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Updated March 20, 2017 - 11:26 PM EDT
Israel Continues to Attack Syria, Warns Assad
  Hezbollah: Israel Attacking Syria to Prevent ISIS Being Defeated
  Fighting in NE Damascus as Rebels Shell City's Center
Trump Continues Special Forces Deployments
CIA Torture Left Scars on Gitmo Prisoner's Psyche for Years
Three US Troops Wounded as Afghan Soldier Opens Fire
Israeli Cabinet Protests as Netanyahu Threatens Snap Vote
Russian Parliament Calls for Inquiry Into US Media Outlets
China Urges US to Remain 'Coolheaded' on North Korea
Evolution, Not a New Revolution, in Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
The Pentagon's 'Reassure and Deter' Mission in Syria Looks a Lot Like Mission Creep  Military Times
Trump's Yemen Policy Serves Saudis Better Than Americans  by Conor Friedersdorf
McCain and Montenegro: The Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory  by Justin Raimondo
The Trump/Obama 'Leak War'  by Rick Sterling
Harvard Library Slammed for Fake News Guide  by Laura Hazard Owen

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Germany Owes Zero Debt to NATO: Defense Minister
Trump Picks 'Mr. Fix-It' to Run Daily Ops at Pentagon
Abbas Said Invited to White House Mid-April
Yemen's Houthis Claim Ballistic Missile Attack on Saudi Capital Air Base
Kabul Backs US Call for More Troops in Afghanistan
The War at Home
Boeing Might Be the Biggest Winner in Trump's Military Buildup
Gorsuch Once Recommended That Federal Judges Visit Gitmo
WikiLeaks Probe Started Under Obama Widened to Include Latest CIA Leaks: Report
White House Fence Jumper Roamed Grounds for More Than 16 Minutes Before Arrest
US Military
FBI and All Military Branches Now Investigating Marines United Scandal
The US Army Finally Gets the World's Largest Laser Weapon System
Vietnam Blue Water Veterans Still Fight for Agent Orange Benefits
Navy Officers Convicted of Corruption in 'Fat Leonard' Scandal Haven't Lost Pensions
Two Paksitan Soldiers Killed in Attack on Post by Militants From Afghan Side
30 'Terrorists' Killed in Pakistan Terror Raids
Blasphemy Charges Create Climate of Fear for Pakistani Media
Two Missing Indian Clerics in Custody of Pakistan's Intel Agency
Twin Bombings in Taj Mahal City of Agra in India Following ISIS Threats
Modi Picks Hardliner to Lead India's Most Populous State
ISIS Claims Friday Suicide Bombing in Bangladesh Elite Forces Camp
Bangladeshi Forces Kill Militant Carrying Explosives
Myanmar Hard-Line Buddhists Protest Citizenship for Rohingya
Rohingya Group Seeks International Probe Into Abuses
Philippine Troops Kill 10 Muslim Militants
Philippines' Duterte Welcomes Prospect of ICC Case, Says 'Brutal' War on Drugs to Go On
North Korea Tests Powerful New Rocket Engine: State Media
China Accused by Taiwan of Stepping Up Spy Operations
Thai Police Say They Have Found Plot to Kill Prime Minister
East Libyan Army Takes Rivals' Final Holdout in Southwest Benghazi
3,000 Migrants Rescued Off Libya: Italy Coastguard
Egypt's Sisi Expected to Meet With Trump in DC Ahead of Abbas Visit
Egypt Court Acquits 18 Pro-Brotherhood Students of Illegal Protests
DR Congo
Congo Forces Targeting Civilians, Denying Peacekeepers Access: UN
Congo Disappearances Raise Alarm as Political Tensions Grow
Seven Congo Army Officers Charged With War Crimes in Massacre
Three Suicide Bombers Kill Four People in Northeast Nigeria
Beneath Mask of Normal Nigerian Life, Young Lives Scarred by Boko Haram
Republic of Congo Security Forces Kill 15 Militia Members
Kenya Clashes Over Grazing Leaves 10 Dead in Drought-Hit North
Somalia Asks Saudi Coalition to Investigate Refugee Boat Attack
South Sudan Denies Big Military Spending Despite Famine
Hezbollah Financier Arrested in Morocco Following US Request
Civilians Flee Airstrikes in Mosul; 80 Killed in Iraq
US Base Rises From the Rubble for Mosul Push
Iraqi Forces Close on Mosul Mosque as Strike Kills Foreign Militants
Iraqi Forces Retake Two Key Areas in West Mosul
Thousands Flee Iraq's Mosul as Battle Edges Into Old City
Israel Threatens to Destroy Syrian Air Defense Systems
Syrian Rebels, Families Begin Leaving Homs District in Deal With Government
Netanyahu: Syria Strikes Were to Block Transfer of Weapons to Hezbollah
Saudi-Led Coalition Calls for UN Supervision of Yemen Port
Yemen War: More Than Half of Brits Unaware of War Seeing UK Weapons Deployed by Saudis
Iran MPs Criticize Social Media Arrests Ahead of Elections
Germany Supports Group Behind Turkish Coup Attempt: Erdogan Spokesman
Turkey's Erdogan Says Jailed Journalist a Terrorist Agent
German FM: Turkey 'Further Away Than Ever' From Joining EU
Turkey Detains 740 Suspects in Operations Against Kurdish Militants: Anadolu
Turkey Launches Over 11,700 Anti-PKK Operations in Last 6 Months
'You Are the Future of Europe,' Erdogan Tells Turks
Kurdish Supporters in Frankfurt Protest Against Erdogan
Netanyahu Says He Will Hold Snap Elections if Israel's New Public Broadcaster Not Killed Within Days
Yesh Atid Rules Out Alternative Coalition as Ministers Bid to Defuse Crisis
Israeli Airstrike in Syrian Golan Said to Kill Pro-Assad Fighter
ISIS Claims Israel Attacked Sinai
Israel's Travel Ban May Prevent Israel Studies Scholars From Entering the Country
Palestinians Honor Rima Khalaf for Apartheid Report
UNHCR to Call for Boycott of Israeli Settlements
IDF Calls Up Reservists for Surprise Exercise in South
Two Rockets Fired From Gaza, Prompting IDF Retaliatory Strikes
Man Killed at Paris Airport Planned to 'Die for Allah': Prosecutor
French Airport Attacker 'Had Drunk and Taken Drugs'
Orly Airport: Attacker Phoned Father to Say 'I Screwed Up'
Airport Shooting Reignites Security Debate Before French Election
Protesters March in Paris Against Police Violence
French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron Pledges to Restore Military Service for French Youth
Scottish Leader Softens Stance on Possible Independence Vote Timing
Britain's Most Prestigious Military School 'Bribed Teacher's Daughter to Provide Info That Led to Arrest of Whistleblower'
IMF Delays More Aid to Ukraine to Assess Cost of Blockade
Thousands Rally in Barcelona Against Catalan Independence
New Zealand
New Zealand: US Diplomat Expelled Amid Police Inquiry
Another Journalist Slain in Mexico's Violent Veracruz State
Venezuela Prison Mass Grave Yields 15 Corpses, Three Headless
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