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Updated February 5, 2017 - 11:28 PM EST
US to Deploy Navy Destroyer Off Yemen Coast
  Pentagon Withdraws Decade-Old Video 'Netted in Yemen Raid'
Trump: I Won't Be as 'Kind' to Iran as Obama
  Trump Imposes New Sanctions on Iran Over Missile Test
  Iranians Fear Trump's Threats Portend War, or Economic Isolation
  Trump Is Following Obama's Lead on Sanctions Against Iran
Graham, McCain Visit Ukraine Troops, Urge Offensive
  Russia: Ukraine Violates Minsk Deal, Geneva Conventions in Shelling
US Appeals Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump Travel Ban
Eight Afghan Police Killed in Insider Attack
Israel Interprets US Settlements Statement as Green Light
Report: Elliott Abrams Will Be Deputy Secretary of State
Do Iran's Missile Tests Violate the Nuclear Agreement?  by Muhammad Sahimi
NATO Is Obsolete  by Ivan Eland
The Latest 'Fake' News Tizzy: Garbage In, Garbage Out  by Marcy Wheeler
The Trump Administration's Lies About Iran  by Daniel Larison
A Reprise of the Iraq-WMD Fiasco?  by James Carden
What Flynn Could Learn From Kerry About Iran  by Trita Parsi

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Bowling Green Massacre: Trump Aide Cites Nonexistent Attack
White House Investigates Leaks of Trump Calls
Trump's Pick for Army Secretary Drops Out
Mattis Says No Need for Dramatic US Military Moves in South China Sea
Machete-Wielding 'Terrorist' Shot Near Louvre
Immigration Ban
US Business Leaders Express Concerns to Trump About Travel Ban
Hill Republicans Revolt Over Trump's Plans to Build Border Wall
State Says Fewer Than 60,000 Visas Revoked Under Order
Seattle Judge Blocks Trump Immigration Order
US Federal Judge Blocks Donald Trump's 'Muslim Ban' in Michigan
Judge Orders White House to List All People Excluded by Trump Ban
DHS Walks Back Immigration Directives as Muslim Ban Chaos Continues
Former Norwegian PM Held at US Airport for Visiting Iran
US Officials Postpone Interviews With Asylum Seekers Held in Australian Camps
The War at Home
Buzzfeed Sued Over Its Publication of Uncorroborated Trump Dossier
Lockheed, Pentagon Announce $8.5 Billion F-35 Order
Lockheed Credits Trump's Involvement in Deal for 90 F-35 Jets
NSA Deputy Director Resigning This Spring
Diplomats: US Envoy Targeting UN Peacekeeping for Reform
US House Discusses Reaction to UN Anti-Settlement Resolution
Pilot Error Common Thread in 9 Recent Marine Corps Crashes: General
$1.5 Million Drone Lost During Training Mission at Fort Huachuca, Az
Army Reservist Sentenced to Home Confinement for Threats to Mosque Members
North Korea Accuses US of Plotting 'Pre-Emptive Attack'
US Warns North Korea of 'Overwhelming' Response if Nuclear Arms Used
US, South Korea Agree to Deploy THAAD This Year, South Says
North Korean Defector Was Chief Minder in London Embassy
'Hundreds of Rohingyas' Killed in Myanmar Crackdown
Myanmar Army Killed and Gang Raped Rohingya Muslims: UN
Inside the Rohingya Resistance: The Rebels Who Provoked Myanmar's Crackdown
Myanmar's Probe of Lawyer's Killing Beset by Leaks, Confusion
China Lashes Out at Mattis Remarks on East China Sea Islands
Trump Pick for China Ambassador Sees 'Win-Win' Boost to Trade Ties
China Official Says US Should Stop Using Dalai Lama to Stir Trouble: State Media
Philippines Scraps Communist Truce, Duterte Tells Troops 'Be Ready to Fight'
Kazakh Leader Demotes Ally Seen as Succession Candidate
Trump Administration Reviewing Cuba Policy: White House Spokesman
Mexico Sees 22 Percent Rise in Murders in 2016
Party of Haiti President-Elect Wins Majority of Parliament
Americans Still Dying
Navy SEAL From Peoria (IL) Killed in Yemen Recalled for His Drive, Humor
Iran Says US Expanding Medical Clearance List 'Inhumane'
US Treasury Says Iran Sanctions Aimed at 'Malign Activity Abroad'
New Iran Sanctions 'in Pipeline' Before Trump Took Office: White House
US Wrestlers Barred From Iran Competition in Response to Trump Travel Ban
ISIS Kidnap Women; 57 Killed in Iraq
Abadi Fends Off Calls by Iran Allies in Iraq to React to Trump Travel Ban
UN Sees Western Mosul Assault Driving Out 250,000 Civilians
Photos: ISIS Shows Friday Prayers in Occupied Mosul
Turkish, Coalition Jets Strike ISIS in Al-Bab, 47 'Neutralized': Turkish Army
Three Children Killed in Blast in Syria's Aleppo
Air Strikes Kill 12 Fighters in Syria's Idlib: Monitor
Russian Embassy in Damascus Shelled Twice, No One Hurt: Statement
Lebanese President Calls for Safe Zones in Syria for Refugees
Israel Hits Back at US: Settlement Expansion Is Not the Problem
Israeli Settler Group Shrugs Off White House Criticism
Palestinian Landowners Still Unsure if They Can Return to Their Land in Amona
Turkish Authorities Release Veteran Kurdish Politician After Two Months
Kremlin Says It Hopes Pro-Russian Ukrainian Rebels Have Enough Ammunition
Russia Seeks Suspended Sentence for Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny
Egypt's Ministry of Interior Confirms Paris Louvre Attack Suspect Is Egyptian: Security Sources
EU Founders Speak of Possible 'Multispeed' Future After Brexit
NATO Urges Kosovo, Serbia Leaders to Ease Tensions
Norway Picks Germany Over France in Race to Supply Submarines
Belarus Says Russia Made Oil Threat, Calls Border Plan a Political Attack
More Than 1,300 Migrants Rescued at Sea in One Day: Italy Coast Guard
US Conference on Libya Postponed Over Trump Travel Ban: Organizers
EU Leaders Ink Deal to Stem Refugee Flow From Libya
Nigeria: Military Speaks on 'Accidental Air Raid,' Says 112 Killed, 97 Injured
Congo Police Clash With Sect, Kill at Least Eight, Activists Say
Angola's Dos Santos Calls End to 38 Years in Power
Weekend Reviews
How the US War in Laos Was Key to the 'Birth of a Military CIA'
America's Secret War in Laos
Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Fight Over American Imperialism
Recalling 'People's Lawyer' Leonard Weinglass
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