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Updated November 11, 2016 - 10:46 PM EST
Iraqi Army Struggles With 'Waves' of Jihadists
Obama Orders Attacks on Nusra Front in Syria
  Kurdish Forces Close to Controlling Area North of Raqqa
  Russia Says Will Continue Humanitarian Pauses in Syria
Trump May Foil EU Extension of Russia Sanctions
  Cyberattacks Against Russia Banks Involves US-Centered Botnet
  German DM Warns Trump Can't Treat NATO Like a Business
  Russia Talked With Both Trump, Clinton Campaigns Before Vote
Anti-Trump GOP Senators Want to 'Work With Him' on Iran
Allies of Key Libya General Hope for Trump's Support
US Admits Somalia Strike Killed Allies, Not Al-Shabaab
House Armed Services Chair: Obama War Request 'Too Low'
The Brookpark Marines, the Truth About War, and a Message of Life  by Jim Babka
Why the Elite Wanted Trump to Lose  by Daniel McCarthy
How the US Military Can Save $1 Trillion  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Why Trump Won: The Foreign Policy Factor  by Justin Raimondo
To-Do List for a Trump Presidency  by Lucy Steigerwald
Learning Horrors of War From Vets  by Chris J. Antal

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Donald Trump, Peacenik President?
Interview with Thaddeus Russell
Israel Interior Minister: Trump's Election Heralds Coming of Messiah
Saudi Billionaire Sets Trump Feud Aside, Eyes US Meet
Arab Spring Has Cost Region 6% of GDP: UN Agency
Tajik Police Commander, Trained in US Appears to Rise in ISIS Ranks
The War at Home
Donald Trump, President-Elect, Receives More Detailed Intelligence Briefings
Bergdahl Lawyers Appeal to Highest Military Court Over McCain Comments
Report: US Close to Accepting 100s of Australia's Refugees
Egypt Says Foils Muslim Brotherhood Plot on Eve of Planned Protests
Egypt Blocks Bank Account of Torture Victims' Center: Lawyer
DR Congo
Opposition: DR Congo 'Faces Civil War' if President Fails to Quit
ICC Prosecutors Say Congolese Rebel Leader Coached Witnesses From Prison
AU Condemns Use of Mercenaries in Libya
UN Renews Somalia-Eritrea Arms Embargo
Angola Separatists Call for Portuguese Return
Western Sahara Opposes Morocco's African Union Bid
UN Calls for Prisoner Release in Gambia Ahead of December Poll
Demolitions Leave 30,000 Homeless in Nigeria's Megacity: Rights Group
China/Hong Kong
China State Media Warns Trump Against Isolationism, Calls for Status Quo
Eight More Pro-Democracy Lawmakers in Hong Kong Face Expulsion
China Police Official Meng Hongwei to Head Interpol
Two Dead, Scores Wounded as Blast Rocks German Consulate in Afghan City
Pakistan Security Forces Kill Jundullah Commander in Balochistan
Philippine Leader Says Honoring Defense Pacts With 'Friends' US
Abe to Meet Trump to Press Japan's Case on Security and Trade
US Embassy Warns of Possible Attacks in Tajikistan
Former PM Calls for More Independent Australian Foreign Policy After US Election
Militant Slaughters Family After Brother's Death in Battle; 80 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Preparing Advance on South Mosul
US Treasury Sanctions Four Al Nusra Front Leaders
UN Says Rations Run Out in East Aleppo, Hopes for Aid Deal
Israel Won't Let Iran Have Military Presence in Syria, Netanyahu Tells Russian PM
Bomb Blast Wounds Three at Governor's Office in SE Turkey
Turkey Seeks Life Sentences in Pro-Kurdish Newspaper Trial
German Lawmakers Keep Planes in Turkey in Anti-ISIS Campaign
Nationalist Opposition Hints at Support for Constitutional Change
US Charges Turkish, Iranian Nationals with Evading Iran Sanctions
Iran Holds Funeral for 10 Soldiers Killed in Syria
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Threatens UAE-Enlisted Forces
Projectiles Fired From Yemen Wound 14 in Saudi Arabia
Nine Palestinians Arrested for Bomb Attack Against Israeli Military
Israel 'Arm-Twists' Artists to Perform in Settlements
Yasser Arafat Museum Opens in Ramallah
Israel Asks Russia to Pressure Hamas to Help Get Back Civilians Held in Gaza
Russia Says It Has Detained Ukrainian Saboteurs in Crimea
Linkedin Banned in Russia for Storing User Data Abroad
Massive German Police Operation Targets Turkish Nationalist Boxing Gang
Merkel Allies Warn of Trump Effect, Poll Shows Germans Dismayed
Grenade Hits French Embassy in Greece, Policeman Hurt
Bulgaria Signs Deal to Buy 10 Russian Engines for Aging Fleet
Serbia Extradites Pregnant Jihadi Suspect to Netherlands
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Shimon Peres and the 9/11 Attacks

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