The paranoia about Russia has gotten totally out of hand. It's like we're living in a remake of "Dr. Strangelove."

Hardly a day goes by without the media headlining some conspiracy theory about how Russia is manipulating our politics. Or Russia is about to march on Paris. Or Russia is infiltrating our electrical grid – an actual "news" story the Washington Post had to retract.

And American "liberals" are the loudest Russophobes in the pack. They're on a witch-hunt tying their political enemies to the Kremlin – and demanding that we restart the cold war.

The War Party has found a new enemy. Yesterday it was Saddam Hussein: today it's Vladimir Putin. It's the same old story: we've seen all this before. But it's more dangerous, this time around. A new cold war with Russia could end in a hot war that would destroy all life on earth.

The danger is real, and growing. That's why your support for is more necessary than ever. Stand with us against World War III.

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Updated February 20, 2017 - 10:22 PM EST
Gen. McMaster Named National Security Adviser
US to Send 1,000 Troops to Poland to 'Deter Russia'
  Sen. Graham: 2017 Is the 'Year of Kicking Russia in the Ass'
  US Nuke-Capable Submarine Missiles Tested Off California Coast
Trump: Gulf States Will Pay for Syria Safe Zones
  Race to Raqqa Puts ISIS Enemies at Odds With One Another
  Syrian Rocket Fire Hits Funeral Near Damascus, Kills 16 Civilians
Iraq's Mosul Offensive Puts Civilians at Grave Risk
  Iraq Announces Start of West Mosul Invasion, Seizes Villages
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Sen. Rand Paul Warns Trump Against John Bolton for NSC
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Senators Seek Sanctions Against Iran Over Missile Tests
'We're a Nation at War'  by William J. Astore
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Two PKK Terrorists Killed in Southeastern Turkey
Turkish PM, US Vice President Discuss Improving Ties: Sources
Turkey Detains 26 People After Car Bomb, Governor Says PKK Responsible
Pence: US Will 'Never' Allow Iran to Threaten Israel With Nukes
Iran Minister Who Oversaw Plane Deals Survives No-Confidence Vote
United Arab Emirates
UAE Expects to Award $5.4 Billion Deals at Defense Fair: Expo Says
Trump's Defense Chief Visits UAE in First Middle East Trip
Australia, UAE to Explore Deeper Defense Ties, $1 Billion in Sales
Ambassador Dermer to Liaison With White House on Pollard
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Kerry Offered Netanyahu Peace Plan in Secret 2016 Summit With Al-Sissi, King Abdullah
Netanyahu Admits Attending Secret Peace Summit
Report: ISIS Claims Israeli Drone Attack Killed Four Terrorists in Sinai
Gaza Doctor Seeks Justice in Israeli Court
Hamas Condemns Six 'Informants for Israel' to Death by Hanging
Lebanon President Issues Warning to Israel in Spat Over Hezbollah
North Korea
North Korean Officials Are Planning to Come to US for Talks, but Preparations Just Got Trickier
China Says Understands South Korean Need for Security, Still Opposes Missiles
US Pushes Beijing to Keep Up Pressure on North Korea
China to Suspend Coal Imports From North Korea
Report: Video Footage Shows Attack on Kim Jong Nam
Four North Korean Suspects Fled Malaysia After Airport Murder
Former North Korean Spy Says Kim Jong Nam's Alleged Assassins Look to Be Amateurs: Media
US Deploys Carrier to Contentious South China Sea
China Stages Another Mass Anti-Terror Rally in Xinjiang
A Wave of Terrorist Bombings Tests Pakistani Resolve
Pakistan Shuts Border Crossings Into Afghanistan After Shrine Attack
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Thousands Rally in Malaysia to Back Islamic Penal Code Bill
Thousands March Against Duterte's War on Drugs
Myanmar Soldiers Injured in Clash With Militants in Troubled Rakhine
Sri Lanka Arrests Soldiers Over Journalist's Abduction During War
Mexico: Five Dead Bodies Dumped Along Highway in Veracruz State
Cuba Says United States Has Deported 117 Cuban Migrants Since Policy Shift
US Calls on Venezuela to Release More Than 100 'Prisoners of Conscience'
Honduras: Indigenous Community Leader Slain by Gunmen
Trump Administration
Senior Trump NSC Appointee Fired After Critical Comments
New US Travel Ban to Spare Green Card Holders: Trump Official
Trump Cites (Nonexistent) Attack in Sweden
Trump Proposes Checking Chinese Visitors
F-35's Top Officer Questioned Over Call With Trump, Boeing CEO
Can a 'Comparable' Super Hornet Steal Orders From the F-35c?
Trump Eyes 'Big Order' of New F/A-18XT Super Hornets
The War at Home
Navy Submarine Launches Four Ballistic Missiles Off California Coast
Electronic Media Searches at Border Crossings Raise Worry
US Military Is Looking to Add AI to Its Cyber Defense
140 Somali Refugees Settled in US After Court Suspends Ban
Denver Slaying Suspect Supports ISIS
'Blind Sheik', Spiritual Leader for Generation of Islamic Militants, Dies in American Prison
Military Jets Intercepting Unresponsive Plane Source of 'Sonic Boom' in Florida
Ukraine Truce Renewed at Munich Security Conference
Five Arrested in Kiev Clash Between Nationalists, Police
A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates
Pence Underscores Support for Ukraine in Poroshenko Meeting
Powers Push for Ceasefire, Weapons Withdrawal in Eastern Ukraine
Russia Now Recognizes Ukrainian Rebel Documents, Passports
Expect More Fake News From Russia, Top NATO General Says
Pence Says US to Hold Russia Accountable, Stand With NATO
Lavrov Denies Russian Hacking to Influence Elections
Antiwar Protesters Turn Out for Munich Security Conference
Pressure on Germany to Increase Defense Spending for NATO
Merkel to Security Summit: Islam Is Not the Source of Terror
Germany's Merkel Wants to Discuss Cyber Attacks With Russia
UK, Germany Plan Post-Brexit Military Roadmap
Pence and Merkel Embrace NATO but Differ on Transatlantic Partnership
Washington PR Offensive Fails to Quell Europe's Anxiety Over Trump
US Role 'Necessary' in Baltic Air Defense: Lithuania
Sweden Baffled by Supposed Terror Attack
160,000 Join Pro-Refugee Protest in Barcelona
Turkish Cypriot Leader: Fix Trust First, Peace Talks Later
Bosnia to Appeal Against 2007 Ruling That Cleared Serbia of Genocide
Suicide Bomb in Somali Market Kills 39
Islamic Extremists Denounce Somalia's New President
DR Congo
Congo-Kinshasa: Militiamen Kill 25 Civilians in Ethnic Attack
Congo Probes Video Showing Apparent Massacre by Soldiers
South Sudan
Two Top Officials in South Sudan's Military Courts Resign, Rebuke Government
South Sudan Violence Leads 60,000 to Flee, UN Says
ISIS Posts Video of Man It Says Was Egypt Church Bomber
Robert Mugabe Could Contest Election as Corpse, Says Wife
Libya's Seraj Sees Russia as Possible Intermediary With Eastern Commander
Kenya Arrests Two Suspected ISIS Recruits Deported From Turkey
Gambia: Adama Barrow Sworn-In on Home Soil as President
Explosion at Colombia Bullring Injures 30: Officials
Last of Colombia's FARC Rebels Complete Move to Demobilization Zones
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