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Updated November 2, 2016 - 11:00 PM EDT
Iraq 'Ready for War' With Turkey Over Mosul
  ISIS Leader 'Hiding in Mosul' as Troops Storm Iraqi City
  Aid Agencies in Iraq Brace for Exodus as Civilians Flee Mosul
  Iraqi Elite Forces Stretched Thin by ISIS Tactics Around Mosul
Russia Extends Aleppo Ceasefire Through Friday
  SecDef: US Talking to Turkey About Future Role in Raqqa
Ex-NATO Chief: Need US as 'World's Policeman'
US Pledges $30 Million to Rebuild Ukraine's Navy
Pakistan Recalls Diplomats, Threatens to Expel Indian Envoys
The Fatal Expense of American Imperialism  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
Why Palestinians Want to Sue Britain: 99 Years Since Balfour  by Ramzy Baroud
Purchasing Loyalty With Foreign Aid  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Taking a Page from Joe McCarthy  by Robert Parry
North Korea's Nuclear Ticket to Survival  by Edward Hunt
Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy: Doing Stupid Stuff  by Bruce Fein

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The Lockheed F-35 Needs Another Half Billion Dollars
Venezuela Rivals' 'Truce' Crumbles Amid Name Calling
Philippines' Duterte Says He'll Consider Sticking With US Weapons
Obama Says Army Corps Is Weighing Whether to 'Reroute' Dakota Pipeline
South Sudan
As South Sudan Troops Killed and Raped, UN Forces Didn't Stop Them
Kenya Says Withdrawing Its Troops From a UN Mission in South Sudan
At Least 12 Migrants Die in Stormy Seas Off Libya: Italian Coastguard
Training Libya Coastguard Can Help Cut Migrant Deaths: EU Mission Head
Militants Attack Oil Pipeline in Niger Delta
Mali Islamists Say Still Waging War, Dismiss Ceasefire Report
3 Cameroon Men Jailed for 10 Years Over Boko Haram Joke
Clashes Between Farmers and Herders Kill 18 in Niger
Egypt Rights Lawyer Says Banned From Travel
In Uganda, Gay Men Say Police Use Torturous Method to 'Prove' Homosexuality
India Police Under Fire Over Prisoner Killings
India Says Identities of Eight Diplomats in Pakistan Exposed
China Condemns South Korea's Warning Shots at Its Fishing Vessels
Najib Asks West to Stop 'Lecturing' as Malaysia Embraces China
Philippine Fishermen Put Duterte Diplomacy to Test, Visit Disputed Shoal
Separatist Hong Kong Lawmakers Draw Blunt Response From China
Vietnam Police Arrest Anti-Government Blogger
US Urges Humanitarian Access to Strife-Hit Myanmar Region
Spanish Judge to Probe Alleged Security Lapses at Bombed Afghan Embassy
Japan Nudges Wary Firms to Invest in Russia to Help Resolve Islands Dispute
Colombia Making 'Substantial Progress' With Peace Deal: President
Waiting for Peace, Colombia Youths Set Up Camp in Main Square
Quebec Provincial Police Admits to Monitoring Six Reporters' Phones in 2013
Iraqi Troops Push Further Into Mosul; 202 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Forces Advance on Town Where ISIS Accused of Executions
Iraqi Forces Consolidate Their Gains in Eastern Mosul
Turkey Says Iraqi Border Deployment a Precaution, Urges Calm From Baghdad
Turkish Opposition Paper Vows 'Will Not Surrender' After Staff Detained
Reporters Without Borders Labels Erdogan as 'Enemy of Press Freedom'
Houthis Accuse UN Envoy of Fueling War in Yemen
Proposed UN Resolution Demands Yemen Cease-Fire and Talks
Blacklisted Yemen Firm Denies Helping al-Qaeda
Israel Advances Construction of 181 Homes in East Jerusalem
Unprecedented Clashes as Non-Orthodox Rabbis Bring Torah Scrolls Into Western Wall
White House Is Trying to Topple Me, Netanyahu Said on Israeli Election Day
Israel Vulnerable to Cyberattacks on Civilian Sector, Top-Secret Report Says
IDF Judge Frees UK Suspect Over 'Painful' Interrogration
Right-Wing MKs Float New Bid to Stave Off Outpost Evacuation
Middle East
Saudi Prince Flogged in Court-Ordered Punishment
Iran: Former Tehran Prosecutor General Sentenced to 135 Lashes in Corruption Trial
Amnesty International Evicted From Its Moscow Office
Russian Local Election Officials Fired Over Vote Irregularities
German Court Weighs Arguments to Ban Poem Mocking Erdogan
Far Rightists Threaten Asylum Seekers in Eastern German Town
Turkish Cypriot Leader Urges Realism for Peace Talks
Residents of Bosnian Town Protest Allegedly Rigged Election
Swiss Police Arrest Imam, Four Suspects After Raid on Mosque
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