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Updated October 27, 2016 - 11:26 PM EDT
Iraqi Anti-ISIS Offensive Stalls South of Mosul
  US: Kurdish Troops Will Help Invade ISIS Capital of Raqqa
  Syrian Airstrike Kills 35 Civilians in Idlib
NATO Confirms Major Buildup in Eastern Europe
ISIS Kidnaps, Kills 30 Civilians in Afghanistan
At Least 37 Killed in Yemen Fighting Since Ceasefire's End
US Abstains From UN Vote Against Cuba Embargo
Israel: Ancient Papyrus Proves Jerusalem Belongs to Israel
Clinton's Slog Deeper Into the Big Muddy  by Daniel Lazare
US Plunges Into War With Yemen  by Stephen Kinzer
Homegrown Terrorism Is Rooted in US Actions, Not Islam. Ask the FBI  by CJ Werleman
'America First!' Is Current Again  by Justin Raimondo
The End of Interventionism?  by Daniel McAdams
What Happened to the FBI?  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Russian Fleet Withdraws Refuel Request to Spain After NATO Outcry
SE Asian Terror Mastermind to Stay at Guantanamo: US
Hungary's Top Opposition Paper Sold to Govt Ally
US Using Tunisia to Conduct Drone Operations in Libya: US Sources
No End in Sight for Executioners; 256 Killed in Iraq
US 'Rocket City' Hits ISIS Targets in Mosul
ISIS Takes Hostages Deeper Towards Mosul as Iraqi Forces Advance
On Mosul Road, Iraqi Elite Force Engage in 'Clean-Up'
Iraq Says Regains Control Over Town Stormed by ISIS
Number of Iraqis Displaced in Mosul Op Reaches 10,000
An Enormous Cloud of Toxic Sulfur Is Spreading Across Iraq
Turkey Says Kurdish Militia Should Not Be in Syrian Raqqa Operation
Turkey Vows to Press Syria Offensive Despite Warning From Pro-Assad Forces
Syria Denies Its Forces Used Chemical Weapons: State Media
Turkey Has No Designs on Syria's Aleppo: Erdogan
US General: Mosul Battle Is Hard, but Raqqa Will Be Harder
UN Aid Chief to Security Council on Syria: 'Buck Stops With You'
Turkish Police Break Up Protests Against Kurdish Mayors' Arrest
Turkey Replaces Most Province Police Chiefs, Shake-Up Continues
Labor Call for UK to Withdraw Support for Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen Fails
Yemen Foes Fight in Marib Day After UN Envoy Delivers Peace Plan
Five al-Qaeda-Linked Fighters Killed in Yemen Strike
Gas Tanker Attacked Near Key Shipping Lane Off Yemen
Rivals, Regional Powers Grow Uneasy With Palestinian Leader
Security Guards Who Killed Palestinian Sibling Assailants Cleared
Israeli Army Says Soldier Wounded by Shots Fired From Lebanon
Israeli Prosecutors Charge 13 People for Mocking Palestinian Baby's Death
In Protest of Latest UNESCO Resolution, Netanyahu to Recall Israel's Ambassador for Consultations
Thirteen Jews Charged With Inciting Violence, Terrorism at Wedding of Extremists
Middle East
Protesters Burn Books as Jordan Reduces Religion's Role in Schools
European Union Reaches Out to Iran Over Afghan Refugees
US Military
Pentagon Chief Suspends Reimbursement for Enlistment Bonuses
Marine Corps Jet Crashes in California Desert; Pilot Safe
Refugee Crisis
25 Migrants Found Dead in Rubber Boat in Mediterranean
More Than 90 Migrants Believed Missing After Boat Sinks Off Libya: Coastguard
More Than 700 Rescued Migrants Taken to Sicily
Protesters Attack EU Asylum Offices on Second Greek Island This Week
Philippines, US to Determine Fate of Joint Exercises Next Month
Philippines' Duterte Tells Japan His China Visit Was Just Economics, Blasts US
Afghan Authorities Say They Foiled Plot to Attack Indian Consulate
Afghan Women Seek to Rebuild Palace Destroyed by Men
Pakistan Forces Kill Five Indian Soldiers in Tit-For-Tat Response at LoC
Indian Shooting 'Kills Two Pakistani Civilians': Pakistan
Pakistani Militants Say They Worked With ISIS to Attack Police College
National Geographic 'Afghan Girl' Arrested in Pakistan Living Under False Papers
Kyrgyzstan Government Resigns After Coalition Break-Up
Chaos Erupts as Hong Kong Independence Activists Fight Ban to Enter Legislative Chamber
Amnesty International Urges Azerbaijan to Free Activist
A Third of Germans Fear War Erupting With Russia Over Ukraine, Syria: Poll
UK PM May Says Brexit Vote Will Not Undermine Northern Ireland Peace Deal
Cyprus Peace Talks Move to Switzerland to Pursue Trade-Offs, Says UN
ISIS-Aligned Group Takes Somali Town, Say Officials
Truck of Refugees Hits Boko Haram Mine in Northeast Nigeria
Child Soldiers Freed in South Sudan but Recruitment Heats Up: UNICEF
Congo Police Arrest 17 This Week for Protesting Election Delay
General Butt Naked's Humanitarian Rebirth Tests Liberia's Forgiveness
Enraged Venezuela Opposition Escalates Anti-Maduro Protests
Venezuela Policeman Dies After Being Shot During Opposition Protest
More Than 20 Hurt, 39 Detained at Venezuela Protests: Rights Group
One Dead, Three Injured in Haiti Aid Distribution Chaos
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