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Updated February 24, 2017 - 11:23 PM EST
General Mulling 'Long-Term Commitment' to Iraq
  Iraqi Forces Capture Mosul Airport, Advance Toward City
  US Generals Seek Increased Coordination With Russia in Iraq, Syria
Turkey Claims Victory in North Syria's Al-Bab
  Syria Fighting Continues as UN Talks Get Under Way
Trump Seeks More Nukes: US Has 'Fallen Behind'
Trump: Deportations Are 'A Military Operation'
Israel Vows No More Visas to Human Rights Watch
10 Killed in Bombing in Pakistani Shopping District
Believing That War Has Consequences  by Lucy Steigerwald
'American Exceptionalism' and Our Warped Foreign Policy 'Idealists'  by Daniel Larison
How the US War in Laos Was Key to the 'Birth of a Military CIA'  by Nishant Dahiya vs. the Decline of American Journalism  by Justin Raimondo
At the Altar of American Greatness  by Andrew Bacevich & Tom Engelhardt
Palestinians See More of the Same  by Dennis J. Bernstein

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China Denies Increasing Troops on N. Korean Border
Trudeau, Trump Talk Borders as Asylum-Seekers Stream Into Canada
Colombia Freezes FARC Assets Under Peace Deal
Cuba Says It Foiled Plot to Destabilize Country, Slams Dissidents and OAS
Mosul Airport, Army Base Captured; 83 Killed in Iraq
130 Bodies Found in Syria Mass Graves
US Imposes Sanctions on Alleged Syria Militant Leaders
Turkish Military Claims 56 ISIS Militants Killed in Syria
Families of ISIS Members Evicted From Liberated Areas in Iraq
Syrian Opposition Says UN Talks Must Focus on Transition, Fears Iran's Role
Investigators Clear Saudi-Led Forces of 2015 Attacks, Blames Technical Fault for Seven Deaths
Currency Rout Pushes Yemen to Brink of Starvation
Israel Barring Palestinians From Entering for Medical Care Over Cellphones, Witnesses Say
Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against Netanyahu's Former Chief of Staff Ari Harow
Netanyahu Graft Affair: Israel Police Wanted to Question Kerry and Ex-US Envoy but Were Blocked by Attorney General
Israel Shoots Down Hamas Drone Over Gaza Strip
Officials Shut E. Jerusalem School Accused of Being Hamas Front
'Terrorist Blast' Injures Woman in Bahrain: Interior Ministry
Residents Trapped in Libya Tripoli Amid Militia Fighting
Bodies of 27 Migrants Recovered in Libya, 13 in Shipping Container
Militants Kill 15 Niger Soldiers in Patrol Ambush
Mali Soldiers, Armed Groups Hold 1st Joint Patrol in Northern Town
Turkey to Support Somalia in Fight Against Al Shabaab
Uganda Holds Dozens of Fleeing M23 Rebels After Congo Clashes
Egyptian Real Estate Developers Say Saudi Project Suspended
Conservative German Lawmakers Warn Against Politicizing NATO Funding
Social Democrats Overtake Merkel's Conservatives in Poll
Kidnapped Ukrainian MP Found Unharmed, Attackers Detained
Bosnia Appeals UN Ruling Clearing Serbia of Genocide
Italy Says 2,500 Boat Migrants Rescued at Sea in Three Days
The War at Home
Arms Control Groups Slam Trump's 'Alternative Facts' on Nukes
Trump's First Terror Arrest: A Broke Stoner the FBI Threatened at Knifepoint
Air Force Stumped by Trump's Claim of $1 Billion Savings on Jet
FBI Interviews Tell of Cleric's Role in Plot to Bomb Plane
FBI Files on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Thousands Protest in Kabul Against Pakistan's Cross-Border Shelling
China Again Dismisses Reports of Military Patrols in Afghanistan
Afghanistan May Seek Sanctions on Suspected Terror Networks
China Military Says Aware of US Carrier in South China Sea
Chinese Military Veterans Stage Protests in Central Beijing Over Pensions
Malaysia/North Korea
Malaysia May Expel North Korean Envoy Over Airport Killing Comments: Source
Kim Jong Un's Half Brother Was Killed by VX Nerve Agent, a Chemical Weapon: Malaysia Police
Kim Jong-Nam Evidence Being Fabricated by Malaysia, North Korea Says
Malaysia Murder Mystery Breaks With North Korean Assassin Tradition
Malaysia Requests Interpol Alert on Four North Koreans Over Airport Murder
Philippine Court Orders Arrest of President Duterte's Leading Critic
Philippines to Defend Duterte's Drug War at UN Rights Body
Pakistan Army Launches First Nationwide Anti-Terrorism Operation
Japan Protests Russian Militarization of Disputed Kiril Islands
Three Soldiers, Civilian Killed in Militant Attack in Indian Kashmir
Indonesia to Raise Prospect of Joint Patrols With Australia in South China Sea: Report
British Isles
EU Doesn't Want Hard Irish Border After Brexit
Scottish Govt Believes It Can Call, Win New Independence Vote
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