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Updated March 5, 2017 - 11:26 PM EST
US Deploying Special Forces in Yemen, N. Africa
  Yemen Officials: US Strikes Part of a 'Sustained Operation'
  US Officials: Yemen Strikes Not Based on Intel From January Raid
Iraqi Kurdish Factions Battle Along Syrian Border
  Syrian Govt, Rebels Agree on Agenda for Future Peace Talks
Russia, NATO Have 1st High-Level Talks in Years
  Russian FM Likens Sessions Controversy to McCarthyism
White House Pushing Back Against Mattis Appt.
  Some of Trump's Words About the Navy Don't Float
Trump Says Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower
How Many FBI Terror Stings Are Agency-Created?
Turkey Says Germany Conspiring Against Referendum
Netanyahu's Contribution to History and Trump's 'Ultimate Deal'  by Ted Snider
Another Hatchet Job on Edward Snowden  by Ray McGovern
Israel's Anti-Semitism Smears Backfire  by Ann Wright
Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, but Not Our Friend  by Lucy Steigerwald
Did Sessions Do Anything Wrong?  by Philip Giraldi
Trump Assumes Command of the American Church  by Sheldon Richman

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US Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive
The Absurd Trial of Journalist Ahmet Sik
EU to Set Up Joint Military Command Center
Trump Admin. Considering Separating Women, Children at Mexico Border
The War at Home
House GOP Rolls Out $577.9 Billion Defense Spending Bill
The US Government's Privacy Watchdog Is Basically Dead, Emails Reveal
Man Arrested for Role in Number of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Institutions, FBI Says
1 in 3 Americans Say US Spends Too Little on Defense
Trump Torture Remarks 'Lay Down Gauntlet' for Other States: UN Expert
Bipartisan Bill Would Give Cybersecurity Grants to State and Local Govts
East Libya Forces Battle Rivals Near Oil Ports
Libya Naval Forces Rescue 115 Illegal Migrants, 25 Missing
Kenyan Military Kills 57 Al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia
Suicide Bombers Destroy Three Fuel Tankers in Northeast Nigeria
Egyptian Police Kill Four in Shootout in Cairo Outskirts
Congo Police Arrest Separatist Cult Leader After Violent Standoff
Gambia Frees Nearly 100 Prisoners From Jammeh Era
Ethiopian Opposition Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Incitement Charges
Mozambique Truce Extended, Boosting Peace Deal Hopes
South Sudan Military Arrests Soldiers Over Gang-Rape Accusation
UN Security Council Shines Light on Lake Chad Crisis
Merkel Says Tunisia Agrees to Take Back 1,500 Migrants
London Neighborhood Evacuated After WWII German Bomb Found
France Sees Political Compromise Soon in Greek Bailout Talks
Hundreds Rescued in Mediterranean as Migrant Arrivals in Italy Outpace 2016
Catalan Legal Body Rules Against Regional Government Over Referendum
Georgia Suspends Ownership Change for Broadcaster After Euro Court Ruling
Dutch Government Opposed to Planned Turkish Referendum Rally in Rotterdam
Colombia's FARC Demobilizes Child Soldiers
Mexico: Journalist Shot Dead in Troubled Guerrero State
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Chemical Casualties Rise in Mosul; 41 Killed in Iraq
Red Cross Says Chemical Weapons Used in Mosul Area
Iraqi Forces Block ISIS Mosul Counter-Attack
Iraq Says 14,000 People Fled Western Mosul in One Day
100,000 Children Have Fled Iraq's Mosul Since October Last Year
Russia Says Its Military Advisers, Special Forces Behind Palmyra Recapture
Less Damage to Ancient Palmyra Than Feared, Syrian Antiquities Chief Says
Walls, Drones, and Mines: Turkey Tightens Border as Syria Incursion Deepens
Syria's Kurdish-Led Administration Sees End to Economic 'Siege'
Peace Talks Produce 'Clear Agenda' for War-Scarred Syria
Syrian Opposition Accepts UN Principles at End of Peace Talks
UN Sets Agenda for Next Round of Syria Talks, Includes 'Terrorism'
Hunger Striking Settlers: Netanyahu Must Keep Pledge to Build New Settlement
Banksy's Takes on Israel's West Bank Barrier With New Hotel
Israel Becomes a Gas Exporter With First Delivery to Jordan
Middle East
Erdogan Biopic Hits Screens Ahead of Referendum

Saudi King's Bali Beach Holiday Turns Into Military Exercise

Government Forces Recapture Northern Afghanistan District
Afghanistan Frees 49 Pakistanis
China Says Defense Budget to Rise by About 7 Percent in 2017
Chinese Official Urges More Contacts With Taiwan Politicians
China to Target Young of Taiwan, Hong Kong to Boost Loyalty
China Says Dalai Lama Border Visit Would Damage India Ties
South Korea Reviewing China's Actions Over Missile Defense
North Korean Murder Suspect Says Malaysia in Conspiracy to Damage Pyongyang's Honor
UN Says Sri Lankan Security, Police Reportedly Still Committing Rape, Torture
Whistleblower Indian Army Soldier Found Dead in Barracks
Freed Uzbek Dissident Says Torture Made Him Forget His Children's Names
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