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Updated December 6, 2016 - 11:23 PM EST
Trump to End Regime Changes, Focus on ISIS
Syria: Aleppo Victory as Rebels Talk Surrender
  US Officials: Qaeda's Loss in Aleppo Is Our Loss
  Russia, China Veto UN Call for Aleppo Ceasefire
  Kerry: Not Attacking Syria in 2013 'Cost' the US
Pentagon Buries Evidence of $125 Billion in Waste
  Pentagon Officials Continue to Hype Russia as 'Threat' to US
  Marine Chief Wants More Troops, More Weapons for 'Next War'
  Red Cross Poll Shows Alarming US Tolerance for War Crimes
US Officials: Qaeda's Loss in Aleppo Is Our Loss
  Russia, China Veto UN Call for Aleppo Ceasefire
  Kerry: Not Attacking Syria in 2013 'Cost' the US
Obama, Trump Send Conflicting Signals to China
Israeli Parliament Backs Bill to Legalize Settler Outposts
Libya Unity Govt Takes Control of Sirte as ISIS Forces Flee
Hawks Hope Trump's Release of Iran Docs Will Harm Deal
Social Media Giants to Silence 'Terrorist Propaganda' Online
Media Complicity Is Key to Blacklisting Websites  by Norman Solomon
James Mattis' 33-Year Grudge Against Iran  by Mark Perry
Trump's Looming Showdown With the 'Secret Government'  by Michael J. Glennon
Is Foreign Aid Solely Up to the President?  by Grant Smith
Trump and the Iran Nuclear Deal  by Muhammad Sahimi & Katariina Simonen
Campaign Against Keith Ellison Reveals Much About Washington  by Glenn Greenwald

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Iraq Was Probably a 'Mistake,' Said Gen. Mattis, Trump's Defense Pick
Republicans Look to Make It Easier to Install Mattis as Defense Secretary
Poll: Half of Americans Want US to Back UN Move on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
ACLU to Obama: Commute Chelsea Manning's Sentence
Transition Official: Trump Will Not Rip Up NAFTA
Displaced Executed Near Kirkuk; 110 Killed in Iraq
West Mosul Shelled as Iraq Steps Up Fight Against ISIS
As Iraq's Kurds Eye Statehood, a Border Takes Shape
Air Strikes Kill 73 in Rebel-Held Idlib Province: War Monitor
Two Russian Nurses Killed in Rebel Shelling of Syria's Aleppo
Russia Says Will Treat as Terrorists Rebels Who Refuse to Leave Aleppo
Russia Says to Start Talks With US on Aleppo Rebel Withdrawal
ISIS Urges Supporters to Stage New Wave of Attacks
ISIS Identifies Abi Al-Hassan Al-Muhajer as New Spokesman
Syria's Irrigated Farmland Drops by Half During War: Study
Outpost Bill Cheered, Jeered as Step Toward Annexing West Bank
Palestinians Claim Land Directly Where Illegal Israeli Outpost Would Be Moved To
Amona Settlers Reject Compromise, Vow to Resist Evacuation
Greek Court Rules Against Extraditing Turkish Soldiers
Turkish PM Says Constitution Plan to Go to Parliament After Russia Trip
Middle East
Qaeda Militants Blow Up Yemen Gas Export Pipeline
Gunmen Kill One Soldier in Northern Lebanon
China Warns US Over Breaking Iran Nuclear Deal
Nigeria's Presidency Says Aid Agencies Overstating NE Hunger
Nigeria Import War Planes From Pakistan to Combat Boko Haram
Clashes Between Congo Tribal Militia, Government Kill 31
Somali Forces Say Killed Three in Attack on ISIS-Linked Fighters
US Worries About Spiraling Violence in South Sudan: State Department
Egypt Advisory Council Says Red Sea Islands Should Remain Egyptian
Gambia Court Frees Prominent Lawyer, 18 Others Jailed for Protest
UN Identifies 41 Burundi, Gabon Troops Accused of Abuse in Central African Republic
New Zealand
New Zealand PM John Key Unexpectedly Steps Down
The War at Home
Edward Snowden Points Out That David Petraeus 'Shared Information That Was Far More Highly Classified Than I Ever Did'
Defendant in Recovery Doesn't Halt 9/11 Case at Guantanamo
Sheldon Adelson's Closest Israeli Adviser Resigns Amid Falling Out, Source Says
Ohio Man, ISIS Sympathizer, Sentenced for Planning US Capitol Attack
Pentagon Chief Says Satisfied With Japanese Contribution to Alliance
Shinzo Abe to Become First Japanese Leader to Visit Pearl Harbor
Japan PM Hopes for Progress on Peace Treaty With Russia
White House Moves to Reassure China After Donald Trump's Call With Taiwan
Trump Adviser: if China Doesn't Like Taiwan Call, 'Screw 'Em'
Kissinger Says Impressed by China's 'Calm Reaction' to Trump's Taiwan Call
China Urges India Not to 'Complicate' Border Dispute as Tibetan Figure Visits
Taliban May Offer Ceasefire in Afghanistan to Contain ISIS
Dozens of Rohingya Missing as Boat Sinks Off Bangladesh
Death of Tamil Nadu's Leader Leaves Power Vacuum in Southern India
Uzbek Interim Leader Scores Landslide Election Win
Bags Full of Bank Notes and a Plot to Bring Down a Prime Minister: Politician Makes Claims of Vast Corruption in Ukraine
Ukraine Ready to Join Trilateral Gas Talks in Brussels
Second Russian Fighter Jet Crashes Attempting Aircraft Carrier Landing
More Than 1,000 Boat Migrants Rescued, 16 Bodies Found: Italy Coastguard
Germany Warns Against Backlash Over Afghan Refugee Suspected of Murder
Mexico: 14 Gunmen Killed in Gunbattle With Patrol of Marines
Chile Court OK's Extradition in 1976 Car Bombing in US
Ex-Coup Leader, DEA Fugitive Wins Haitian Senate Seat
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