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Updated March 11, 2017 - 11:11 PM EST
US Deploying 1000s More Troops for Iraq, Syria
  At Least 40 Iraqi Shi'ite Pilgrims Killed in Damascus Attacks
  Turkey Claims to Have Killed 71 US-Backed Kurds in Syria
  Spicer: US Marines With Howitzers in Syria Are 'Just Advisers'
  Syrian Kurds: We Can Take Raqqa From ISIS Without Turkey's Help
  Turkey: US Has 'Lost Its Senses' Claiming Kurds Aren't Terrorists
ISIS Snipers, Mortars Slow Mosul Advance
  Iraq Says 'No Evidence' of Chemical Weapons Attacks in Mosul
Trump Invites Palestinian President Abbas to DC
  Israeli Education Minister: Next Lebanon War Must Target Civilians
Saudis Kill 26, Mostly Civilians, in Yemen Market
Sessions: Gitmo Is a 'Very Fine Place' for New Suspects
Trump Should Make a Deal With North Korea  by Kevin Martin
US Drone Strikes Have Gone Up 432% Since Trump Took Office  by Carey Wedler
The Rehabilitation of George W. Bush, War Criminal  by Vijay Prashad
The Five Blinding Myths About Iran  by Ted Snider
Perhaps the Messiah Will Come  by Uri Avnery
Democrats' McCarthyism Hits Greens' Stein  by Nat Parry

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Russian Private Security Firm Says It Had Armed Men in East Libya
Ex-CIA Spy Says Trump Saved Her From Italian Jail
Snowden Shelterers in Hong Kong Seek Canada Asylum: Lawyer
European Cities Scramble to Stop Turkish Referendum Rallies
The War at Home
FBI Chief Expected to Testify in House Russia Hearing: Official
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Blames Millennials for Government Leaks
WikiLeaks US Spying Files: How Windows Users Can Protect Themselves From the CIA
Mattis to Meet With Military Leaders on Nude Photo Sharing
South Korean Court Throws President Out of Office; Two Die in Protest
China Urges 'Out of the Box' Thinking on North Korea
US Forges Ahead With South Korea Missile Defenses, Despite Upheaval
China's Xi Calls for 'Great Wall of Iron' to Safeguard Restive Xinjiang
China Vows to Strike Against Separatism on Tibet Uprising Anniversary
China Official Says Congress Adopting 'New Language' on Taiwan
Taiwan Detains Chinese Student in Unusual Suspected Spying Case
US Lawmaker Moves Bill to Declare Pakistan a State-Sponsor of Terror
Anti-India Protests Erupt in Nepal Over Shooting Death on Border
Malaysia Police Chief Confirms Man Killed at Airport Was Kim Jong Nam
Philippine Drugs War Gets Complex as Duterte Creates New Super-Agency
German Constitutional Rights Don't Apply to Turkish Politicians: Court
German Efforts to Deport North Africans Thwarted by Upper House
Trump to Ask Merkel for Advice on Putin, Ukraine: US Officials
Scottish Independence Vote Looking Inevitable, FT Cites Unidentified UK Minister
Dutch Military 'Gravely Neglected', Advisory Panel Says
Azerbaijan Leaves Transparency Group After Membership Suspended
Mosul Residents in Line of Fire; 55 Killed in Iraq
Tunnels Under Ancient Mosul Mosque Show ISIS's Focus on Loot
Iraq Unsure if UN Help Needed to Probe ISIS Crimes
Syrian Government Urges UN to Make Turkey Withdraw From Syria
Turkey Seeks to Build Syrian Military Cooperation With Russia
UN Accuses Turkey of Killing Hundreds of Kurds
Putin, Erdogan Hail Mended Ties
Erdogan Says Expects Russia to Lift All Economic Restrictions on Turkey
Istanbul Helicopter Crash: Russians Among Five Dead
Iran's Top Leader Appears to Rebuke President as Election Nears
Iran Accuses Israel of Hiring Assassins to Take Out Nuclear Scientists
New Hamas Charter Would Name Occupiers, Not Jews, as the Enemy of Palestinians
Abbas Petitions Trump for Palestinian State Alongside Israel
Yesh Atid Could Block Netanyahu-Led Likud From Power: New Poll
Israeli Court Asked Palestinian Parents to Prove Jailed Boy Is an Amputee
Middle East
Suspected Rebel-Planted Mine Hits Yemeni Ship, Kills Two
Palestinian Killed in Clashes Near Lebanon's Capital
Wanted Man Killed After Saudi Police Raid: Agency
MSF: Hundreds of Thousands of Nigerians Trapped by Conflict
South Sudan's Kiir Says He Has Pardoned Two Jailed Generals
Mali Plans New Senate Chamber in Shake Up of Constitution
Decomposing Remains of Three People Found in Venezuelan Prison
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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