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Updated January 11, 2017 - 11:27 PM EST
Leaked Doc Claims Russia Has Trump 'Blackmail'
  Christopher Steele, Ex-British Intel Officer, Prepared Dossier on Trump
  FBI Sought FISA Warrant to Surveil Trump Campaign Officials
  Senators Push Broad New Russia Sanctions Over 'Election Hacks'
  Russian Embassy, UK Foreign Office Trade Accusations of Plots
Iraqi PM Calls for Turkish Forces' Withdrawal
  Growing Civilian Casualties as Iraq Slowly Advances in Mosul
  Kurds Not Invited to Syria Peace Talks
Iran Defuses Risk to Nuclear Deal Over Sanctions
The Crimes of SEAL Team 6
Five Killed as Air Strike Hits Near Yemen School
Obama Puts Chelsea Manning on List for Commutation
Who's More Anti-American, Russia Today or the US Intel Chief?  by Thomas Knapp
The Burn Pits: Poisoning US Soldiers  Review by H. Patricia Hynes
Watch How Casually False Claims Are Published  by Glenn Greenwald
Where's the Evidence?  by Justin Raimondo
The Drone President  by Abigail R. Hall Blanco
Dems About to Do a 180 on Foreign Policy  by Michael Brendan Dougherty

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Bill Perry Is Terrified.
Why Aren't You?

by John F. Harris & Bryan Bender
New UN Secretary-General Calls for 'Whole New Approach' to Prevent War
Scotland Locks Horns With British PM Over Brexit
Why You Shouldn't Trust Geek Squad Ever Again
UK Exported 500 Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia in 1980s, Admits MoD
Mosul's Wounded Show Up in Kurdish Hospitals; 85 Killed in Iraq
Russian, Turkish Foreign Ministers Stress Need to Maintain Syrian Ceasefire
Two Turkish Soldiers Reported Lost in Syria Have Died
Turkish Police Kill Would-Be Suicide Bomber in Southeast: Security Official
Anxiety in Istanbul After Series of Extremist Attacks
Turkey's Parliament Votes to Press on With Constitutional Reform Debate
Secretary of State Pick Tillerson Expressed Interest in Iran Deals in 2016
Huge Crowd Bids Farewell to Iranian Ex-President Who Fell Out With Supreme Leader
Australian Football Coach Kidnapped in Yemen Appears in New Ransom Video
US May Hold Fire on North Korea ICBM Test to Get Intel, if No Threat
US Marines Send F-35 Stealth Fighter Squadron to Japan
Seven Dead in Blast in Afghan City That Wounds UAE Ambassador
Pirates Attack Fishing Boat in Philippine South, Eight Killed: Coast Guard
US Names Indonesian Group as Terrorist Organization
'There Are No Homes Left': Rohingya Tell of Rape, Fire and Death in Myanmar
Chinese Bomber Flies Round Contested Spratlys in Show of Force: US Official
Venezuela President Threatens Opposition Over 'Coup'
Daniel Ortega Sworn in for 3rd Term as Nicaragua's President
American Charged With Attempted Murder of US Diplomat in Mexico
The War at Home
Intel Chairman Questions Why DNC Denied FBI Access to Investigate Russian Hacking
Russia Hacked Republican State Campaigns but Not Trump's: FBI Head
US Jewish Centers Hit With 16 Bomb Threats in One Day
US Military Seeks Biodegradable Bullets That Sprout Plants
Obama Says Israeli Settlements Making Two-State Solution Impossible
PLO Threatens to Revoke Recognition of Israel if US Embassy Moves to Jerusalem
Netanyahu Seeking to Bury Bill Legalizing Israeli Landgrab of Private Palestinian Lands
Israeli Troops Kill Knife-Wielding Palestinian in West Bank Raid
Israel Buries 4 Soldiers, but the Mourning Is Marred by Discord
Details of Bribery Deal Netanyahu Negotiated With Media Mogul Revealed
TV Report: Trump's Ambassador Could Work From Jerusalem, With Embassy Still in Tel Aviv
Saudi Arabia Unblocks Military Aid to Lebanon: Lebanese Source
Lebanese Army Arrests 1,852 Suspects in December
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Sinai Police Checkpoint
Libya Ramps Up Oil Production, Threatening OPEC Plans
Gambia Election Ruling Delayed for Several Months
Kenya Detains Two Suspected Members of Somali Islamist Group
Tunisia Democratic Transition 'Blocked': Electoral Chief
Somali Islamists Kill Man and Teenager for Gay Sex, Another Man for Spying
Tensions Rise Over Still Unpaid Bonuses to Ivory Coast Mutineers
German Politicians Demand New Deportation Centers, More Police Powers and Re-Vetting of Migrants
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