Bogged down in two major wars, running up a national debt of $20 trillion, and on the cusp of domestic turmoil not seen since the 1960s – that's where America is right now. Do we really need another war?

In Washington, D.C., the answer to that question is a near-unanimous "Yes!"

In the rest of America, the answer is a resounding "No!"

So which America will have their way?

It's up to us – it's up to you.

Since 1995, we here at have been mobilizing the American people against the War Party – and we need your help now more than ever. The forces that want to involve us in every overseas conflict are more powerful, and more determined, than ever. And they have the funding – while we have only you.

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Updated November 16, 2016 - 11:18 PM EST
Both Sides in Mosul Accused of War Crimes
  Iraqi Commander: Mosul Offensive Could Take Months
  Bitter Fight for Tal Afar Ahead and the Violence May Not End There
  270 Killed in Iraq; Civilians Killed in Mosul Fighting
Russia Strikes Idlib, Denies Targeting Aleppo
  Air Strike Hits Third Syrian Hospital in 24 Hours: Monitor
NATO Pushes Trump Toward Hostility to Russia
  Admiral: US Will Remain Committed to Allies in Asia
Uncertainty Grows Over Trump's State Dept Pick
House Votes to Extend Iran Sanctions for 10 Years
Kerry Sets Yemen Truce Over Pro-Saudi Govt Objections
US: War Crimes Probe Over Afghan Torture 'Inappropriate'
Will Donald Trump Betray Voters by Hiring John Bolton?  by Sen. Rand Paul
China Can Have the Philippines  by Charles V. Peña
With Trump Elected, President Obama Is Suddenly Bombing More Jihadists in Syria  by Matt Purple
How We Will Win  by Justin Raimondo
It Did Happen Here
 by Nick Turse
There's No Violent Hate-Crimewave in 'Trump's America'  by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

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The New
Red Scare

by Andrew Cockburn
FBI Signs Twitter Surveillance Contract
Assange Questioned for 2nd Day at Ecuador Embassy
Brexit Plan? There Is No Plan: Leaked Memo
Afghanistan Fires 7 From Cabinet in Intensifying Political Crisis
Secret Backdoor in Some US Phones Sent Data to China
McCain Warns Against Another 'Reset' With Russia
The War at Home
Rand Paul: I Oppose Both Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton for Secretary of State
Rep. Mike Rogers Leaves Trump Transition Team Amid Shake-Up
Giuliani Was Paid Advocate for Shady Iranian Dissident Group
US Judge Orders FBI, CIA, NSA to Disclose Occupy Spying
Navy Denies It Pirated 558k Copies of Software, Says Contractor Consented
Bergdahl Lawyers to Ask for Dismissal After Trump's Inauguration
UN Slams North Korea for Diverting Funds to Missiles
Kashmir: Shelling Forces Thousands to Flee Their Homes
Former UN Chief 'Deeply Concerned' as Myanmar Violence Toll Jumps
Nepal Detains Tibetan Refugees in Crackdown as China's Influence Grows
Bangkok Bomb Trial of Chinese Uighurs Begins After Delays
Indonesia Police Name Jakarta Governor Blasphemy Case Suspect
US, Philippine Special Forces Set to Hold Joint Drills
Japan, Russia Say on Track to Bolster Ties Despite Minister's Detention
Senior Pakistan Official Says to Visit India, Hints at Detente
Germany Bans Islamic Group DWR as Police Launch Raids on 190 Sites
German Court Rejects Opposition's Bid for Disclosure of NSA Spy Targets
German Domestic Spy Chief Rejects Turkey's Allegation It Harbors PKK Militants
Only 13 Percent of Recent Refugees in Germany Have Found Work: Survey
Paris Bomber's Lost Mobile Found Under Paperwork in Belgian Police Station
Sarkozy Received Suitcases Full of Cash From Libya's Gadhafi, Businessman Says
France's Sarkozy Denies Libya Allegations, Will Take Legal Action
Czech Lawmakers Seek to Make Defaming the President a Crime
Ukraine President Asks for 'Resolute Support' in Call With Trump
EU Agrees Defense Budget Increase as Britain Lifts Block
Greek Police, Protesters Clash in Athens During Obama Visit
Rescuers Pick Up 1 Body, Save 298 Amid Heavy Seas: Italy Coast Guard
Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro Rules Out Early Election
Key Venezuela Lawmakers Step Down in Concession to Government
Colombia's New Peace Accord Is Final, Will Not Be Changed: Government
Cuba Pardons 787 Inmates After Pope's Call for Mercy
270 Killed in Iraq; Civilians Killed in Mosul Fighting
ISIS Kills Civilians in Mosul to Deter Support for Army
Iraq Christians Tell Tales of Survival in the 'Caliphate'
The Man Who Serves Up Little Smiles in Iraq's Refugee Camp
Liberals Defend Letting Canadian Troops Shoot First in Iraq
Wounded, Hungry, Determined to Stay: Life in Line of Fire in Mosul
Turkish-Backed Rebels Take Main Town Before ISIS-Held Al Bab
Assad Labels Trump 'Natural Ally' to Fight Terror
Russia Uses Aircraft Carrier for Big Attack on Syrian Rebels
UN Condemns Syria Over Civilian Attacks
Food Production in Syria Hits All-Time Low: UN Agencies
Turkey Eyes Reset With US Under Trump, but Honeymoon May Be Brief
Erdogan Accuses Western Media of Sympathizing With Coup
Turkey Says It's Tired of 'Two-Faced' EU Attitude
Netanyahu Calls on Obama Not to Back Any New Peace Moves as Term Ends
Abbas Cuts Salaries to Dozens Backing Rival Dahlan
Kulanu's Moshe Kahlon: I Won't Support Israel's Settlement Legalization Bill
Israel Names New Ambassador to Turkey, Signaling Warmer Ties
Residents of Illegal West Bank Outpost to Fight Evacuation With Aid of 'Thousands' of Supporters
Israel's Drone Gift to Medvedev Could Lead to Trouble With US and Russia
France, Egypt Say Israeli Settlement Bill a Risk to Two-State Solution
Yemeni Bankers Get in Trouble Over a Customer, al-Qaeda
Source: Hadi Is Softening on Yemen Peace Plan
UN Committee Flags Iran Over Human Rights
Egypt Court Strikes Down Ousted President's Death Sentence
Challenging Government, Egypt's Parliament Approves 'Repressive' NGO Bill
20 Killed as Police Fire Tear Gas, Live Ammo at Shi'ites in Kano
Nigerian Shi'ites Claim Child Shot Dead in Clashes With Police
Nigerians Protest Eviction in Drive to Clear Shanties
DR Congo
Congo Leader Warns Against Foreign 'Interference' in Crisis
'I Was Forced to Kill My Best Friend', Former DRC Child Soldier Says
Ex-Somali Refugee Defeats Minister to Become MP
Air Strike Targeting Militants Kills Seven in Southern Libya: Official
Beneath the Surface of Uganda's 'Exemplary' Refugee Settlement, Tensions Simmer
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