Four years ago, we ran a column that told the real story behind the Benghazi disaster: how the State Department "outsourced" security for Ambassador Stevens to a dubious outfit named "Blue Mountain Security," and a gang of Islamists known as the February 17 Brigade. The story was that Stevens and the others who were killed that day were set up.

Now the real story is coming out, and it turns out we were right.

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Updated November 23, 2016 - 11:25 PM EST
Israel Cheers Nikki Haley as Trump's UN Envoy
Trump Backs Off Promise to Bring Back Torture
  Nikki Haley Is Trump's Pick for US Ambassador to UN
Syrian Rebels Block Aleppo Civilians From Fleeing
  Erdogan: Turkish Forces Attacking Al-Bab Will Invade Manbij Next
  EU Says Russian Ships Violated Sanctions by Delivering Fuel to Syria
US Blows Up Mosul Bridge, Aiming to Restrict ISIS
  Civilian Victims of Mortar, Sniper Fire Pour Into Mosul Clinic
  Civilian Casualties Undercounted in Mosul; 185 Killed in Iraq
NATO, Russia Spar Over Eastern Europe Missiles
  EU Parliament Votes to Increase Military Coordination
Heavy Fighting in Yemen's Taiz, at Least 40 Killed
Obama, House Republicans Trade Warnings Over Iran Deal
Building on the Iran Nuclear Agreement  by Paul R. Pillar
FBI Just Got Access to All Your Tweets – and TSA Already Had It  by Bonnie Kristian
Trump's CIA Director Wants to Return to a Pre-Snowden World  by Kaveh Waddell
What Would an 'America First' Foreign Policy Look Like?  by Justin Raimondo
Trump for the Defense  by William Hartung & Tom Engelhardt
Fake Editorials Claim Rise of 'Isolationists'  by Michael S. Rozeff

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Trump: I'm 'Seriously Considering' Gen. Mattis for Secretary of Defense
Pentagon Waives Penalties for Hackers to Test Its Cybersecurity
Trump's Pullout of TPP Opens Way for China
Use of Homemade Mines Pushes Global Casualties to 10-Year High: Study
Trump's Pullout of TPP Opens Way for China
Civilian Casualties Undercounted in Mosul; 185 Killed in Iraq
ICC Eyeing Foreign Fighters in Syria, Iraq
US Airstrikes Top 1,000 Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria
Syrian Army Says Aleppo Rebels Hoarding Food, Rebels Dismiss as Propaganda
Pentagon Says Air Strike Killed 'Senior al-Qaeda Leader' in Syria
Death Toll Among Iran's Forces in Syrian War Passes 1,000
Syrian Army Forms Volunteer Corps to Fight Militants
Watchdog Accepts Russia Offer to Aid Aleppo Chemical Attacks Probe
UN Aid Crosses Syrian Frontlines for First Time in Weeks
Week of Renewed Aleppo Strikes Kills 141 in East, 16 in West: Observatory
From Soldiers to Midwives, Turkey Dismisses 15,000 More After Coup Bid
Turkish Court Starts Umbrella Trial of US-Based Cleric Gulen, Followers
Turkey's Post-Coup Brain Drain
European Lawmakers Call for End to Turkey EU Membership Talks
Followers of Cleric Gulen Still Active in Turkish Police, Armed Forces, Erdogan Says
Trial of ISIS Suspects Shows Turkish Security Flaws Before Bombings
Turkey Issues Arrest Warrant for Head of Syrian Kurdish Party: Anadolu
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition to Return to Parliament, Ending Boycott: Officials
Libyan Forces Press Forward Against ISIS in Sirte, Urge Civilians to Leave
Libyans Arrest Wife of Senior al-Qaeda-Linked Militant
Egypt Court Quashes Mohammed Morsi Life Sentence
Bennett to Trump Aides: Don't Rush to Adopt Two-State Solution as Official US Policy
Trump: Son-In-Law Kushner Could Help Make Peace Between Israel, Palestinians
Palestinian Tries to Stab Israeli Security Guard, Shot Dead: Israeli Police
Netanyahu Vouches for Integrity of Embattled Personal Lawyer
Netanyahu Threatens to Sue Unemployed Man Over Link Shared on Facebook
Middle East
One Killed, Seven Injured in Yemen Projectile Attack in Saudi City Najran
Four Charged With Plotting to Assassinate Late Saudi King: Media
US Says Won't Tolerate Pressure From China on Fugitive Families
China Declines to Say if It Supports Philippine Fishing Ban
China Says 3,000 Flee Myanmar After Fighting Along Border
Three Indian Soldiers Killed Near Kashmir Frontier With Pakistan
Philippines, US Militaries Agree to Reduce Joint Exercises: Philippine General
Cambodian Court Upholds Life Terms for 2 Khmer Rouge Leaders
Lithuania's New PM Pledges to Increase Military Spending
EU Plan Aims to Restrict Trade in Gold Used to Fund Conflict
Cyprus Peace Talks End With Each Side Blaming the Other
US Names French ISIS Suspect as Paris Attacks Planner
Some 1,400 Migrants Rescued, Eight Bodies Recovered: Italy Coastguard
Colombia, FARC Rebels to Sign New Peace Deal on Thursday
Destroyer Zumwalt Breaks Down and Gets Tow in Panama Canal
Canada to Order 18 Boeing Super Hornet Fighter Jets
For 2nd Day, Haiti Police Scatter Rock-Throwing Protesters
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