Suddenly everyone has discovered the existence of "fake news" – and, oddly, it's the purveyors of fake news who are screaming the loudest about it.

The mandarins of the mainstream media have no standing to accuse anyone of spreading fake news – because they're been the major source of it for many years.

Remember all those "news" stories on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post that proclaimed with certainty that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction"?

And more recently, we've had a flurry of stories about Russia supposedly infiltrating our electrical grid – which the Post had to retract. And how about that story claiming that over 200 websites, including and the Drudge Report, are "Russian propaganda"?

Our "news" media has been the War Party's handmaiden for as long as anyone can recall – and we've been debunking their war propaganda for over 20 years.

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Updated February 13, 2017 - 11:29 PM EST
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns
US Airstrikes Kill 22 Afghan Civilians in Helmand
  Afghan Forces Launch Another US-Backed Offensive Against ISIS
  Suicide Bomber Kills Seven in Southwestern Afghan City
  Afghan Watchdog SIGAR Publishes 'Gallery of Greed' Over Fraud
Erdogan: Turkey's End Goal in Syria Is Raqqa
  Turkey: 43 ISIS Fighters, Turkish Soldier Killed in North Syria
7 Killed, 100s Wounded as Protests Hit Baghdad
  Iraqi PM: Not Interested in Participating in 'Regional Conflict'
Pakistan: Deadly Bomb Blast Rocks Lahore
Saudi Warplanes Destroy Yemen House, Killing Six Civilians
Trump: Israeli Embassy Is Not Moving to Jerusalem
North Korea Tests Non-ICBM Missile, Claims Success
Lessons and Propaganda From the Botched Raid on Yemen  by William J. Astore
Amnesty International Stokes Syrian War  by Rick Sterling
The Imperative of Sino-American Accommodation  by Doug Bandow
Our 'Fake News,' and Theirs  by Justin Raimondo
The China Missile Crisis of 2018?  by Rajan Menon & Tom Engelhardt
The Big Forces of History  by Christopher Layne

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CIA Freezes Out Top Flynn Aide
For the US Army, 'Cyber War' Is Quickly Becoming Just 'War'
Report: Israel PM Envoy Helped Secure Islands Deal From Egypt to Saudi Arabia
ISIS Claims to Execute Five Egyptians for Spying
Somalia: Al-Shabaab Attacks Army Bases in Somalia, Two Killed
Somaliland Agrees to UAE Military Base in Northern Port
South Sudan
South Sudan General Quits, Cites Army Abuses and Ethnic Bias
UN: Refugees From South Sudan Cross 1.5m Mark
UN Air Strikes in Central African Republic Kill Several: Militia
East Libyan Forces Lose Helicopter With Two Crew: Officials
Sudanese Police Finds Explosive Material in Apartment After Blast
Germany Elects 'Anti-Populist' Steinmeier as President
Germany Says 91 Mosques Were Attacked in 2016
Germans Demonstrate Against Return of Failed Asylum Seekers to Afghanistan
World War II Bomb Removal in Greece Forces 72,000 From Homes
15,000 European Kurds Protest for Leader's Release

Northern Ireland's Peace Generation Frozen Out by Politics of War

Turkish Cypriots Decry Greek Cypriot Teachings on 1950 Vote
Thousands Continue Protests Against Government in Romania
Marchers Across Mexico Vent Anger Over Trump, and Their Own President
Peru Says Bid to Detain Fugitive Ex-President Stalled in US
ISIS Fighter Is First Australian Stripped of Citizenship
Heavy Fighting Near Tal Afar; 62 Killed in Iraq
Inter-Shi'ite Tension Mounts in Baghdad After Clashes
Rockets Hit Baghdad's Green Zone After Protests Turn Violent
Syria Rebels, Regime Invited to Talks Next Week in Kazakhstan
Hezbollah Supports Syria Ceasefire and Political Talks
Syrian Opposition Picks Delegation to Geneva Talks
Iran Allowing Syria-Bound Russian Planes to Use Airspace
Erdogan Curbs Criticism of Trump, Seeking Warmer Relationship
Turkey to Hold Referendum on Stronger Presidency on April 16
Helicopter Bombs Vehicle Amid Power Struggle in Yemen's Aden
UN Chief Affirms Full Support for Yemen Peace Envoy
Palestinians: Trump to Brief Abbas After Netanyahu Meeting
Israel Hails New Era at UN as US Blocks Palestinian From Key Post
'We Mustn't Get Into Confrontation With Trump,' Netanyahu Said to Warn Ministers
Three Israeli Soldiers Seriously Hurt in Northern Israel Car Accident
Middle East
Pakistani Man Killed in Houthi Projectile Attack on Saudi Border City
Iran Detains Eight 'Terrorists'
Pakistan's Senate Boycotts UN Event Over US Visa Delay
37-Nation Naval Exercises Begin in Pakistan
Seven Killed in Militant Battle in India's Kashmir
Mass Rally Against Christian Governor Ahead of Jakarta Vote
Philippines Dismisses About 100 Policemen for Using Drugs
Top Opposition Leader in Cambodia Resigns as Election Nears
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