Hardly a day goes by without the media headlining some conspiracy theory about how Russia is manipulating our politics. Or Russia is about to march on Paris. Or Russia is infiltrating our electrical grid – an actual "news" story the Washington Post had to retract.

And American "liberals" are the loudest Russophobes in the pack. They're on a witch-hunt tying their political enemies to the Kremlin – and demanding that we restart the cold war.

The War Party has found a new enemy. Yesterday it was Saddam Hussein: today it's Vladimir Putin. It's the same old story: we've seen all this before. But it's more dangerous, this time around. A new cold war with Russia could end in a hot war that would destroy all life on earth.

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Updated February 17, 2017 - 11:26 PM EST
Mattis: US, NATO to Escalate Fight Against ISIS
ISIS Allies Kill 150-200 Rival Rebels in N. Syria
  Pentagon Uses Depleted Uranium in Syria, After Saying It Wouldn't
Huge Baghdad Car Bomb Kills at Least 55
  Mosul to Be Completely 'Destroyed' in Battle to Free It From ISIS
  HRW: Looting, Destruction by Forces Fighting ISIS
NATO Seeks Further Buildup in Black Sea, Europe
  EU President: Don't Bow to US Demands on Military Spending
  Mattis: Little Doubt Russia Has Interfered in Some Elections
ISIS Suicide Attack on Pakistani Shrine Kills 75
Senate Narrowly Confirms Budget Chief Mulvaney
US Commits Nuclear Arsenal to Defend Japan, South Korea
Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemeni Mourners, Kill 10 Civilians
US Envoy to UN: US Committed to Two-State Solution
Mosul to Be Completely 'Destroyed' in Battle to Free It From ISIS  by Patrick Cockburn
German Intel Clears Russia on Interference  by Ray McGovern
Iran Hawks Already Scuttling Realism of Trump Administration  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Between a Rock and a Hard Place  by Justin Raimondo
A Dangerous Hysteria on Russia  by James W. Carden
As Korean Peninsula Gets Weirder US Should Head for the Exits  by Doug Bandow

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WikiLeaks: CIA Espionage Orders for the 2012 French Presidential Election
NATO European Allies to Jointly Buy Planes, Set Up New Elite HQ
Merkel Says Didn't Know Germany Spied on Allies
Rep. Chaffetz Wants Cops to Get a Warrant Before Snooping on Your Cellphone
The War at Home
Vice Admiral Robert Harward Declines Trump NSA Director Offer
Trump Nominee for Israel Envoy Heckled, Questioned at Senate
Trump Blasts 'Criminal' Leaks by Intelligence Agencies, Calls Flynn 'Wonderful'
SoCom Expects 'Iron Man' Suit Testing by Summer 2018
Trump Says US Media Reports Making It Hard to Strike Deal With Russia
Russian Foreign Minister Meets With Tillerson, Denies Interfering
Russia Warns US Against High-Handedness Ahead of Military Chiefs' Meeting
Rex Tillerson Says US Is Willing to Work With Russia – but Only if It Helps America
Tillerson Says US Expects Russia to Meet Ukraine Commitments
Putin Says Russian, US Intel Agencies Should Restore Ties
Merkel Testifies on NSA Spying Affair
Austria Sues Over 'Fraudulent' Eurofighter Deal
Cyprus Peace Talks Meeting Ends Abruptly, Blaming Ensues
Rival of Libya Unity Government Says to Rebuild Tripoli Airport
Libya Sends New Request for Military Training to NATO
Rebels Kill 32 People in Central African Republic Town: HRW
Algeria Army Kills Five Islamist Militants: Defense Ministry
Boko Haram Shoots at Military Helicopter, Wounds Airman
Nearly 15,000 Lost Children Seek Parents in Chaos of South Sudan's War
UN Wants to Negotiate With US, Canada to Resettle Rohingya Refugees
Venezuela Supreme Court Upholds Sentence for Opposition Leader
Mayhem in Baghdad as ISIS Strikes Again; 87 Killed in Iraq
After Mosul, Jihadist Threat to Iraq Will Grow: Kurdish Intelligence Official
Turkey Says US Not Insisting on Kurdish Role in Raqqa Operation
Syria Talks in Astana Facing Difficulties: Iran Delegate
Syrian Government Delegation Says Turkey, Rebels Aim to Disrupt Astana Talks
New UN Team Aims to Bring Syria War Crimes to Court
Assad Says Trump Travel Ban Targets Terrorists, Not Syria's People
Syrian Rebel Gets Life Sentence in Sweden for Mass Killing Caught on Video
Tillerson Denies Suggesting He Wants to Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal
American Wrestlers in Iran Welcomed With Roses and Selfies
Netanyahu's Far-Right Allies Hail US Shift on 'Two States'
PLO Official: Alternative to Two-State Solution Is 'Painful Bloodshed'
Palestine: Hamas Elects New Leader in Uncertain Time
Arab League, Egypt Say Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Needs Two-State Solution
Middle East
Tillerson Backs UN-Led Yemen Process, Wants Unfettered Aid
Turkey Steps Up Scrutiny on Muslim Migrants From Russia
Russia to Share Intelligence With Philippines, Train Duterte Guards
Philippine Senator Accuses Duterte of Stashing Millions of Dollars
Third Suspect Arrested in Malaysia Over Kim Murder
Pakistan Raids Hideout of Militants Behind Surge of Attacks; Six Dead
Myanmar Says Military Operation in Troubled Rakhine Has Ended
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