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Updated January 31, 2017 - 10:01 PM EST
Syria Warns US Safe Zones Would Be Unsafe
  Syrian Rebel Group Withdraws From Ceasefire
  ISIS Attacks Syrian Military Airport, Kills 14 Soldiers
Pentagon Defends Yemen Killings
  US Drone Strike Kills Two 'al-Qaeda Suspects' in Southern Yemen
Many Officials Ignore Trump's Ban, Court Rulings
  Iraqi Parliament Votes in Favor of Banning Americans
  Trump Fires Acting Attorney Gen. for Resisting Immigration Order
US Accuses Iran of Testing a Ballistic Missile
12 Killed in 2 Days as E. Ukraine Fighting Tests Ceasefire
Trump Pick Aims to Tame EU 'Like He Brought Down USSR'
Suspect in Quebec Mosque Attack Is White Nationalist
Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister.  by Glenn Greenwald
Why the US Shouldn't Back Kurdish Independence  by Daniel Larison
Trump Quiets Some Russian Doubts  by Gilbert Doctorow
Lifting Sanctions Against Sudan Will Battle Terrorism and Improve Human Rights  by Doug Bandow

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Apple Said to Be Removing Iranian IOS Apps From the App Store
Feds Drop Riot Charges Against 3 More Journalists
Solomon Islanders Struggle With Lethal Legacy of WWII
Mexico Sees Signs of US Change on Wall Payment
New Iraqi Defense, Interior Ministers Sworn In; 82 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi General Who Works With American Military Kept From Visiting US
Iraq Asks Trump Administration to 'Reconsider' Travel Ban
14 Syrian Soldiers Killed in ISIS Assault Near Damascus
Russian Bombers Strike ISIS in Syria
Jailed Turkish Journalists Are Still Awaiting Indictment
Turkey Puts Gulen, 269 Others on Trial
Turkish Soldiers in Extradition Row Seek Release From Greek Police Custody
Two Pro-Kurdish Lawmakers in Turkey Arrested on Terrorism Charges
Two Killed in Attack on Saudi Warship Off Yemen
Rockets Hit UN Yemen Ceasefire Office in Saudi Arabia
Israel Postpones Vote on Bill Legalizing Settlement Outposts
Israel's Hard-Liners Want to 'Go Big': Annex a Settlement
Palestinians Slam UN Chief's Remarks on Jewish Ties to Temple Mount
Israel Fears Citizens Who Fled Muslim Lands May Be Banned by US
Netanyahu, Trump to Meet February 15; Netanyahu Vows to Urge New Sanctions on Iran After Missile Test
France, Worried by Trump, Promises to Defend Iran Nuclear Deal
Two More Missing Pakistani Activists Return
Pakistan Orders House Arrest for Alleged Brain of 2008 Mumbai Attacks
Powerful Afghan Governor Pushes for Role on National Stage
Indonesia Names Islamist Leader a Suspect for Insulting State Ideology
Austrian Coalition Pledges Face Veil Ban, Curbs on Foreign Workers
Immigration Ban
State Dept Staff Lodge Official Complaint About Travel Ban
Trump Administration Threatens Dissenting Government Officials: 'Get With the Program, or Go'
Trump Administration to Allow 872 Refugees Into US This Week: Document
Australia, US Agree to Deal Exempting Australian Citizens From Travel Ban
UN Rights Chief Says Trump's Travel Ban Is Illegal
Attorney: Seven Detained After Disembarking Cruise at Port Canaveral
Secretary of Homeland Security Found Out About Trump's Muslim Travel Ban by Watching TV
Pentagon Making List of Iraqis Who Worked Alongside US Forces Affected by Travel Ban
The Wat at Home
Trump Adding CIA Back to National Security Council: White House
US Army Seeks to Cement Trump's Promise to Stick by NATO
Trump: Decision on Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Expected in 'Not-Too-Distant Future'
Suspect Is Held in Quebec Mosque Shooting That Killed Six
Canada Mosque Shooter Called Police to Surrender After Attack
Canadian Police Patrol Mosques, Reach Out to Muslims After Attack
Mexico Welcomes US Idea to Make Drug Cartels Fund Wall
Mexico Earmarks $50 Million to Back Migrants in US
17 Colombian Civil Leaders 'Massacred': Officials
Colombia's FARC Rebels March One Last Time, to Demobilization Camps
Turkey Reopens Embassy in Libya, Vows to Support Unity Efforts
EU Boosts Libya Coastguard Training to Stem Migrant Flow
Morocco to Rejoin African Union Despite Western Sahara Dispute
Military Helicopters Crash in Eastern Congo, Four Crew Missing
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