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Updated March 2, 2017 - 11:14 PM EST
Major Papers Target AG Sessions Over Russia
US: Military Force an Option Against North Korea
US Cmdr. Downplays Big Iraq, Syria Troop Hike
  US General: Russian Planes Bombed Close to US Troops in Syria
  Turkey Attacks US-Backed Kurds Near Syrian City of Manbij
  Syrian Troops Enter Palmyra, Pushing Back ISIS
Pentagon Officials: No Actionable Intel From Yemen Raid
Separatists Seize Factories, Coal Mines in Eastern Ukraine
Trump's SecDef Has Already Brought Us to Brink of War
Convicted Ex-CIA Spy Freed in Portugal, Avoids Extradition
Taliban Attacks Security Forces in Kabul, 15 Killed
Five Uncomfortable Truths About US and Russia  by Glenn Greenwald
Not Wanted: a Permanent US Presence in Iraq  by Doug Bandow
Designating Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization Is Bad for America  by Emile Nakhleh
Saudis Trick US Veterans to Stop JASTA  by Brian P. McGlinchey
Concealing and Revealing  by Andrew P. Napolitano
How the Press Serves the Deep State  by Daniel Lazare

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White House Staff Ordered to Preserve Russia Records
Judge to Consider $1 Million Settlement in US Border Killing
New Bill Would Force NYPD to Disclose Its Surveillance Tech Playbook
Classified Satellite Launched From Vandenberg AFB
Canada, US Jointly Tackling Border Asylum-Seekers
129 Killed in Iraq; Dozens Freed From ISIS Prisons
Iraqi Army Controls Main Roads Out of Mosul, Trapping ISIS
British Medical Students Who Joined ISIS 'Killed in Iraq'
US General Says No Evidence of YPG Attacks From Northern Syria on Turkey
Both Syrian Sides See Gains in Peace Talks as Russia Weighs In
Kurds to Participate in Raqqa Offensive: US Commander
Syria Air Force Bombed Convoy, UN Says in Aleppo Probe
Syrian Government Puts 'Terrorism' on Geneva Agenda
Turkey, Iran Presidents Meet to Defuse Tensions
Detained Journalist Says Turkish Prison Better Than Police Cell
Purge of Academics Leaves Future of Turkish Universities in Doubt
West Bank Home of Israeli Lawmaker Who Championed Land-Grab Law Built Illegally
Army Intelligence Chief Says Hezbollah and Hamas Don't Seek Clash With Israel, but Warns Gaza on Verge of Crisis
Israel Set to Raze West Bank Village
Israeli AG Won't Defend Contentious Outpost Law in Court
Abbas No. 2 Is Okay With One Democratic State, but Says Israel Won't Ever Be
Israel Removes Lebanon Border Cameras
UK Refuses to Back UN Statement on Bahrain Rights Abuses
North Africa
Tripoli Clashes Caused Extensive Damage to Property, Cars
Egypt's Sissi Vows to Help Coptic Christians Fleeing Sinai
Australia Calls Ambassadors Home to Reshape Foreign Policy, Trade
ISIS Threatens China and Vows to 'Shed Blood Like Rivers'
China Calls for Cooperation to Fight Uighur Militants After Video Released
China Calls for Calm on North Korea UN Suspension Call
North Korea Vows Toughest Response to South Korea-US Drills
Malaysia Scraps Visa-Free Entry for North Koreans
As Philippines Police Await Return to Drugs War, More Bodies on the Streets
Rights Groups Says Philippine Police Falsified Evidence
Afghan-Based ISIS a Wild Card as Trump Ponders US Commitment
Sri Lanka's Tamil Party Asks for UN Pressure Over Alleged War Crimes
Armenia-Backed Separatists Say One Soldier Killed in Clashes With Azeri Forces
US General Wants Russia to Open Up Major Exercise to Observers
German Parliament Suffers Internet Outage but No Signs of Attack
UK PM May's Brexit Plan Suffers Hitch in Parliament
Austria's Foreign Minister Suggests Halving Number of EU Commissioners
Eleven Bodies, Some With Signs of Torture, Found in Mexico's Veracruz
El Salvador Reports Sharp Drop in Homicides So Far in 2017
Inside Nicaragua's Bloody Conflict Over Indigenous Land
Indigenous Protest in Honduras Marks Activist's Murder
Argentina Demands Answers From Brazil After Falkland Flights
Bolivia's Morales Travels to Cuba for Medical Evaluation
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