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Updated November 19, 2016 - 6:08 PM EST
Trump Names NatSec Figures to Top Posts
  Navy Appoints New Commander for Trump’s Expanded Gitmo
  Obama Aims to Hamstring Trump on Russia With EU Sanction Deals
Rebels Fret Over Trump's Planned Syria Overhaul
  Syria Escalates Airstrikes Against Rebel East Aleppo
Mosul: Tensions Mount Between Baghdad, Kurds
  Iraq Claims Gains Amid Heavy Fighting in NE Mosul
38 Killed in Heavy Fighting Around Yemen's Taiz
  At Least 21 Civilians Killed in Shelling of Yemen Marketplace
Netanyahu to Tell Trump Not to Cancel Iran Nuclear Deal
The Real Reason to Worry About Gen. Michael Flynn  by James Carden
The US Remains Deeply Complicit in the War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison
The Demise of Anti-War Liberals?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Death From Above  by Scott Shackford

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Ex-CIA Agent Loses Latest Italy Extradition Appeal
Trump, NATO Chief Pledge Alliance's 'Enduring Importance' in Phone Call
Amnesty Warns New Egypt Rights Bill 'Draconian'
US Anti-BDS Bill Imposes Fines, Not Criminal Penalties
Coalition to Start 48-Hour Truce in Yemen
Another Mass Grave Found Near Mosul; 46 Killed in Iraq
Tal Afar Iraq Poised to Become 'City of Revenge' for Shi'ite Militias
Iraqi Troops Expand Foothold in Mosul as ISIS Pledges More Suicide Attacks
Fourth Batch of US F-16s Delivered to Iraq
To Mosul and Back: Sunni Arabs Seek Place in a Shifting Iraq
Thousands of Iraqis Fleeing Mosul 'Cross Into Syria'
Battle for Strategic Hilltop Near ISIS-Held Raqqa
Watchdog Probing Over 20 Reports of Alleged Syria Chemical Attacks
France Asks Coalition to Launch Offensive to Surround Raqqa: Government Spokesman
Some Turkish Military Officers at NATO Seeking Asylum: Alliance Chief
Turkey's Free Press Withers as Erdogan Jails 120 Journalists
More Academics, Mayors Detained as Turkish Purges Enter Fifth Month
Yildiz Technical University Academics Purged Over Suspected 'Gulenist' Ties
Benjamin Netanyahu to Urge Trump to 'Tighten Noose' on Iran, Not Scrap Nuke Deal
Gaza Man Shot Dead in Protest Near Border With Israel: Palestinians
Jordan Slams Israeli Ban on Call to Prayer in Jerusalem
Northern Ireland Court Refers Brexit Challenge to UK Supreme Court
UK Frustratingly Unclear About Brexit Goals: Scottish Minister
No Compromise in Sight, EU Ministers at Odds on Immigration
Tensions Boil Over in Overcrowded Greek Migrant Camp
Prosecutor Says Jailed Kosovo Activist Killed Himself, No Foul Play
German Prosecutors Charge Two Syrians for Ahrar Al-Sham Membership
Macedonian Prosecutor Investigates Secret Police Over Tapping of 4,000 Phones
Venezuela Frees Jailed Politician, Opposition Seeks More Releases
Venezuelan First Lady's Nephews Convicted in US Drug Trial
Colombia to Ratify Peace Deal With Rebels in Congress
Ex-Mayor of Mexican Town That Was Massacre Site Arrested
Americans Still Dying
Green Beret From Zelienople (PA) Killed in Afghanistan
Stockton (CA) Soldier Dies in Blast at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan
Tamaroa (IL) Community Remembers Soldier Killed by Bomber at Afghan Base
SpecOps Sergeant From Kerrville (TX) Killed in Jordan
Bowie (MD) Soldier Killed in Kuwait Accident Had Ties to Fort Meade
The War at Home
Obama Refuses to Pardon Edward Snowden. Trump's New CIA Pick Wants Him Dead.
Conservatives Have Concerns About Sessions as Trump's Attorney General
Spy Critic Wyden Attacks as Clapper Resigns
Huckabee Denies Reports He Was Tapped as Ambassador to Israel
Could David Petraeus, Rumored Candidate for Secretary of State, Get a Security Clearance?
Pakistan Helping in Secret Talks With Afghan Taliban
After $85 Million in US Loans, Afghanistan Building Projects Abandoned
India's Nuclear Submarine in Pakistan Triggers War Worries
Pakistan Navy 'Pushed' Indian Submarine Clear of Its Waters
India's Move to Curb Black Money a 'Disaster' for Rural Women, Activists Say
Malaysia Arrests Pro-Democracy Leader Ahead of Anti-PM Rally
Thousands Expected at Malaysian Anti-Government Rally Despite Arrests
China Tells Mongolia to Bar Dalai Lama Visit
Germany's Aixtron Says US Opposes China Deal on Security Grounds
Myanmar Rejects Reports Army Killed Rohingya Fleeing Rakhine Conflict
Myanmar's Training for Non-Muslim Police Stokes Fear in Rakhine
Okinawans Awarded $22.6 Million for Aircraft Noise at Futenma
Lockheed Martin Wins $1.2 Billion US Defense Contract To Upgrade South Korea Aircraft
Duterte Says Philippines Would Welcome Refugees: 'They Can Always Come Here.'
Thousands of Indonesians Expected to Rally Against Rising Intolerance
Suicide Bombers Kill Two in Northeast Nigeria's Maiduguri
Can $10 Billion End Nigeria's Century-Long Oil War?
US Says Concerned by Deaths of Nigerian Shi'ites in Clash With Police
EU Says Refused Access to Observe Gambia's December 1 Election
Gridlocked Guinea Bissau Names Fifth PM in a Year
Zimbabwean Anti-Government Activists Shot At, Beaten, Abducted
UN Investigator Says Australia Responsible for Children Suffering in Detention
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Living by War: Tribe: on Homecoming and Belonging
Death From Above
Documentary Recalls Horrors of Korean War
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