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Updated December 7, 2016 - 11:17 PM EST
Trump to End Regime Changes, Focus on ISIS
  Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly Picked to Head Homeland Security
  Trump: AF One Costs Out of Control, Order Should Be Canceled
Syria: Aleppo Victory as Rebels Talk Surrender
  ISIS Shifts Defenses to East Mosul as More Iraqi Forces Arrive
ISIS Only Amounts to Half of US Terror Suspects
Guess Who's Bombing the Crap Out of Libya
IAEA Confirms Iran Exported Excess Heavy Water
Saudis Say Should Apologize for Bombing Yemen Hospital
Fire Bombing and Atomic Bombing of Japan in History and Memory  by Mark Selden
Flynn Under Necon Influence, For the Worse  by Jim Lobe
Media Still Citing Discredited 'Fake News' Blacklist  by Adam Johnson
'Mad Dog' Mattis and the Spirit of Trumpism  by Justin Raimondo
Fake News Versus No News  by Philip Giraldi
New Navy Ship Leaking Tax Dollars  by Jonathan Marshall

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The Migration Machine
US Military to Return Some Okinawa Land by Year End
Israel Knew of Iran Link in Sub Deal: Minister
Bus Bomb Explodes at Mosul Market; 35 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Army Launches Fresh Assault Towards Mosul Center
Iraq's Christians Turn to Militia for Protection
Former Newfoundland Soldier Released From Iraqi Prison, Mother Says
Kremlin Upbraids West for 'Modest' Response to Syria Hospital Strike
No Plans for US and Russia Talks on Syria This Week
Ransomed: the Freeing of 226 Christians From ISIS
Anti-Fraud Experts Find US Probably Blamed Wrong Side for Syria Chemical Attack
Greek Court Says Three Turkish Soldiers Can Be Extradited
Thousands of People Still Displaced by Violence in SE Turkey: Amnesty
Yemeni Forces Arrest Members of ISIS Cell After Raiding Their Aden Hideout
60 Feared Drowned Off Yemen After Boat Disappears
Golden 'King Bibi' Statue Causes Guerrilla-Art Stir in Israel
Palestinians Slam Outpost Bill, Demand US Recognize Palestine
In Bid to Belong, Israeli Arabs Sign Up for Israel's Army
Nearly Half of Israeli Jews Say Left Not Loyal to the State: Poll
Benjamin Netanyahu: Submarines Needed to Ensure Israel Can Destroy Those Threatening It
Middle East
Bahrain Authorities Block Al Jazeera From GCC Summit
Iran President: Trump Won't Be Able to Harm the Nuclear Deal
Saudi Court Sentences 15 People to Death for Spying for Iran
Djibouti Military Chief-Of-Staff Visits China Amid Base Building
Venezuela Opposition Withdraws From Crisis Talks
Venezuelans Stage Protest Over Political Prisoners Outside Vatican
Cuba, US to Discuss Detente in Wake of Trump Election
Mexico: 20 Gunmen Killed in Shootouts in Veracruz
The War at Home
After 8 Years of Expanding Presidential War Powers, Obama Insists They Are Limited
Sen. Rand Paul: Trump's Secretary of State Must Understand 'Iraq War Was a Mistake'
Privacy Watchdog Panel Getting Muzzled by Congress
US to Build $1.6b Idaho Facility for Warships' Nuclear Waste
Breakfast of Torturers: A Former CIA Psychologist Promotes His Memoir
India Accused of 'Indiscriminate' Force in Kashmir Unrest
Wounded Kashmiris Blocked From Medical Help During Clashes: Rights Group
Taiwan's Tsai: No Major Policy Shifts, Despite Trump Call
China Urges US to Block Transit by Taiwan President
South Korea
South Korea's Park Says Would Wait for Court to Uphold Impeachment
UN Chief Ban May Be Unwitting Loser in South Korea Presidential Scandal
South Sudan
Congo Detains Dozens of South Sudanese Soldiers Fleeing Civil War
China Sends Another 120 Army Peacekeepers to South Sudan
Suspected Islamist Militants Free 93 Prisoners From Mali Jail
Ugandan LRA Fighter Accused of Raping and Enlisting Children
Libyan Forces Clear Last ISIS Holdout in Sirte
Egypt Security Forces Kill Three Gunmen in Raid on Armed Group
Gambia High Court Frees 12 More Prisoners Jailed for Protest
UK Marine's Conviction for Killing Afghan Insurgent Could Be Quashed
Violence Erupts in Athens on Anniversary of Student Killing by Police
Angela Merkel Calls for Burqa Ban 'Wherever Legally Possible' in Germany
Erdogan Maybe More Open to Cyprus Deal After Coup: Cypriot Minister
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