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Updated November 6, 2016 - 11:08 PM EST
US Confirms Strike Killed 30 Afghan Civilians
  On Street Where US Soldiers Died, Afghans Say: What Taliban?
US-Backed Kurds Begin Invasion of Syria's Raqqa
  US Defense Secretary: Invasion of Raqqa Won't Be Easy
Iraq: ISIS Defenses Slowing Mosul Offensive
  Around Mosul, ISIS Tunnels More Numerous Than Anyone Expected
  Iraqi Forces Near Mosul Airport in Southern Advance
FBI Says No Criminality in New Clinton Emails
  Clinton Charity Got Qatar's $1M Gift While She Was at State Dept
  Clinton Aide: Future Embarrassing WikiLeaks Releases 'Probably Fake'
Thinking Like an Intel Officer: Anthony Weiner and Russian Spies  by Peter Van Buren
Hillary Clinton's Bad Plan for 'National Service'  by Doug Bandow
Military Options Are Not the Same as Solutions  by Charles V. Peña
Bringing Down the Globalist Monster  by Justin Raimondo
Whose Finger on the Nuclear Button?  by Michael T. Klare
How World War III Could Start  by Jonathan Marshall

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Assange Denies Russia Fed Clinton Emails to WikiLeaks
Canada May Have Found Lost Nuke From Cold War
UK PM May Vows EU Exit 'in Full' Despite Legal Challenge
Philippine Mayor Rolando Espinosa Killed in Jail
Pentagon Identifies 3 Army Trainers Killed in Jordan
155 Killed in Iraq; Bombers Target Pilgrims, Civilians
Suicide Bombers in Ambulances Kill 25 People in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Fighting ISIS Say Nearing Mosul Airport
Mosul Residents Dodge Bombs, Air Strikes to Flee ISIS
Iraqi Forces Battle Car Bombs With Commercial Drones
Navy Super Hornets Hit More 'Dynamic' Targets as Mosul Offensive Heats Up
US Seeks Turkish Backing for Kurdish-Led Operation in Raqqa
Turkish-Backed Forces Closing in on Syria's Al-Bab: Erdogan
Morale High Among Anti-ISIS Fighters Marching on Raqa
Turkish Military Says Hits 71 ISIS Targets in Northern Syria
Erdogan Blasts West as Turkey's Kurdish Party Boycotts Parliament
Erdogan Says Europe Aiding Terrorism With Support for Kurdish Militants
Turkey Says Diyarbakir Car Bomb Work of Kurdish Militants, Not ISIS
Shots Fired at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, Two Men Detained
Turkey Orders Trial for Newspaper Staff, Detains More Pro-Kurd Officials
Turkey's Oldest National Daily Defiant After Arrests
Bomb Blast Kills Children in Turkey's Sirnak
Turkish Police Use Water Cannon, Tear Gas Against Istanbul Protesters: Witness
Kurds March Against Erdogan in Germany, France
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Ambassador Dodges Question About Use of Cluster Bombs in Yemen
Hundreds Protest Against UN Peace Plan in Yemen's Sanaa
Palestinians Harvesting Olives Reportedly Attacked by Settlers Near Ramallah
Palestinians Mourn Final Cremisan Valley Olive Harvest
Israel Postpones Temporary Expansion of Fishing Zone Off Gaza's Coast
Palestinian President Can Revoke Parliamentary Immunity of Opponents: Court
Orthodox Group Joins Call for Western Wall Compromise
Germany Fears UK May Quit Spy Program Because of Brexit
German Ministry Wants Migrants Returned to Africa: Report
German Military Investigates 60 Potential Islamists in Bundeswehr
French Teen Convicted Under Anti-Terror Law for Naming Wi-Fi Network After ISIS: Reports
Moscow Warns of Possible Attacks by Russian Jihadists on Return Home From Syria
Montenegro: Russians Behind Coup Attempt, Plot to Kill PM
Kosovo Opposition Skeptical of Supporter's Death in Custody
Rival Cyprus Leaders Focus on Territory Issues
Italy Links People Trafficking to Militants in Detention of Syrian
Spain Says Basque Separatist ETA Leader Arrested in France
More Than 2,200 Migrants Rescued in Mediterranean, 10 Bodies Recovered
The War at Home
Another DC Hawk Pundit Exposed as a Fraud
Rogue FBI Twitter Bot Dumps Months of FOIAs, Causing Controversy
Overweight, Tattooed, Stoned? The Pentagon May Still Want You
Hawaii Soldier Killed in Training Accident
UN Investigates Deadly US Air Strikes
Illegal Mining, Weak Government Help Taliban Expand in Afghan North
US Says Afghanistan Air Raid Killed al-Qaeda Leader
Australian Woman Kidnapped in Afghanistan's Capital Kabul
Bomb Targeting Afghan District Chief Kills Driver
Fear, Secrecy, and Danger a Way of Life for Afghan Gays
India Beefs Up Military at China Border Amid Kashmir Tensions
India Says Pakistani Shelling Kills Two Soldiers at Kashmir Border
Kashmir Teenager's Death Sparks Fresh Anti-India Protest Leaving at Least 30 Injured
Six Killed in Clash Between Two Tribes in Pakistan
Thousands in Kashmir Hide From Crackdown, Some in Orchards
Hong Kong/China
China Passes Interpretation of Hong Kong's Basic Law, After Protests
Hong Kong Police, Protesters Clash Over Beijing Crackdown
China Says It Must Act to Deter Hong Kong Separatism
Amid South China Sea Tension, Defense Exporters Flock to Indonesia
Dozens Arrested for Attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh
Tens of Thousands Protest in South Korea, Call for President to Quit
Myanmar's Plan to Arm, Train Non-Muslims 'Recipe for Disaster': Jurist Group
Dozens Killed After Ceasefire Breach in Somalia's Puntland and Galmudug
Car Bomb Blast Kills Soldiers Near Somali Parliament
Somalia: Al Shabaab Gains Ground as Ethiopia Withdraws Its Troops
ISIS Gunmen Kill Egyptian General in Sinai
Egypt's Oil Minister Makes Rare Trip to Iran for Oil Talks After Saudi Suspension
Liberia Internet Down After Huge Cyber Attack Cuts Web Access for Entire Country
Congo Police Shut Down Anti-Kabila Rally in Kinshasa
Kenya Army Makes Money on Illicit Charcoal Exports From Somalia
Abducted Chibok Schoolgirl Found With Baby by Nigerian Army
UN Peacekeeper, Two Civilians Killed in Mali Attack
Libyan Forces Report 14 Civilians Freed From ISIS in Sirte
Sudan Arrests More Opposition Activists Over Fuel Prices
Burkina Faso to Withdraw Darfur Peacekeepers by July
Algeria Says Army Seized Missiles, Explosives in Desert Area
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