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Updated December 22, 2016 - 8:48 PM EST
Trump, Putin Both Seek More Nukes
Egypt Delays Anti-Settlement Vote at UN
Russia: Nearly All Communication With US Frozen
14 Turkish Soldiers, 138 ISIS Killed in Syria
  Aleppo Evacuation Nearing Completion, Rebels Hold One Position
  US General: Iraqi Troops in 'Refit Mode' in Mosul
US Surveillance of Yahoo Email Seeks to Weaken 'Privacy'
  Govt Requests for Facebook User Data Up 27% First Half of 2016
  Top EU Court Rules Against Mass Surveillance
Trump Talks to Military Leaders on Bringing Costs Down
Berlin Attack Suspect Was Under Surveillance for Months
Ukraine's US-Made Drones a Disappointment From the Start
Is Civilian Control of the Military in Jeopardy?  by Kelley Vlahos
US Military Returns Land to Japan, but Okinawa Isn't Celebrating  by Jon Letman
For Palestinians, Zionism Only Means One Thing  by Ramzy Baroud
A Reconciliation at Pearl Harbor  by Michael Winship

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Intel Vet: DNC Leak Was Bernie Supporter
UN Nuclear Chief Set for Re-Election as Rival Steps Aside: Diplomats
Online Tip Portal for Berlin Attack Hit by Hackers
Japan's Govt Approves Record Military Spending
Attack on Food Distribution Center in Mosul; 47 Killed in Iraq
Wounded Iraqis Fill Hospitals as Mosul Operation Drags On
UN Inquiry Unable to ID Perpetrators of Syria Aid Convoy Bombing
Aleppo Endgame Nears as Evacuation Resumes
US Can't Confirm if All Rebel Fighters Have Left Aleppo: State Department
Hezbollah Is Using US-Made Military Vehicles in Syria, Israel Says
UN Creates Team to Prepare Cases on Syria War Crimes
Britain, France Push UN Syria Helicopter Ban, Sanctions Over Gas Attacks
Syrian Girl, 7, Who Tweeted From Aleppo Meets Turkey's Erdogan
Turkish Prosecutors Probing Why Russian Envoy's Killer Not Taken Alive: State Media
Kremlin: Too Early to Say Who Behind Turkey Envoy's Killing
Erdogan: 'No Doubt' Envoy Assassin Was Gulenist
Turkey Suspends Another 2,000 Education Staff for Alleged Links to Failed Coup
EU Offers Turkey Deeper Trade Ties Despite Political Tensions
Turkey Recalls Hague Diplomat Over Diaspora Spying Claims
TV: Shipyard Owned by Lebanon's Defense Minister Builds Israeli Warships
Lebanon: ISIS Would-Be Bomber Gets Five-Year Jail Sentence
Palestinian Villagers to Be Cut Off From Spring if Israeli Defense Ministry Proposal Adopted
Israeli Officer Serving in West Bank Convicted of Serious Sex Crimes, Endangering National Security
Israeli Parliamentary Committee Votes to Strip Israeli-Arab Lawmaker Immunity
American Millionaire and Netanyahu Crony Buys Half of PM's Family Estate
Israeli High Court Asks Amona Residents to Commit to Peaceful Evacuation
Middle East
Iranian Kurd Group Accuses Tehran of Bombing That Killed Six in Iraq
Bahrain Police Clash With Protesters Near Shi'ite Leader's House: Activists
Florida Gov. Rick Scott Writes Letter to Cuban President Raul Castro, Urging Democracy and Change for Cuba
The War at Home
Trump Meets With US Defense Contractors He Criticized for Costs
After Meeting With Trump, Boeing CEO Says Air Force One Will Cost Less Than $4.2 Billion
Senate Democrats Plan to Run Trump Playbook Against Tillerson
German Attack Suspect Had Been in Contact With Islamist Network: Paper
Tunisian Suspect in Christmas Market Massacre Was Meant to Be Deported
German Police Raid Two Apartments in Berlin, Attack Suspect Not Found
Germany to Allow Increased Security Video Surveillance
German Market Attack Suspect Left Tunisia Seven Years Ago: Tunisian Radio
Anis Amri: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Russia Criticizes Dutch Over US Tanks, Crimean Treasure
Six Migrants Die in Mediterranean, 300 Rescued
Fake Suicide Vest Sparks Terror Scare in Foiled Paris Heist
DR Congo
At Least 19 Congolese Dead, 45 Wounded by Gunshot in Anti-Kabila Protests: UN
Clashes Between Police, Militia in Northwest Congo Kill 18
Congo Forces Kill Eight in Mining Hub During Anti-Govt Protests, NGO Says
300 Arrested as Anti-President Protests Subside in Congo
Release of 10,000 Detainees Announced by Ethiopia
Fistfight Breaks Out in Kenya Parliament
Gambia's Jammeh Defies African Leaders, Says He Will Not Step Down
Philippine Government Files Criminal Charges Against Duterte Critic
Philippines Publisher Killed After Article on Island Drugs Lab
Afghanistan Taliban: Five Dead in Attack on MP's House
No Presence of ISIS in Pakistan, Says PM Nawaz
Indonesian Police Kill Three Militant Suspects in Gunfight, Find Bombs
Thailand Seeks to Develop Military Production Facilities With China
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