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Updated December 9, 2016 - 11:00 PM EST
US Hawks Plan for Getting Into a War With Iran
Bill Would Forbid US Funding ISIS, al-Qaeda
  Congress Overwhelmingly Passes $618 Billion Military Spending Bill
Syria Halts Aleppo Offensive to Evacuate Civilians
  No Evidence, Pentagon Tries to Convince Turkey Iran Killed Troops
  US Estimates 50,000 ISIS Fighters Killed in Just Over Two Years
  ISIS Kills Dozens, Nears Syrian City of Palmyra
US Navy Refuses Pentagon Orders for Spending Cuts
HRW: US May Be Complicit in War Crimes in Yemen
Israeli Army Admits Tweeted Hezbollah Map Actually Fake
Israel and South Africa Conducted Nuclear Test in 1979
The Palestinian Body Politic Is Rotten to the Core  by Ramzy Baroud
Pentagon's Waste Report Only Tip of the Inefficient Machine  by William D. Hartung
The Problem of Our Surveillance Laws  by Jamie Williams
Trump, Taiwan, and the Chinese Paper Tiger  by Justin Raimondo
Reflections on Fake News  by Bruce Fein
Trump's Reliance on the Military  by Melvin A. Goodman

More Viewpoints

Extensive British Spying Throughout Africa
Canada Spy Official Doubts Intel-Sharing Under Trump
Soldiers Retreat After Bloody Battles in Mosul; 229 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Parliament Speaker Demands Inquiry Into Deadly Qaim Air Strikes
Chaos, Desperation at First UN Aid Distribution Inside Mosul
A Lethal Mistake Leads to a Harrowing Ambush in Iraq's Mosul
ISIS Hostage John Cantlie Appears in Propaganda Video
UN Syria Mediator Says He Plans to Meet Trump Team Members
UN to Vote on 'Too Little, Too Late' Syria Ceasefire
Chechen Leader Claims His Troops Eager to Fight 'Scum' in Syria
Turkey Sending 300 Troops to Reinforce Syria Operation: State Media
Greek Court Rules Against Extraditing Two More Turkish Soldiers
Dozens in Student Dormitories Held in Turkish Post-Coup Probe: Agency
Iran Warns Trump: More US Sanctions Won't Break Us
Iran Races to Clinch Oil Deals Before Donald Trump Takes Office
Iran's FM: It's in US Interest to Stay Committed to Nuclear Pact
Israeli Bill to Legalize Settler Homes 'Unequivocally Illegal': UN
German Maker of Israeli Submarines Says Secrets Stolen in 'Massive' Cyberattack
Phone-Cracking Cellebrite Software Used to Prosecute Tortured Bahrain Dissident
China/South China Sea
Trump's Choice of China Envoy a Positive Sign for Ties, Xinhua Says
Tibetan Buddhist Monk Self-Immolates in West China
Manila Says Will Not Help US on Patrols in South China Sea
Risking Beijing's Ire, Vietnam Begins Dredging on South China Sea Reef
North Korea Still Struggling With Nuclear Missile Re-Entry: US Official
11 Killed in Northern Myanmar Rebel Clashes: State Media
Thailand to Resume Peace Talks With Muslim Separatists in Malaysia
The War at Home
Drowning in Info: NSA Revelations From 262 Spy Documents
Wikipedia's NSA Lawsuit Heads to Federal Appeals Court
American and British Spy Agencies Targeted In-Flight Mobile Phone Use
Americans Have Fewer Privacy Rights When Emailing People Overseas, Court Rules
Visa Program for Afghans Under Threat for Helping US Is Renewed
State of Georgia Accuses Homeland Security of Attempted Hack
Airlines Call for Alternative to 'Useless' UN Security Database
Reagan Administration 'Cavalierly' Leaked NSA Signals Intelligence – Without Informing the Agency
Trump Gets One Presidential Intel Briefing a Week: Sources
US Military
Army Announces Deployments to Kuwait, Afghanistan
US Advises Congress of Possible Military Sales to UAE, Saudi, Qatar
Pentagon Slams Colin Kaepernick in Pearl Harbor Tweet, Then Deletes It
US Marine Pilot Dead After Japan Fighter Crash
Pro-Hiftar Warplanes Strike Airbase in Central Libya
No Respite for Libya After ISIS Driven From Coastal City
11 More Political Prisoners Released in Gambia
How Gambia's Top Brass Turned on Long-Ruling Jammeh
Cameroon Police Shoot Dead Four Protesters in Anglophone Region
Egypt: Morsi's Son Arrested Over 2013 Pro-Brotherhood Sit-In
Sudan Arrests Top Human Rights Activist: Amnesty
Ghana Opposition Leader Says 'Quietly Confident' of Victory
EU Agrees Visa-Free Access for Ukrainian and Georgian Citizens
German Move on New Ship Radars Paves Way for Missile Defense Role
Azerbaijan Sentences Youth Activist to 10 Years
Mexican General Says Army Wants Out of Law Enforcement
Cuba Wants to Sign Accords With US Before Obama Exit: Officials
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