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Updated January 17, 2017 - 11:26 PM EST
Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence
  Obama Positions Edward Snowden as Worse Than Manning
US Marines Deployed to Russia Border in Norway
  German FM: NATO 'Concerned' Trump Says Alliance Is Obsolete
  Russia: 'Too Early to Comment' on Trump's Sanctions/Nuke Cuts Offer
Nigerian Air Force Kills 100 Civilians by Accident
Syrian Rebels Will Attend Monday's Peace Talks
Trump's Navy Buildup Would Be a Budget-Breaker
UN Reports Yemen Death Toll Has Passed 10,000
Kerry: Trump Shouldn't Comment on Other Nations’ Policies
Overstated Threat From China's Lone Aircraft Carrier  by Ivan Eland
Final Expansion of Surveillance State as Obama Heads for the Door  by Scott Shackford
Obama Belatedly Says No to Israel  by Marjorie Cohn
Russia, Trump, and Flawed Intelligence  by Masha Gessen

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Martin Luther King Was Targeted by the NSA
Oman Accepts 10 Detainees Released From Guantanamo
Head of MI6 Used Content of Trump Dossier in First Public Speech
Berlin Minister Quits Under Pressure Over Stasi Past
Netanyahu: I Will Lead the Country Many More Years
The War at Home
Wife of Orlando Massacre Shooter Arrested
Despite Trump's Latest Threat, BMW Won't Budge on Mexican Plant
US Border Officials Are Illegally Turning Away Asylum Seekers, Critics Say
Trump Reportedly Confirms Kushner to Serve as Mideast Peace Broker
Air Force: PTSD, Other Factors Led Airman to Kill Commander, Self Last Year
Britain Will Not Seek 'Half In, Half Out' EU Deal: PM May
UK Labor Party Chief Accused of Being Russian 'Collaborator' for Questioning NATO Troop Build-Up on Border
Trump Criticizes NATO and Hopes for 'Good Deals' With Russia
Serbia Wants to Annex Part of Kosovo Using 'Crimea Model': President
In Response to Trump, France's Hollande Says EU Needs No Advice From Outsiders
Council of Europe Calls on Slovenia to Reject Some Amendments on Migrants
Northern Ireland Sets March 2 Election After Government Collapse
Cambodia Suspends Annual Military Drill With United States
Dozens Dead as Turkish Jet Crashes Into Kyrgyzstan Homes
China Will 'Take Off the Gloves' if Trump Continues on Taiwan, State Media Warns
Japan Pledges Boats to Vietnam as China Dispute Simmers
South Korea Says Securing THAAD Location Could Be Delayed
Used to Whizzing Bullets, Kashmir Border Farmers Now Hit by Drought
President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines Criticized Over Martial Law Warning
Six Severed Heads Found in Southern Mexico, Authorities Say
Mexican Sues Honduras for Detention After Activist's Murder
NATO Without US Means Canada Will Have to Do More, Says Committee Chair
US, Cuban Interior Ministry Sign Law-Enforcement Deal
Brazil in Grip of Successive Prison Riots
Colombia Arrests Ex-Presidential Candidate's Bodyguard
Costa Rica Sues Nicaragua Over Alleged Territory Violation
Jonah's Tomb Captured in Mosul; 50 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS Near Tigris River in Mosul
Trapped by War, Mosul Residents Bury Their Dead Wherever They Can
ISIS Stage Fierce Attack on Syrian Army Enclave
Russia Discusses Syria Peace Talks With UN Deputy Special Envoy
Istanbul Reina Nightclub Attack Suspect Captured
Istanbul Nightclub Attack Involved an Intelligence Organization: Deputy PM
Roadside Bomb in Southeast Turkey Kills Three Police Officers: Security Sources
17-Year-Old Palestinian Killed by Israeli Army Fire in Clashes Near Bethlehem
West Bank Military Court Verdicts Now Admissible in Israel
Netanyahu Slams 'Unprecedented' Media Campaign Amid Graft Probe
Hamas to Release Protesters Arrested in Electricity Demos
Qatari Fuel Arrives in Gaza, Helping to Ease Power Crisis
Bahrain Suspends Online Version of Opposition-Linked Newspaper
Bahrain Summons Iraqi Ambassador to Protest VP Remarks on Executions
Middle East
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Killing of Jordan Army Officer
Former US Officials Urge Trump to Talk With Iranian MEK Group
Eight Killed in Attack on Police Checkpoint in Egypt's Western Desert
Egyptian Court Rejects Transfer of Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Mutineers Reach Deal Amid Fears of Renewed Revolt
Ivory Coast Police Fire Teargas to Disperse Protesting Students
At Least Two Dozen Dead in Ethnic Clashes in SE Congo
Professor, Child Killed in Two Suicide Bombing in Nigeria's NE
Darfur Rebel Groups Retreat to Libya, South Sudan: UN Report
UN Report Says Numerous Abuses Have Occurred in South Sudan
Zimbabwe Priest Held Over Mugabe Death Prophecy
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