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Updated March 1, 2017 - 11:17 PM EST
Trump Sends Mixed Messages on War
  Trump Vows Record Military Spending, End of Sequestration
  Trump's Defense Topline Faces Same Hurdle That Obama Did
  Trump Continues to Claim Success in Yemen Raid
Iraq Faces Growing Number of Fighters in Mosul
  2,748 Killed in Iraq During February
  UK General: We're Killing ISIS Faster Than They Can Sustain
  Russia Slams UN Vote on Syria After Vetoing Sanctions
  Iraq: ISIS Non-Combatants Trying to Slip Out of Mosul
Ryan: Congress Must Probe Russia Ties to Trump Team
Hundreds Mourn Veteran Who Warned of 'Burn Pit' Hazards
In Afghanistan, America's Biggest Foe Is Self-Deception  by William Astore
Why Should Trump – or Anyone – Be Able To Launch a Nuclear War?  by Lawrence Wittner
NATO's Strange Addition of Montenegro  by Jonathan Marshall
Enemy of the Year: Why Russia?  by Justin Raimondo
Neo-McCarthyite Furor Around Russia Is Counterproductive  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
How the US Began Its Empire  by Jackson Lears

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US-Russia Relations at Lowest Ebb: Kremlin
Trump Responds to Father of Navy SEAL Killed in Yemen Raid
Trump To Remove Iraq From List of Banned Countries
Muslims and Islam: Key Findings in the US and Around the World
2,748 Killed in Iraq During February
US-Backed Iraqi Forces Close in on ISIS-Held Mosul Government Buildings
Iraqi Civilians Flee Fighting, Privation in West Mosul
Three Wounded by Gunfire as Iraq Forces Disperse Demo
Syrian Pro-Govt Forces Near ISIS-Held Palmyra: Activists
US Probing Whether al-Qaeda Number Two Killed in Syria
White Helmet Rescue Worker Killed in Syria's Homs
Manbij Is Turkey's Next Step in Syria Operation, Erdogan Says
UN Aid Chief 'Denied Passage' to Yemen's Taez
UN Urges Aid Access to Yemen Ports to Avert Looming Famine
UN Documents Nearly 1,500 Child Soldiers in Yemen
Palestinian Government: No Voting in May in Hamas-Run Gaza
Hundreds Barricaded as Israel Evacuates West Bank Settlement Homes
Watchdog Scolds Netanyahu Over Handling of 2014 Gaza War
Gaza War: 11 Key Headlines From Scathing Report Rattling Israel's Politicians and Military
In First, Israeli Military Court Throws Out Palestinian Boy's Interrogation
Palestinian Prisoners Urged to Boycott Israeli Courts
Middle East
Man Killed in Clash at Palestinian Camp in Lebanon
Germany Summons Turkish Ambassador, Seeks Release of Jailed Journalist
Trump's State Visit to UK Postponed Until October: Report
Britain and Russia Discuss Easing Tensions, Avoiding Military Accidents
Scottish Leader Says Britain's Hard Brexit Stance Raises Chance of New Independence Vote
French Police Sniper Shoots Two in Error at Hollande Speech
France Arrests Four Teenage Girls for Links With Jihadists in Syria
Hungary's New Fence to Make Life Harder for Migrants
Hungary PM Calls 'Ethnic Homogeneity' a Key to Success
Italy Grants Partial Clemency to Ex-CIA Agent in Abduction
Bavaria Moots Unlimited Preventive Custody for Terror Suspects
Human Rights, Courts Under Serious Strain in EU: Rights Body
One Killed and 25 Injured in Blast at Serbian Military Depot
Gunmen in East Ukraine 'Occupy Donetsk Stadium' Amid Standoff Over Coal Blockade
Montenegro Asks for British Help After Cyber Attacks in Wake of 'Russian-Backed Coup Plot'
The War at Home
New NSC Chief Pushed Trump to Moderate His Language on Terrorism
Trump Intelligence Nominee Supports Probes on Russian Interference
Suspect in Kansas Shooting Apparently Thought Two Indian Men Were Iranians
Tibet Women's Soccer Team Denied US Travel Visas
Submarine Sailor Dies on Watch in Port in Suspected Suicide
South Korea Suggests North's Suspension From UN Over Airport Killing
China Reacts With Anger, Threats After South Korean Missile Defense Decision
Malaysia Says North Korean Firms Linked to Arms Trade Being Deactivated
China Says Hopes US Defense Spending Benefits Global Stability
US, China Discuss 'Mutually Beneficial' Economic Relationship
China Holds Mass Police Rally in Xinjiang as Hundreds Sent to Anti-Terror 'Frontline'
Xi's 'Core' Party Position Cemented in China's Ideological Education
Taliban Kill 12 Afghan Police With Silenced Weapons
Vietnam Slams Chinese Fishing Ban in South China Sea
Indonesian Police Kill Bomber, Investigate for Link to ISIS Sympathisers
UN Says Thailand Leaves Legal Loophole for Torture, Disappearances
Singapore Defense Ministry Reports Cyber Breach
Philippine President to Bring Police Back Into War on Drugs
Pakistani Ex-Military Leader Musharraf Begins TV Career as Analyst
Myanmar Army Defends Operation Against Rohingya, Denies Reports of Abuses
South Sudan
South Sudan President Kiir Faces Fresh Rebellion as Senior Military Officers Resign
Aid Workers Leave Famine-Hit South Sudan Area for Safety
Hunting Boko Haram, Nigeria's Army Is Accused of Massacring Civilians
Jihadists Attack North Burkina Faso Towns Amid Film Festival
Tunisia Beach Massacre Police 'Shambolic and Cowardly' as Officers 'Fainted in Terror'
Egypt Arrests Nine Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
Long-Delayed Interim Authority Installed in North Mali
EU Should Pay More to Return African Migrants Home From Libya, Malta Says
Shining Path Founder Guzman Faces Second Life Sentence in Peru
Australia Man Arrested on Charges of Helping ISIS Develop Missile Technology
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