The Washington Post is promoting a group that lists as a "Russian agent of influence." And yes, they want to FBI to "investigate" us.

Also included on their blacklist: WikiLeaks, the DrudgeReport, and the Ron Paul Institute.

Oh, and the defeat of Hillary Clinton was a Russian plot, made possible by the dissemination of "fake news" by us and the other blacklisted sites.

If you want to know the difference between real and fake news you've come to the right place. We've been debunking the War Party's lies since 1995. But we can't do it without your help.

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Updated November 26, 2016 - 6:32 PM EST
WaPo Promotes List of 'Russian Propaganda Sites'
WikiLeaks Reveals Scope of US in Yemen War
  Trump's New Security Aide Wants to Use Internet to Sow Unrest in Iran
  Pentagon Won't Say Why Targeting Manual Was Released Online
Watchdog: US Has Killed 80 Civilians in Mosul Op
  Iraqi Forces Prepare to Storm Town West of Mosul
Russia Tells US to Get Out of the Way in Syria
  Obama Empowers Special Forces for Clandestine Killings Worldwide
Fidel Castro, Leader of Cuba Revolution, Dies at 90
NK Worries May Force Trump to Rethink China Trade War
When It Comes to Fake News, the US Govt Is the Biggest Culprit  by John W. Whitehead
Obama, Trump, and the Future of US Foreign Policy  by Edward Hunt
The West's Media Delusions  by James W. Carden
A Trump Administration Could Very Well Kill the Iran Deal  by Matt Purple

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Documents Confirm Bureau of Prisons Visit to CIA Torture Site in Afghanistan
WikiLeaks Releases 'The Yemen Files'
Object Found Off Canadian Coast Not Missing Nuke
Germany Plans to 'Massively' Limit Privacy Rights
Six Killed, Dozens Wounded by Blasts in Afghan City
Pakistan Warns India Over Rising Tensions
'Water Belonging to India Cannot Go to Pakistan,' Says Modi
Exiled Politician Tells His Pakistan Party He Is Still Boss
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Ex-Hong Kong Governor Patten Says Independence Call a 'Terrible Mistake'
Beijing Warns Against Taiwan Ties as Singapore Tries to Free Troop Carriers in Hong Kong
China Considers Granting Philippines Access to Disputed Shoal: Adviser
Japan PM Says Russian Missile Deployment on Disputed Isles 'Regrettable'
Indonesia Police Say Militant Was Making Powerful Bombs
Counting 1 Million Crowds at Anti-President Rally in Seoul
Malaysia to Summon Myanmar Envoy on Rohingya as Protests Mount
Ukraine Ex-President 'Regrets' Not Calling in Army
European Commission Says Russia and Ukraine to Meet in Brussels for Gas Talks
Norway's Supreme Court Rejects Edward Snowden Extradition Lawsuit
Scotland Sets Out Legal Case to Have a Say on Brexit Trigger
Hungary's Orban Sees Diplomatic Reset With US Under Trump
Two Dead, Two Injured After Fire Breaks Out at Greek Migrant Camp
Police Detain Former Soldier After Woman Murdered in French Retirement Home
France Issues Regulations Requiring Retailers to Label Goods From Israeli Settlements
After Riot, Bulgaria to Send Migrants to Closed Camps, Plans Extraditions
Severed Heads and 32 Bodies Found in Mexican Mass Grave
Mexican TV, Movie Actor, and His Agent Shot to Death
Militants Targeting Civilians in Mosul; 61 Killed in Iraq
Slaughter of Innocents Continues in Battle for Mosul
In Eastern Mosul, Residents Fret Over Security and Supplies
Iraq Forces Must Open Safe Routes for Mosul Residents: NGO
In Retaken Areas of Mosul, ISIS Still Inflicts Pain
Air Strikes Batter Women's Hospital in Syria's Idlib: Monitor, Aid Group
Turkish Warplanes Strike ISIS Targets in Syria's Al-Bab: Military
Erdogan, Putin Discuss Attack on Turkish Soldiers in Syria: Sources
Turkey Reinstates Over 6,000 Teachers Suspended After Coup
Turkey Needs Support of Western Organizations in War Against Terror: Deputy PM
Australia Attempts to Extradite ISIS Suspect From Turkey
Blast Noise in SE Turkey Possibly Caused by Jets: Governor's Office
Israeli Settler Leader: Fires Are Divine Punishment for Planned Settlement Uproot
Israeli Officer Kills Palestinian Who Tried to Stab Him: Police
Middle East
Lebanese Army Detains an ISIS Leader, Other Militants: Security Sources
Passenger Trains Collide in Iran, at Least 36 Killed
ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai
Somali Militant Group Says It Briefly Captured Kenyan Town
As Zimbabwe's Money Runs Out, So Does Mugabe's Power
Ivory Coast Extradites 3 Soldiers Suspected in Burkina Coup
Rebels Targeted Ethnic Fulanis in Central African Republic Town
Colombia Rebel Leader Hopes Trump Will Back Peace Effort
ELN Rebels Say Colombian Army Ops Threaten Talks
Colombia FARC Leader Says Will Support 2018 President Who Backs Peace
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