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Updated November 29, 2016 - 8:25 PM EST
Rand Paul Slams Trump for Considering Petraeus
  WikiLeaks Releases US Diplomatic Cables From 1979
  Lawsuit Advances Against CIA Torture Contractors
Iraqi Troops Bogged Down in Mosul Invasion
  Key Sunni Figure Warns Iraq Could Split if Shi'ite Militias Enter Mosul
  Rebels Abandon Northeastern Aleppo as Syrian Military Advances
German Intel Officer Arrested Over Terror Plot
Philippines Army Says 35 Islamist Fighters Slain in Shelling
Somali Refugee Student Injures 11 on Ohio State Campus
US to Replace Afghan Air Force With US-Made Helicopters
Iranian Boat Aimed at US Helicopter, but Didn't Shoot
Trump Should Pick a Secretary of State Who Understands That Iraq Was a Debacle  by Sen. Rand Paul
US House Seeks Syria-War Escalation  by Rick Sterling
Could Israeli Govt Be Toppled by Crisis Over Illegal Outpost?  by Yossi Verter
Presidential War Is Unconstitutional  by Ivan Eland
Suez: The End of Europe's Empires  by Eric Margolis
No, Russian Agents Are Not Behind Every Piece of Fake News You See  by Mathew Ingram

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Barrett Brown to Be Released
German Arms Company to Stop Doing Deals With Non-NATO Countries
Amnesty Slams 'Shocking' Uganda Clashes as Toll Hits 62
46 Royal Guards Killed, King Arrested in Uganda
Amnesty Warns Over Extrajudicial Killings After Deadly Uganda Clashes
Somali Forces Approach Port Town, Ready to Attack ISIS
EU to Keep Patrolling for Somali Pirates Until End of 2018
French Strike Thought to Kill al-Qaeda Ally Belmokhtar
Canada Stays With UN South Sudan Mission Despite Concerns: Memo
Guinea Bissau's Dominant Party to Boycott New Government
Britain Has Assange DNA Sample: Ecuador
Denmark Picks Euroskeptic as Foreign Minister
Kosovo Arrests Five Suspects in Turkish Consulate Attack
Record Number of Boat Migrants Reach Italy This Year
Foreign Forces Working Against Region's Pro-EU Policy: Albanian PM
Norway Plans $1.15 Billion Order for Five Boeing Poseidon Military Aircraft
Ukraine's Yanukovich Blames Radicals for Bloodshed at Maidan Protests
Belgium, Netherlands Peacefully Redraw the Border, Fixing a Jurisdictional Burden
Philippine Police Detonate Bomb Near US Embassy
Philippines' Duterte Calls Western Threats of ICC Indictment Hypocritical
Guns Fall Silent, but Tensions High Between India, Pakistan
UN Security Council Set to Approve New North Korea Sanctions
Kazakhstan Jails Nine Islamists, Two Activists Over Attack, Unrest
Malaysian Pro-Democracy Leader Released After Ten Days' Detention
Afghanistan and Turkmenistan Open First Rail Connection
Nearly 1,000 Sex Assaults Reported in Canada Military Last Year: Report
Pilot Dies in Canada Fighter Jet Crash
ISIS Attacks Police in Samarra; 49 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Special Forces Screen Mosul Men in Hunt for Suicide Bombers
ISIS Sniper Hits Iraqi Unit as Army Inches Forward in Mosul
ISIS Arrests Shopkeepers for Hiking Prices in Nearly Besieged Mosul
Shell Considering Selling Its Iraq Oil Assets: Sources
Syria Denounces Qatar for Saying It Will Continue to Back Rebels
Syrian Rebels, Families Evacuate Besieged Town Near Damascus
Fuel Reserve in Syria's Rebel-Held East Aleppo Exhausted: Civil Defense
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed After Clashes With Militants: Sources
Turkey's Emergency Rule to Continue as Long as Necessary, Deputy PM Says
Turkey Targets Foster Families in Post-Coup Crackdown: Government Official
Like a Kid in a Candy Store, IDF Salivates Over Incoming F-35 Jets
Shas Initiative Seeks to Keep Reform Prayers Away From Western Wall
Michael Oren, French Ambassador to Israel Engage in Twitter War
'Submarines Affair' Prompts Investigations in Israel and Germany
Amid Flames and Suspicions in Israel, Acts of Jewish-Arab Cooperation
Israeli Soldier Lightly Wounded After Mistakenly Entering Palestinian Town
Palestinian Behind Deadly Tel Aviv Attack Given Two Life Terms and Another 20 Years
Middle East
Kuwait Plans to Buy 28 Boeing F-18 Jets: Official
Al Jazeera Film Critical of Egyptian Army Strains Egypt-Qatar Ties Further
Trump Vows to End US-Cuba 'Deal' Unless Havana Makes Better One
First Flight in Half Century Leaves Miami Bound for Havana
Fidel Castro: The CIA's 7 Most Bizarre Assassination Attempts
Haiti's Leader Calls for Calm Before Election Results Released
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