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Updated January 7, 2017 - 10:41 PM EST
Spy Chief Cites Phantom Evidence on Hacking
  Trump Says Russia Hacking Investigation a 'Political Witch Hunt'
  US Spy Chief Presents Third-Party Debates as Proof RT Is Anti-US
Obama Dropped More Bombs in 2016 Than in 2015
  US Arms Makers Rake in Billions Replacing Bombs for US Air Wars
Gen. Mattis, Trump Transition Team Clash
  Obama-Appointed Ambassadors Must Resign by January 20
Russia in Syria Drawdown, Cites Ceasefire
US Marines Heading Back to Afghanistan
Philippines President Seeks Alliance With Russia
Top Senator: Trump Won't Tear Up Iran Deal
State Dept: Target of Strike That Killed Awlaki's Son Is Alive
Inquiry Points to a Pentagon Plot to Subvert Obama's Syria Policy  by Gareth Porter
A Nixon Strategy to Break the Russia-China Axis  by Doug Bandow
The GRU-Ukraine Artillery Hack That May Never Have Happened  by Jeffrey Carr
Avoiding Accidental Nuclear War  by Jon Basil Utley
It's Not Too Late for Two States in Palestine  by Uri Avnery
Azaria Exposed the Reality of Israel's Colonial Project  by Neve Gordon

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Suspected Airport Gunman Told FBI That CIA Was Forcing Him to Join ISIS
Family: Airport Shooting Suspect 'Lost His Mind' After Tour in Iraq
US Tanks Arrive for NATO Exercises in Eastern Europe
More US Troops Are Being Wounded in Iraq and Syria
288 Killed in Iraq; Most in Simultaneous Military Operations
American Military Advisers Have Entered Mosul at Times, US Official Says
Iraqi Forces Advance Against ISIS in Mosul Night Raid: Spokesman
ISIS Militants Kill Four Soldiers Near Iraq's Tikrit: Army, Police Sources
Amnesty Urges UK to Halt Arms Exports to Iraq
Syrian Rebels Deny Report of Ceasefire Near Damascus
Kurdish-Arab Forces Seize Strategic Syria Citadel From ISIS
Air Strike in Syria Kills Jihadist, Group Says
Russian Aircraft Carrier Is Called Back as Part of Syrian Drawdown
Turkish-Backed Forces Fighting Street Battles in Syria's Al-Bab: Defense Minister
Damascus Water Shortage Threatens Children, UN Says
Turkey Dismisses 6,000 More Workers in Post-Coup Crackdown
New Turkey Attack Kills Two as Istanbul Gunman Hunted
Turkey to Naturalize Syrian, Iraqi Migrants: Erdogan
Turkey Mails Bombed Parliament Debris in New Year Cards
Turkey Detains 18 People Over Izmir Attack, Sees PKK Responsible: Minister
In Istanbul District, Horror but Scant Surprise at Links to Nightclub Shooter
Israeli Police Shoot Palestinian Teen, Then Arrest Him After His Father Files Complaint
Trump Restores Power of Israeli Ambassador
Israel Cuts $6 Million in UN Funding Over Settlements Resolution
Most Israelis Want Pardon for Soldier Who Executed Wounded Palestinian Suspect
Middle East
Iranian Guard Member Killed in Clash With Rebels in SE Iran
Yemen's Houthis, Allies Strike Site Near Bab Al-Mandab
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
The War at Home
Trump to Seek Probe of Secret Report on Russian Hacking He Says Was Given to NBC
Hillary Clinton Target of Russia Hack Is 'Pretty Obvious': State Department
Official Report: Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections
US Used Cold War-Era Statute to Prosecute Taiwanese-American Nuclear Engineer
Gunmen Attack Hazara Miners in Afghanistan, Killing at Least 9
Despite Ban, Invasive Virginity Tests Remain Prevalent in Afghanistan
Clock Running Down on Pakistani Military Courts Trying Civilians on Terror Charges
Pakistan Makes Case for Indian Terrorism to UN
Bangladesh Police Kill Prime Suspect in July Cafe Attack
Migrant Death Toll Rises by a Third in 2016, Fueled by Mediterranean Drownings
Arrivals of Migrants to EU by Sea Two-Thirds Lower in 2016: Frontex
Ex-Republican Party Head Barbour to Lobby US for Ukraine
Scotland Says Could Put Secession on Hold if UK Avoids 'Hard Brexit'
Captured Greek Far-Left Militant on Hunger Strike Over Son
Nigeria Militants Say Readying Fighters to Hit 'Enemy' in Niger Delta
Nigerian Military Arrests 1,400 Boko Haram Suspects in 8 Days: Official
Ivory Coast Uprising by Disgruntled Soldiers Spreads to Other Cities
West African Leaders to Take 'Major Decision' on Gambia, Nigeria Says
Drug Gang Kills 33 Inmates in Brazilian Jail
Two Men Killed on Beach in Mexico Resort of Acapulco
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