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Updated February 11, 2017 - 12:55 PM EST
Trump Nixes Elliott Abrams for State Dept. Job
Syria Islamists Make Quick Gains on Rival Rebels
  Russia Stopped Battle Between Syrian Troops, Turkey-Backed Rebels
  Assad Rejects Safe Zones, Would Welcome US Troops
  Turkey, Russia Offer Different Explanations for Botched Airstrike
Trump: Iran's Rouhani 'Better Be Careful'
  CIA Details Use of Psychics in 1980 Iran Hostage Crisis
Saudis Strike Yemeni Port, Civilians at Risk
  Trump to Follow Up Yemen Raid by Helping Saudis Target Civilians
Settlement Growth 'Not Good for Peace': Trump
Trump Changes Tack, Backs 'One China' Policy
US Officials: Russia Might Send Snowden to US
Trump Won't Appeal Travel Ban to Supreme Court, For Now
The Imperial City Can't Stand the Truth About Its 'Bloody Hands'  by David Stockman
Trump's Foreign Policy at a Crossroads  by Robert Parry
The Yemen Raid and the Ghost of Anwar Al-Awlaki  by Haroro J. Ingram & Craig Whiteside
UK Complicit in the Yemen War  by Patrick Cockburn
NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, US Wars 'Promote Freedom and Democracy'  by Adam Johnson
'Isolationist' Trump Rattles His Saber  by Sheldon Richman

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Saudi Lobbyists Recruiting Veterans to Kill 9/11 Lawsuit
Greeks to Evacuate 75,000 to Defuse WWII Bomb
Suicide Bombers in Baghdad, Mosul; 39 Killed in Iraq
Pentagon Says It Targeted French Jihadist Kassim in Mosul Airstrikes
Iraqi PM Calls Trump, Seeks End to Ban
Syrian Dissident Says War 'Over' as States Cut Aid to Rebels
French Minister Fears 'Disappointment' in Syria Talks
Syria's Aleppo Takes First Tiny Steps Toward Recovery
Turkish PM Renews Call for Gulen Extradition in Meeting With CIA Director
Turkey's Erdogan Approves Constitutional Reform Bill, Paving Way for April Vote
UN: Yemen Fighting Displaced Tens of Thousands More People
Yemen Rebels Call on UN to Investigate Bombings, Dismiss Peace Envoy
Yemen's Wheat Stocks Will Run Out at End of March: UN
Police Said Weighing Whether to Accuse PM Netanyahu of Accepting Bribe
Palestine Writer Says Can't Go Home After Novel Banned
Middle East
Hundreds of Thousands Rally in Iran Against Trump as Rouhani Slams 'Threats' From US
Qatar Slaps Travel Ban on Rights Lawyer: NGO
Army Aviation Brigade Deploys to Afghanistan Minus Mechanics
Afghan Military Would Support More Foreign Troops: Official
Families of Victims of Philippines Drug Crackdown Win Legal Challenge
Nephew of Philippine President's Adviser Nabbed for Drugs
Trump Says US Committed to Japan Security, in Change From Campaign Rhetoric
Taiwan Says It Aims to Keep Strong Ties With US, China
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
The War at Home
Federal Agents Conduct Immigration Enforcement Raids in at Least Six States
Another Army Secretary Candidate Drops Out
Military-Grade Spy Gear Is Flooding Into Local Police Depts
Former CIA Analyst Sues Defense Department to Vindicate NSA Whistleblowers
Trump's Indonesian Business Partner Brags About His Access
AP Fact Check: Burning Tent Photo at Protest Site Is Fake
ISIS Shifts to Libya's Desert Valleys After Sirte Defeat
US Blocks Appointment of Former Palestinian PM as UN Envoy to Libya
Libya Mayors Say Europe's Migration Crisis Should Not Be Dumped on Them
Over 50 Killed by Army in Congo Clashes
Boko Haram Kills Seven Nigerian Soldiers in Ambush
Cameroon Police Kill Two in Protests in English-Speaking NW
African Nations Increasingly Silence Internet to Stem Protests
Tunisia Hands Ben Ali New Jail Term for Corruption
Ivory Coast Govt Pursues Bid to End Mutiny by Elite Troops
Putin Hails Slovenia's Offer to Host His Meeting With Trump
Court Orders Review of Jailed Anti-Putin Activist's Case, Says Law Applied Too Harshly
France Scraps Law Making Visits to Jihadi Websites an Offense
Four Arrested in Southern France for Planning a Paris Attack: Police
UK Drops Hundreds of Misconduct Claims Over Iraq, Afghan Wars
Germany: US Demand for More NATO Burden-Sharing Is 'Fair'
German, Dutch Militaries Agree to Deepen Cooperation: Source
Brazil Threatens Striking Police With Prosecution as Death Toll Tops 120
Mexican Government Rejects Findings of Misconduct in Missing Students Case
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Shimon Peres and the 9/11 Attacks

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