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Updated January 4, 2017 - 11:11 PM EST
Assange: Russian Govt Not the Source of Leaks
  Assange Accuses Obama of Trying to 'Delegitimize' Trump
  Part 1 of Hannity's In-Depth Interview With Julian Assange
Syria Ceasefire Holds Amid Rebel Complaints
  Turkey Claims 18 ISIS Killed in Latest Push Into Syria's Al-Bab
  US Warplanes Fly Over ISIS' Syrian City of Al-Bab, but Don't Strike
  Airstrikes Target Nusra Front Building in North Syria, Killing 30
  Kidnapped Journalist Freed; 284 Killed in Iraq
Eastern Libyan Jet Attacks Rival Military's Plane
  East Libya Strongman Says No Talks Planned With Rival in West
Yemeni Troops Attack al-Qaeda, 26 Killed
Nixon Tried to Spoil Johnson's Vietnam Peace Talks in '68
Democratic Party Line Could Torch Civil Liberties... and Maybe Help Blow Up the World  by Norman Solomon
On Loving Another Country  by Andrew J. Bacevich
ISIS May Lose Mosul – but Not Much Will Remain  by Patrick Cockburn
The Abolition of Foreign Policy  by Justin Raimondo
Obama's Deadly Afghan Acquiescence  by Ray McGovern
WAPO's New 'Fake News' on Russian 'Hack'  by Annie Machon

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Trump's Tweets Aren't Stopping F35 Production at Lockheed Martin
A New Industry: Countering Unwanted Drones
Selfie Purportedly Shows Istanbul Nightclub Gunman
Britain's EU Envoy Abruptly Resigns Just Months Before Formal Brexit Talks
The War at Home
Pentagon Scraps Iraq, Afghan Enlistment Bonus Repayments
FBI: Accused Spy Has 'Vital' Intelligence on China
White House Rejects Trump's Request to Halt Guantanamo Transfers
Trump Team Seeks Agency Records on Border Barriers, Surveillance
GOP Senators Offer Bill to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Pentagon Expands Rail Gun Tests to Army Howitzer: 'You Have Really Changed Things'
Moscow Seeks Naval Drills as Russian Warships Visit Manila
Suspected Rebels Storm Philippine Jail, 132 Inmates Escape
North Korea
US Can Defend Itself From North Korea Missile Attack: Pentagon
US Not Aware North Korea Nuclear Capabilities Have Changed: White House
Violence in Pakistan Drops 45 Percent in 2016
Son of Murdered Pakistani Governor May Face Charges Over 'Offensive' Video
China Tightens Tibetan Border Security to Combat 'Separatism'
China Navy Confirms Carrier Conducted Drills in South China Sea
Hundreds of Afghan Shiites Protest ISIS Killings
Cuba Says 'Yes' to English as Tourism Flourishes
The Frightening Issue That Could Destroy Colombia's Peace Deal
Haiti Certifies Presidential Win for Businessman Candidate
Kidnapped Journalist Freed; 284 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Ramps Up Fight With Weaponized Drones
UK Soldier Died 'in Shooting Accident' in Iraq
Iraq PM Says Opponents Spreading Fake News of Bombings
Water Crisis in Syrian Capital as Government Attacks Valley
Forced Far From Home, Syrians Struggle to Start Over in Idlib
Turkish PM Says Expects New US Administration to Stop Giving Weapons to YPG Militia
Palestinians Face Budget Cuts After Sharp Fall in Foreign Funding
In Graft Inquiry, Netanyahu's Worst Enemy May Be Himself
Abbas Doesn't Expect Trump Will Move US Embassy to Jerusalem, Threatens Response if He Does
Israeli Mystery of Lost Babies Gets New Chapter: 200,000 Secret Records
Middle East
Two Foreign Nationals Detained at Istanbul Airport Over Nightclub Attack
Iran Activist Ends 71-Day Prison Hunger Strike as Wife Freed
Call to Centralize Security in Germany Broaches Postwar Taboo
German Police Raid Berlin Homes Connected to Market Attacker
Militant Who Denounced ISIS Faces Murder, War Crimes Charges in Germany
Libya Strongman Says Russia 'To Fight Arms Embargo'
Gambia's Electoral Commissioner Flees Country After Threats
Mozambique's Opposition Extends Ceasefire to Aid Peace Talks
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