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Updated December 1, 2016 - 11:11 PM EST
Trump Picks Gen. James Mattis for SecDef
EU Plans Big Increase in Military Spending
Graham, McCain Unveil 'Fix' to 9/11 Saudi Law
5,719 Killed in Iraq During November
  Sunni Tribal Fighters Demand Iraq Federalization
  UN Warns of Food and Water Shortages as Iraq Cuts Supplies
Russia: Most UN Syria Aid Going to Rebel Areas
  Israeli Jets Strike Outside Damascus, No Casualties Reported
  26 Civilians Killed in Shelling Amid East Aleppo Fighting
Hacking Warrants Now Unrestricted to Jurisdiction
  Senate Intel Dems Push to Declassify Details of Russia Hacking Probe
CIA Director: Trump Shouldn't Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal
Trump Should Embrace 'Dual Conciliation' Abroad  by Stephen Kinzer
Towards Meaningful Solidarity With Palestine  by Ramzy Baroud
Donald Trump Should Finish the Opening With Cuba  by Doug Bandow
Trump Ponders Petraeus for Senior Job  by Ray McGovern
Is Flag Burning Protected Speech?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Coping With a Warzone  by Will Porter

More Viewpoints

UN Panel: WikiLeaks' Assange a Victim of Arbitrary Detention
Secret Europol Terror Data Found Online
The War at Home
Ohio State Attacker May Have Been Inspired by Overseas Militants, FBI Says
She Says She Was Harassed by Superiors. Now She Protests Outside the TSA for Hours.
Did the DEA Nab an International Weapons Dealer, or a CIA Asset Hung Out to Dry?
Maine Police Using a Controversial Tool to Monitor What You Say Online
California Guard Soldiers Won't Be Forced to Repay Bonuses
Ukraine Prepares Missile Test Near Crimea, Angering Russia
British MPs Reject Move to Investigate Tony Blair Over Iraq
Arrested German Spy Was a Onetime Gay Porn Actor and a Secret Islamist
Azerbaijan Criminalizes Online Defamation of the President
French Candidate Macron Wants Closer Ties With Russia
Slovakia Toughens Church Registration Rules to Bar Islam
Georgia President Sees Strong US Ties Maintained Under Trump
Belgium Detain Six Suspected of Links to August Machete Attack
Hungary Sentences Syrian Migrant to 10 Years in Jail for Border Riot
Albanian PM Warns EU Against Leaving 'Vacuum' in the Balkans
Trump Calls Pakistan a 'Fantastic Place of Fantastic People'
Militants Attack Indian Army Base in Nagrota, Inflaming Tensions With Pakistan
India to Buy 145 American M777 Ultra-Light Howitzers
India's Supreme Court Orders Cinemas to Play National Anthem
Released From Jail, Kashmiri Activist Vows to Fight for Prisoner Rights
China Dismisses Report of Military Patrols in Afghanistan
Worsening Security Forces More Afghan Schools to Shut
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Says It Wants Smooth Military Ties With Trump
China Tells Taiwan to Stay Out of Hong Kong Debate
China Military Says It's Seriously Concerned by Japan-South Korea Pact
China Military Says 'Not Heard' of Other Base Plans After Djibouti
Three Chinese Rights Activists Disappear in Apparent State Crackdown
UN Imposes New Sanctions on North Korea to Slash Cash From Exports
Philippines Ends Five-Day Siege Against Rebels Pledged to ISIS
West Papuans Protest Against Indonesian Rule
China Offers Myanmar Support to End Ethnic Unrest Near Border
5,719 Killed in Iraq During November
Iraq's Special Forces Control 19 Mosul Neighborhoods
For Mosul Perfume Trader, Militants Meant Business
Russia Says Ready to Escort Aid Agencies Into Eastern Aleppo
Syrian Rebels Vow to Resist Army Advances in Aleppo
Syrian Government Forces, Rebels Fight in Southeast Aleppo Area
Kremlin Asks Turkey to Explain Erdogan's Remark About Toppling Assad
Erdogan, Putin Agree on Need for Aleppo Ceasefire, Aid Relief
Turkey Needed Detente With Russia to Pursue Syria Operation: Minister
Palestinian Leader Seeks Trump Support for Independence
Fatah Unanimously Re-Elects Abbas as Party Leader
Haaretz Journalist Questioned by Police Over Phone Calls to Lawmaker
On West Bank Hilltop, Israeli Settlers Hunker Down in the Face of Eviction
Celebrity-Backed Palestinian Cinema Closes
Middle East
In Yemen's War, Trapped Families Ask: Which Child Should We Save?
OPEC Agrees First Production Cut Since 2008
Merkel Does Not See EU Expanding Membership Talks With Turkey
Al-Shabaab Regrouping in Somalia to 'Attack Kenya', Police Warns
Insurgents Behead Somali Village Elders Over Islamic Tax
Militants Strike North Mali Airports With Suicide Truck, Rockets
Mali's Ex-Junta Chief Sanogo Goes on Trial Over Killings
Rwanda Probes Possible Role of French Officials in Genocide: Prosecutor
Eleven-Nation Central African Republic Talks Back DR Congo Deal
US Struggling to Win Enough Votes for South Sudan Arms Embargo
Gambia's President Warns Against Protests After Elections
Zimbabwe Police Use Water Cannon Against Fake Money Protest
Colombia's Congress Ratifies Peace Deal With FARC Rebel Group
As Venezuela Talks Stutter, Detained Maduro Foes Languish
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