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Updated February 6, 2017 - 11:03 PM EST
Deadly US Airstrikes: Thousands Unreported
  US Bombs ISIS-Held Town as Syrian Kurds Try to Advance
  Iraq Claims Dozens of ISIS Fighters Killed in Weekend Airstrikes
Republicans Denounce Trump for Not Condemning Putin
  Trump Pledges to Restore Peace Along Russia-Ukraine Border
White House Seen Backing Off Return of CIA Black Sites
US Appeals Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump Travel Ban
UN Lifts Sanctions on Afghan Warlord Hekmatyar
Mattis Slams Iran, but Says No Need for Troops Near Them
Trump's Foreign Policy: Obama's Third Term, Bush's Fifth  by Thomas Knapp
A Billion Dollars of Federally Funded Paranoia  by James Bovard
Secretary Mattis Should Stop Babying South Korea  by Doug Bandow
Trump and the End of Innocence  by Justin Raimondo
Now Who's the Enemy?  by Ira Chernus & Tom Engelhard
'Taking Down' British Officials  by Philip Giraldi

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Who Supplies
the News?

by Patrick Cockburn
Mapped: US Collective Defense Agreements
Report: Elliott Abrams To Be Deputy Secretary of State
China Accuses US of Risking Stability of Asia Pacific
Louvre Attacker Refuses to Speak to Investigators: Source
CIA Woman in Torture Controversy Vaulted to Number 2 Slot
Multiple Attacks in Diyala Province; 44 Killed in Iraq
NATO Increases Military Efforts in Iraq
At Former Jihadist Training Camp, Iraqi Police Face Drones, Crack Snipers
Assad Extends Amnesty Offer to Surrendering Rebels
Jordanian Air Force Targets ISIS in Southern Syria
Syrian Army Chips Away at ISIS on Several Fronts
Turkey Detains 450 ISIS Suspects in Nationwide Sweep
Kurdish Politician Urges 'New Peace Era' in Turkey After Jail
Iran: Uranium Shipment Will Give US 60% More Than Pre-Deal
Iran Lifts Ban on American Wrestling Team
Trump Sidelines Palestinians, as Aide Rules Out Building Ties for Now
White House Declines to Voice Support for Two-State Solution
Netanyahu Looks to Coordinate Settlement Bill's Passage With US
Thousands of Jews and Arabs March Together Against Racism and House Demolitions in Tel Aviv
Israel Not Paying to De-Mine Christian Holy Site
Hamas Reportedly Rejects Prisoner Swap Deal Offered by Israel
Senior Israeli Intel Officials Met With Trump Aides, Discussed Palestinian Issue
Middle East
UAE Soldier Killed in Yemen Military Campaign
UAE Soldier Killed in Military Training
Bomb Blast Hits Outside Bahraini Capital, No Casualties
In Cuba Visit, Colorado Governor Sees Government Desire to Work With Trump
About 300 Rebels From Colombia's FARC Have Not Demobilized, General Says
Four Kidnapped Honduras Teens' Bodies Found
The War at Home
Seattle Judge Derided by Trump Known for Conservative Views
Trump Cabinet Pick Paid by Controversial Iranian Exile Group
The Navy SEALs and Other Secretive Units Are Quietly Battling a Frightening Rise in Parachute Deaths
Trump's Claims of Saving Millions on F-35 Jet Untrue, Says Armed Services Committee Dem
Ukraine: Two Soldiers Wounded but Fighting Declines
Guns Fall Silent in Flashpoint Ukraine Town
Rebels in Ukraine Say Commander Is Killed in a Car Bombing
Trump Talks With Ukraine President About Russia Border Tension
Serb Bulldozers Demolish Wall in Kosovo's Divided City
'Half a Million' Attend Romania Protests
Split by 'Brexit,' May and Merkel Diverge on Wider Issues, Too
Scottish Independence Vote May Be Decided 'Within Weeks': Sturgeon Ally
After Ending Ceasefire, Philippine Leader Says Peace Talks Over Too
Philippine Catholic Church Slams 'Reign of Terror' Behind War on Drugs
Indonesian Women Being Radicalized Into Would-Be Suicide Bombers
Malaysian PM Sends Aid for Muslim Rohingyas in Myanmar
Polisario Mulls 'All Options' for West Sahara Independence
Law Used to Imprison Egyptians Draws Scrutiny
Sudan President Accuses Egypt of Backing Opponents
Libyans Intercept at Least 1,131 Migrants Off Western Coast in a Week: Coast Guard
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Trump and the End of Innocence

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Banning Refugees From Countries America Destroyed Is Wrong

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Need To Reorganize US Spy Agencies

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Peres' Disputed Funeral

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Shimon Peres and the 9/11 Attacks

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Do Orcs Love Their Children Too?

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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