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Updated October 29, 2016 - 5:15 PM EDT
US Drone Strike in Afghanistan Kills Civilians
Putin Rejects Army's Calls to Resume Airstrikes
  Russian, US Jets in 'Near Miss' Over Syria
  Nusra Front Launches New Offensive Around Syria's Aleppo
Shi'ite Militias Join Iraq's Mosul Attack
  Amnesty Warns Against Using White Phosphorus in Attack on Mosul
FBI to Take New 'Investigative Steps' on Clinton Emails
  Clinton Claims WikiLeaks Emails Are Forged, Offers No Evidence
Saudi Air Strikes Kill 27 Civilians in Yemen
Malaysia to Buy Navy Vessels From China in Blow to US
The Authoritarian President  by Timothy P. Carney
We Haven't Faced Up to Our Iraq 'Mistake'  by Michael Brough
At Hillary's Favorite Think Tank, a Doubling Down on Anti-Iran, Pro-Saudi Policy  by Zaid Jilani
Israel's Gaza Blockade Is Inherently Violent  by Mike Merryman-Lotze
The 'White Helmets' Controversy  by Rick Sterling
The Philippines and the US Turn to Empire  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Assange Targeted by Bizarre Smear Campaign
2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election
Fifty-Two Months of Torture in a Canadian Prison and the Four Men Responsible
India, Pakistan Trade Accusations of Bloodshed Across Line of Control
78 Killed in Iraq Before Troops Pause Advance Towards Mosul
Russia Sends Naval Destroyer Smetlivy to Syria: State Newspaper
Russia to Test New Anti-Tank Guided Missiles in Syria
Yemen Rebels Deny Missile Targeted Mecca
More Than One Million Children Starve as Yemen War Rages: UN Agencies
As Abbas' Isolation Increases, Israeli Military Team Prepares for His Rule's Collapse
Archaeologists Cast Doubt on Israel's Papyrus
UN Rapporteur: I'll Probe Treatment of Human Rights Groups in Israel
Israeli Minister Attends Turkish Embassy Event for First Time in Six Years
Peace Deal With Israel Arouses Protest in Jordan After 22 Years
Ethiopia Withdraws Troops in Somalia Over 'Lack of Support'
UNICEF Frees 876 Children Held by Nigeria for Possible Boko Haram Ties
At Least One Killed in a Cairo Blast, No Claim of Responsibility
Libya Meeting Hopes to Break Political Stalemate, Focus on Economy
Colombia, Rebels Say Incorporating New Proposals Into Peace Deal
'Everything on the Table' in Revived Colombia Peace Talks
Colombia Child Soldiers Reluctant to Leave FARC 'Family': Rebel Commander
Colombia's ELN Rebels Say Will Free Hostage Once Peace Talks Begin
Maduro Is Venezuelan, Top Court Rules
Venezuelan Opposition Strike Patchy Amid Government Threats
Americans Still Dying
Navy CPO (CA) Killed Serving Alongside SEALs in Iraq
Sergeant From Fairview (IL) Killed in Kabul Attack
McAlester (OK) Man Serving as Civilian Employee Killed Along With US Soldier in Afghanistan
The War at Home
New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Anthony Weiner's Electronic Devices
White House Says Got No Advance Notice of New FBI Clinton Email Review
Tribe Vows to Continue North Dakota Pipeline Fight Despite Arrests
Army Says 2-Star General Committed Suicide at Alabama Base
Inside Palantir's War With the US Army
Report: Defense Department Overpaid $54 Million for EpiPens
Biden Rules Out Secretary of State Job
Assange Denied Leave to Attend Funeral
Leading Kosovo Guerrilla Faces Fresh War Crimes Charge
Hungary's PM Threatens to Sue EU Over Mandatory Migrant Quotas
More Migrants Pitch Tents on Paris Streets as Calais Camp Shuts
Showing Restraint, Belarus to Release Anti-Russian Blogger: Rights Group
Dutch PM Says He May Agree to Revoke Support for EU-Ukraine Treaty
Pakistan Police Use Tear Gas on Protesters
Crackdown Forces PTI to Cancel Islamabad 'Warm-Up' Rally
Pakistan Opposition Leader Khan Says Under Virtual House Arrest
Philippines Says Chinese Vessels Have Left Disputed Shoal
China Warns India Against Dalai Lama Border Visit
Myanmar Probes Rohingya Muslim's Death in Custody During Military Operation
Weekend Reviews
'America First!' Is Current Again
Stephen Kinzer's The True Flag
The US National Bird Is Now a Drone
Do Not Resist: The Police Militarization Documentary Everyone Should See
The Train That Divides Jerusalem: Film Review
Book In Gaza I Dare to Dream Available Worldwide, Except in Gaza
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