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Updated February 10, 2017 - 9:34 PM EST
Trump Nixes Elliott Abrams for State Dept. Job
Settlement Growth 'Not Good for Peace': Trump
Trump Changes Tack, Backs 'One China' Policy
General: 1000s More US Troops for Afghanistan
  Russia Urges Cooperation With NATO in Afghanistan
Senate Foreign Relations: Hard Line on Russia
  Russia Sees NATO Deployments in Baltics as a Threat
Syrian Islamists Vows to Escalate Attacks on Army
  Russian Airstrike Accidentally Kills Three Turkish Soldiers in Syria
  Pentagon: US Airstrike Kills Top al-Qaeda Figure, 10 Others in Syria
US Appeals Court Upholds Suspension of Trump Travel Ban
Trump Finalizes Order on Putting New Detainees at Gitmo
Pentagon Spending: Up, Up, and Away!  by William J. Astore
Hey, Wait a Minute, Trump's Fear-Mongering Isn't New  by James Bovard
Elliott Abrams Doesn't Belong at the State Department  by Doug Bandow
The Warlords of Kiev  by Justin Raimondo
Castigating Trump for Truth-Telling  by Robert Parry
US Hypocrisy on Election Meddling  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Giving Police More Authority
Trump Executive Order Sets Agenda for Police to Further Criminalize Protesters
NATO Allies Lock in US Support for Stand-Off With Russia
Ecuador Presidential Hopeful Promises to Evict Julian Assange From Embassy
Mass Graves Found in Anbar Province; 41 Killed in Iraq
Today in Mosul: Retaken Parts of ISIS Stronghold Return to Life
Iraq Puts Out Fires at Qayyara Oil Field in Northern Iraq: Ministry
More Drilling Planned for Kurdish North of Iraq
Trump May Turn to Arab Allies for Help With Israeli-Palestinian Relations
After Long Wait, Palestinians Make First Contact With Trump Administration
Palestinian Opens Fire in Israeli Market, Injuring Four: Police
Israel Issues Talking Points on Law Concerning Seizure of Palestinian-Owned Land
Israeli Arab Beaten by Passersby Who Mistook Him for a Terrorist
ISIS-Linked Group Claims Rocket Attack on Israeli Resort
Israeli Man Indicted for Trying to Cross Into Gaza
Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest Military Service
Middle East
Bipartisan Group of Senators Demand Yemen Briefing
US VP Pence Heralds 'New Day' in Relations With Turkey: Turkish PM's Office
The New Iraq
Eastern Forces Strike Base in Central Libya as Rival Groups Clash in Tripoli
EU Reaches Out to Russia to Broker Deal With Libyan General Haftar
Support Growing for Amending Libya Govt Leadership: UN Official
More Than 700 Protest Against Government in Nigerian Capital
Kenyan Closure of Dadaab Refugee Camp Blocked by High Court
UN Expert: Tunisia Must Speed Up Reviews of Terror Cases
Egypt Shuts Torture Victims Treatment Center: Lawyer
Ghana Presidential Fleet 'Missing 200 Cars'
Brawl in South Africa's Parliament as Opposition EFF Lawmakers Ejected
Paris Unveils Glass Wall to Protect Eiffel Tower
French MPs Clear Way for Payouts to Atomic Test Victims
Two Arrested in Central Germany on Suspicion of Plotting Attack
Germany to 'Speed Up Deportation' of Failed Asylum Seekers
The War at Home
Pentagon Journal Explores What Would Happen if a President Called for Muslim Internment Camps
Trump Travel Ban Lawsuits Pile Up
Trump Border 'Wall' to Cost $21.6 Billion, Take 3.5 Years to Build: Internal Report
9th Circuit Court of Appeal Denies Stay 3-0 (.pdf)
White House Says It's Investigating Leaks
Canadian Woman Denied Entry to US After Muslim Prayers Found on Her Phone
US, China Military Planes Come Inadvertently Close Over South China Sea
China 'Beefing Up Military' on Disputed Islands in the South China Sea, Says US Think Tank
China's Response to THAAD Does Not Warrant South Korean Action: Minister
China to Take Fingerprints of Foreign Visitors as Security Step
Shifting Afghan Frontlines Make Aid Work Harder, More Dangerous
Gen. John Nicholson: Russian Involvement in Afghanistan Becoming 'More Difficult'
ISIS Links to Philippine Militants 'Very Strong': Minister
Increasing Opposition in Philippines to War on Drugs: UN Official
Aid Ship to Help Rohingyas Arrives in Myanmar, Greeted by Protest
Bangladesh Says Stopping Rohingya Militants, Allowing 'Helpless' Refugees
Trump Opposes Undermining Japan's Control of Disputed Islands: US Official
Strategy to 'Destroy' North Korea Missiles to Be Applied During Exercises
Kremlin Says East Ukraine Unlikely to Be Part of Deal With Trump
Boris Johnson, British Foreign Secretary, Drops Dual US Citizenship
Ireland Asks EU for Invisible Post-Brexit UK Border
Hungary to Put Asylum-Seekers in Border Container Camp
Over 100 Dead in Brazil as Police Strike Spurs Chaos
UN Considering Removing Military Peacekeepers From Haiti: Official
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