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Updated March 8, 2017 - 11:23 PM EST
House Passes $578 Billion Military Spending Bill
WikiLeaks Docs Detail Mass CIA Hacking
'Vault 7': CIA Hacking Tools Revealed
  CIA Has 'Impressive List' of Ways to Hack Into Your Smartphone
  WikiLeaks: CIA Could Turn Smart TVs Into Listening Devices
  Frankfurt Used as Remote Hacking Base for the CIA: WikiLeaks
Trump's Pentagon Moves Into Syria's Manbij
  Turkey PM: 'Unfortunate' Our Allies Are Allying With Kurds
  As War Drags On, North Syria Refugee Camps Grow
The Secret Iraq Dossier: Australia's Flawed War
  Security Forces Move Deeper Into Mosul; 238 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Attacks Afghan Army Hospital, Dozens Killed
Kremlin: 'Hysteria' Hurting US-Russia Relations
US Drone Kills Two Children in Central Yemen
Iran: Unfair for US to Seize Money to Pay for 9/11 Lawsuit
Heavy Fighting Reported at Key Libya Oil Terminals
State Dept: US Talking to Israel About Settlement Limits
China Proposes N. Korea Halt Nukes and US Halt Wargames
The Left's Great Russian Conspiracy Theory  by Brendan O'Neill
Official Washington Hails an Anti-Russia Hawk  by James W. Carden
North Korea Doesn't Belong on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List  by Doug Bandow
Spygate: America's Political Police vs. Donald Trump  by Justin Raimondo
The Bloated Military
 by John Stossel
Israel: Where Vision and Reality Violently Diverge  by Jonathan Cook

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6 Biggest Spying Secrets Revealed by 'Vault 7'
What's Different in the New Trump Travel Ban
Families of 9/11 Victims Might Soon Get Day in Court Against Saudi Officials
Who Released Guantanamo Re-Offenders?
Israel Approves Travel Ban on Activists That Call for Boycott
US Jewish Groups 'Troubled' by Israeli Bill Banning BDS Supporters
Trump's Israel Envoy Pick Gave Funds to Settle Jews in Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City
Arab League to Resist Embassies' Move to Jerusalem
As Drugs Flood Into Gaza, Hamas to Get Tougher on Smugglers
Rouhani Talks Rights as Iran Election Nears, Critic Attacks Him on Economy
Chinese Firm Fined $1.2 Billion for Violating US Sanctions on Iran
North Korea/Malaysia
Once-Strong Ties Between North Korea and Malaysia Rapidly Unravel
North Korea Bars Malaysians From Leaving, in 'Diplomatic Meltdown'
US Tells China That Anti-Missile System in South Korea Not a Threat to China
China Calls for Ceasefire After Myanmar Border Region Clashes
Thai 'Red Shirt' Leader Jailed for Insulting Monarchy
Afghan Police in Volatile South Complain of Not Being Paid
US Urges More Tolerance in Uzbekistan's Treatment of Dissent
Police Say Terror Suspect Killed in Gunbattle in North India
Four Drug Suspects Killed as Philippine Police Resume Drugs War Operations
UK's May Defeated as Lawmakers Demand Power to Reject Final Brexit Terms
UK Government Vows to Reverse Parliament's Changes to Brexit Bill
Ukraine Accused of Seeking to Litigate Crimea Annexation
Spain Says Fewer Refugees Need Relocating in EU
Hungary to Detain Migrants in Border Camps, Alarming UN
Turkey Referendum Affecting Peace Talks: Cyprus President
Security Forces Move Deeper Into Mosul; 238 Killed in Iraq
Mosul: Iraqi Troops Find Assyrian Treasures in Network of ISIS Tunnels
Iraqi Forces Retake Mosul Museum, Close in on ISIS-Controlled Old Town
Turkey Shuts Down a US Aid Group That Helped Syrians
Syrian Army Captures Water Station Supplying Aleppo From ISIS
Russia Says Ceasefire Agreed in Syria's Eastern Ghouta Until March 20
Turkish PM Says Must Coordinate Fully With US, Russia in Syria
In Palmyra, Syrian Musicians Sing of Return
Turkish Minister Accuses Germany of Political Pressure on Turks
Turkish Foreign Minister Says His Visit to Germany Cannot Be Prevented
Middle East
For IPO, Saudi Oil Company May Have to Give Up Some of Its Secrets
The Disputed Gas Fields in the Eastern Mediterranean
Qatar Seeks Pakistan Army Assistance for Forthcoming Football World Cup
Fighting Between Libyan Smugglers Kills 22 Migrants: IOM
Gambian Journalists Pressure Govt After Attack on Reporter
Sudan Disappointed at Renewal of US Travel Ban: Foreign Ministry
South Sudan Experiencing Ethnic Cleansing, UN Report Says
South Africa Formally Revokes International Court Withdrawal
Six Dismembered Bodies Found in Bags Left in Southern Mexico
Nearly 400 People Displaced by Armed Group in Colombia's Jungle
Drug Trafficker Says He Bribed Honduran President and Son
Thousands of Protesters in Guatemala Demand President's Resignation
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Justin Raimondo
Spygate: America's Political Police vs. Donald J. Trump

Sheldon Richman
Trump Assumes Command of the American Church

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Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, But He's Not Our Friend

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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Trump Needs To Rethink Terror Policies

David R. Henderson
Robert Gates, Pro and Con

Dan Sanchez
Do Orcs Love Their Children Too?

Nebojsa Malic
Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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