syria Refugees in Lebanon Now Get Aid With Debit Card
Bosnian Serbs Step Back From Confrontation Over Divisive National Holiday
Sweden, With Tightened Borders, Sees Asylum Requests Down 80 Percent in 2016
German 'Terror Financing' Raids Target Chechens
PM Says Italy Cannot Handle Rate of Migrant Arrivals
Greek, Turkish Cypriots to Discuss Territory Trade Offs in November
Hungary Summons Russian Envoy Over 'Degrading' Uprising Remarks
Montenegro PM Hints Russian Connection in Coup Attempt
Expert Calls UN Response to Cholera in Haiti 'A Disgrace'
Mexican Police Find Border Tunnel With Light, Ventilation
Vatican's Argentina Archives Ready to Be Shown to Victims of Dictatorship Crimes
Venezuela Opposition Bickers Over Dialogue With Government
Venezuela's Opposition-Led Congress Launches Trial Against Maduro
Maduro, Opponents Trade 'Coup' Charges in Venezuela Crisis
The War at Home
Over 120 Arrested at North Dakota Pipeline Protests, Including Journalists
Video: Police Viciously Attacked Peaceful Protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline
Congress Knew for at Least Two Years About Pentagon Efforts to Take Back Bonuses From Vets
Military Family: Enlistment Bonus Fiasco 'Depleted Our Savings'
Clinton Ally Aided Campaign of FBI Official's Wife
GAO Says Pentagon Needs to Do More About Burn Pit Exposure
Clapper Says Getting North Korea to Denuclearize 'Probably a Lost Cause'
Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula Is US Policy: State Department
Philippines Duterte Tells US to Forget About Defense Deal 'if I Stay Longer'
Philippines' Duterte Tells Worried Foreign Businesses to Go
Irked Philippine Police Boss Tells Subordinates: Talk to Me, Not Media
Some Indonesians 'Joining Pro-ISIS Groups in Philippines'
Philippine Police Ponder Different Tack in Deadly Drugs War
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Pakistan Police Academy Attack
Pakistani Cadets Ran, Jumped From Windows to Flee Militants
Gunmen Kill Four in Balochistan
China/Hong Kong
US Seeks Deeper Counterterrorism Cooperation With China
Hong Kong Legislature Delays Swearing-In of Pro-Independence Lawmakers Amid Pressure
At Least Eight Afghan Border Police Killed in Militant Attack
Afghan Vice President Hints That Turmoil Awaits if He Is Not Respected
UN Envoys Urge Myanmar to Probe Killings, Arrests in Muslim-Majority Region
First Repatriation of Myanmar Refugees in Thailand Begins
Strike in Sri Lanka's North Over Police Killings
Three Russian Sailors Held in Libya Released
Libyan Interference in Rescue May Have Caused 30 Migrant Deaths: German Group
Islamists Launch Three Attacks in Somalia and Kenya in 24 Hours
Al Shabaab Gunmen Kill Intelligence Officer in Somali Capital
UN Peacekeepers Kill Three in Central African Republic
15-Year-Old Killed in Cross-Border Fire From Egypt
Ethiopia Magazine Halts Publication Over Emergency Rule Curbs
Niger Delta Avengers Say Attacked Nigeria's Chevron Escravos Pipeline
Gambia Announces Withdrawal From International Criminal Court
Morocco Seeks to Rejoin the African Union
Rwandan Rebel Commander Arrested in DR Congo
Burundi Withdraws Permits From Aprodh Rights Group
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