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Updated February 22, 2017 - 11:18 PM EST
Centcom Chief: US Needs More Troops in Syria
  Suspected US Airstrikes Kill 11 Syrian Civilians
  CIA Arms for Syria Rebels Frozen Amid Infighting
  Syrian Kurds Enter Deir Ezzor Province, Aiming to Surround Raqqa
  Turkey: 44 ISIS Fighters Killed in North Syria Operations
Israelis Blame Obama for 2016 Summit Failure
  Israeli Soldier Gets 18 Months for Killing Helpless Palestinian
  Egypt Aims to Restore Hamas Ties With Eye on Stabilizing Sinai
China May Be Pressing US to Talk With North Korea
Mission Unaccomplished, 15 Years Later  by Danny Sjursen & Tom Engelhardt
Israel Interferes in Our Politics All the Time, and It's Never a Scandal  by Philip Weiss
Mystery Surrounds Guantanamo Detainee's 'Suicide'  by Jeffrey Kaye
US Troops Don't Belong in Syria  by Doug Bandow
The West's Moral Hypocrisy on Yemen  by Jonathan Marshall
Fallacies of the Anti-Islam Crowd  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Lawyer: Portugal to Extradite Ex-CIA Agent to Italian Jail
Bahrain Lawmakers Approve Military Trials for Civilians
US Global Arms Sales Surge; China Emerges as Top-Tier Supplier
Lawmakers to Trump: End Unchecked War Powers
Civilians Flee Renewed Fighting in Mosul; 154 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Fighting ISIS Set to Storm Airport, Clear Way to Western Mosul
Iraqi Forces on Mosul Hilltop Gird for Fierce Fight Ahead
ISIS Suicide Bomber Was Briton Freed From Guantanamo
Drug Shortages and Malnutrition in Mosul
ISIS Linked Group Expands Foothold in S. Syria Near Israel
Geneva Talks to Encompass Syrian Transition Process: UN
Under Pressure in Iraq, ISIS Fighters and Weapons Flood Into Southern Syria
Arab and Kurdish Fighters Close in on ISIS Syria Stronghold Raqqa
Syrian Jets Hit Idlib Towns After Rebels Fire at Shi'ite Villages
Regional Rivals Iran, Turkey Trade Barbs Over Syria
Forced Back to Syria? Jordan's Unregistered Refugees Fear Deportation
PM: Turkey Sees New US Administration More Understanding on Gulen
Kurdish Party Co-Chair Loses Her Seat in Turkish Parliament
Hebron Shooting: 'Palestinian Kids Get Harsher Sentences for Throwing Stones'
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Rocket Attack on Israel
Elor Azaria Verdict: 'No Justice for Palestinians'
Sentencing of Israeli Soldier in Shooting Deepens Fissures
Palestinian Journalist Released After 10 Months in Israel Jail
How Israel Became a Leader in Cyber Security and Surveillance
Demonstrators in Ramallah Protest Trump Policies on Israel-Palestinian Conflict
China Opposes US Naval Patrols in South China Sea
Tillerson Affirms Importance of Constructive China Ties: State Dept
Region in China's Restive Xinjiang to Track Vehicles as Anti-Terror Measure
Afghan Troops Surround Vice President's Compound in Kabul Standoff
Pakistan Shells Border With Afghanistan as Tensions Rise Over Terrorist Attacks
Pakistan Moves Heavy Artillery to Afghan Border
Suicide Bombers in Pakistan Kill Five in Attack on Court
Malaysia Says Still to Establish What Killed Kim Jong Nam
Malaysian PM Says North Korean Envoy Was Diplomatically Rude
Philippine Senator Urges Cabinet to Stop 'Sociopathic Serial Killer' Duterte
Runoff Likely in Ecuador's Presidential Election, With Most Votes Counted
Colombia FARC Rebels to Start Disarmament Process
Mass Funeral Held for 20 Haitians Who Died in Dismal Prison
Bolivian Coca Farmers Clash With Police Over Output Curb
Cuba Blocks Chilean, Mexican Former Officials From Entry
The War at Home
Trump Picked New National Security Advisor Because of Tom Cotton's Recommendation
Here's How Trump's New National Security Advisor Differs From the Ousted Flynn
Trump to Leave Protections for US 'Dreamer' Migrants
Medical Examiner: Death of Russian Ambassador to UN Needs to Be Studied More
Immigration Agency Computer Systems Suffer Glitch
Muslims Fundraise to Repair Vandalized St. Louis Jewish Cemetery
White House Delivered EU-Skeptic Message Before Pence Visit: Sources
FBI Sting: Missouri Man Charged With Trying to Plan Terrorist Attack
FBI Assessing Threat Against Muslims Made During Meeting
US Supreme Court Seems Split in Case of Boy's Death Near Border
Trump's Envoy at UN Warns Russia US Stands Firm on NATO, EU
Russia to Rely Increasingly on Non-Nuclear Deterrent
Austrian Court Approves Extradition of Ukrainian Oligarch Tied to Trump Campaign Adviser
Ukraine Backs More Sanctions Against Russia in Passport Spat
Ukrainian MP Plans to Travel to Washington to Push Peace Plan
Russia, Ukraine Clash Over Tribute to UN Ambassador
Three Held in French Anti-Terrorism Raids; Bomb Squad Deployed
France Denies Working on Proposal to Ease EU Deportation Rules
Kosovo Experts Say No Land Lost in Montenegro Border Deal
Greece Calls on Germany to Ease Budget Demands
Young Migrants Survive on Their Own in Serbia
Azerbaijani President Appoints Wife as Vice President
Dublin Protesters Prevent Speech by Israeli Ambassador
Bavaria Pushes Ahead With Burqa Ban as Elections Loom
Turkish FM: Turkey's Military Rights Still Needed in Cyprus
Russia Increases Involvement in Libya by Signing Oil Deal
Gadhafi Son's Trial Unfair, Should Be Sent to ICC: UN
Curfew Imposed After 14 People Killed in Ethnic Fighting in Central Nigeria
South Sudan Promises 'Unimpeded' Aid Access Amid Famine
ISIS Posts Video of Man It Says Was Egypt Church Bomber
Gambia Arrests Head of Intelligence Agency Linked to Killings
Mugabe Marks 93rd Birthday With Faltering TV Interview
Two More Dead After Guinea Announces Deal With Teacher Unions
Incoming Ambassador to US Calls Treatment of Mexico 'Unacceptable'
Mexico Official Apologizes to Three Jailed Indigenous Women
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